10 STEM Experiments You Can Do With Ordinary Office Supplies

  1. Paper Airplane Challenge: Explore the principles of aerodynamics by designing and testing different paper airplanes. Measure their flight distance and discuss how factors like wing shape and weight affect their performance.
  2. Pencil Conductivity Test: Investigate the conductivity of different materials using a pencil, paper, and a battery. Draw circuits on paper and observe which materials conduct electricity, sparking conversations about electrical conductivity.
  3. Straw Rocket Launcher: Construct a simple rocket launcher using a drinking straw, a balloon, and some tape. Experiment with different balloon sizes and launch angles to explore how forces and angles affect projectile motion.
  4. Rubber Band Helicopter: Build a small helicopter using a rubber band, a craft stick, and a paper clip. Investigate how different blade designs and rubber band tensions affect flight stability and lift.
  5. Cartesian Diver: Create a diver using a plastic pipette or an eyedropper and a bottle filled with water. Explore buoyancy and pressure as you manipulate the density of the diver to make it sink or float.
  6. Magnetic Maze: Design a maze using paper and magnets. Test the magnetic forces and learn about magnetic fields, attraction, and repulsion by maneuvering a magnet through the maze.
  7. Balloon Rocket Car: Construct a car using a balloon, a drinking straw, and four bottle caps. Explore the principles of Newton’s third law of motion and propulsion by releasing air from the balloon to move the car forward.
  8. Paper Clip Compass: Magnetize a paper clip by rubbing it against a magnet. Float the paper clip on water and observe how it aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field, introducing the concept of magnetism and compass navigation.
  1. Marshmallow Catapult: Build a simple catapult using a plastic spoon, rubber bands, and popsicle sticks. Experiment with different arm lengths and projectile weights to explore potential and kinetic energy.
  2. Simple Circuit Quiz Game: Create a quiz game using paper, foil, LEDs, and batteries. Build simple circuits with questions and answers, allowing players to complete the circuit and light up the correct answer.

These STEM experiments utilizing ordinary office supplies are not only educational and engaging but also promote creativity and problem-solving skills. Have fun exploring these hands-on activities with a touch of scientific knowledge from the comfort of your home or office space!