10 Winning Scholarship Essay Examples From Real Students


Scholarship essays are a crucial part of the application process for many students. A well-written essay can be the determining factor in securing financial aid to help pay for college or university. To inspire you and help you get started, we have compiled 10 winning scholarship essay examples from real students who have successfully applied for various scholarships.

1. Example 1: Overcoming Obstacles

In this essay, the student shared their story of overcoming adversity at a young age. They faced a challenging family situation and were faced with the responsibility of caring for their siblings while maintaining excellent academic performance. Their determination and perseverance impressed the scholarship committee, resulting in a successful application.

2. Example 2: Community Service and Leadership

This example showcased a student’s dedication to community service and their ability to lead others in making a positive impact on their community. The student provided specific examples of their volunteer work, such as organizing food drives and tutoring underprivileged children, as well as discussed the importance of giving back to society.

3. Example 3: A Passion for STEM

In this essay, a student expressed their passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by highlighting extracurricular activities and projects they had completed. By showcasing their commitment to STEM fields, they demonstrated their potential contribution to advancing knowledge in this area.

4. Example 4: Personal Growth through Travel

The student in this essay highlighted how international travel expanded their horizons and contributed to their personal development. They described adapting to new environments, learning about different cultures, and gaining independence – experiences that made them stronger candidates for the scholarship.

5. Example 5: Career Goals

In this example, the student outlined their specific career goals and how obtaining a scholarship would bring them closer to achieving those goals. The essay focused on education plans and professional aspirations, demonstrating how financial assistance would support their journey to success.

6. Example 6: Personal Achievements and Hard Work

This essay showcased the student’s impressive record of hard work, dedication, and personal achievements. Through specific accomplishments, they painted a picture of a driven and passionate individual who would make the most of the scholarship opportunity.

7. Example 7: A Creative Storytelling Approach

The student in this essay chose to tell a fictional story that ultimately reflected their values, goals, and personal experiences. This unique approach made their essay stand out and captured the attention of the scholarship committee.

8. Example 8: Inspiring Role Models

In this example, the student revealed how individuals in their life inspired them toward achieving success. By discussing the influence and impact of these role models, they demonstrated resilience and ambition, which appealed to the judges.

9. Example 9: Overcoming Language Barriers

This essay tells the story of a student who immigrated to a new country and faced language barriers while pursuing an education. By overcoming such obstacles, they illustrated their determination and commitment to succeed academically.

10. Example 10: Artistic Pursuits

In this final example, a student shared their passion for art by describing their artistic achievements and aspirations. They explained how financial support would enable them to further enhance their skills and contribute creatively to society.


These 10 winning scholarship essay examples from real students demonstrate the power of telling your unique story when applying for scholarships. Draw inspiration from these examples and remember to showcase your personality, achievements, goals, and passions when crafting your own essay – it may be just what gets you that much-needed financial aid for college or university!