11 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Cocoa Beach with Kids

Vacationing with kids is a breeze in Cocoa Beach because of the warm weather and soft sand.

This city has all the makings of a perfect beach vacation, from the pleasant climate to the long expanses of sandy beaches to the friendly locals.

Additionally, it is conveniently located close to several kid-friendly places of interest and learning.

Check out our recommended activities for families in Cocoa Beach to get the ball rolling on your vacation preparations.

  1. Cocoa Beach

Set smack in the middle of Florida’s Space Coast, this sandy strip in Brevard County offers a ton of affordable family-fun.

Why Your Family Should Go

Spend the entire day at this hangout engaging in traditional beach pursuits for everyone’s favorite price — absolutely zilch.

With such breathtaking scenery, it’s also a teen’s Instagram utopia.

And we forgot to mention that USA Today ranked it as one of the top 10 beach communities in Florida!

What to Do with Kids

It’s easy to find kid-friendly activities that don’t break the bank at Cocoa Beach.

You can have a picnic, play in the sand, or lie down in the sun and get vitamin D.

It’s a great place to people-watch and give the kids a chance to play in the warm, calm waters.

Recommended Ages

When traveling with kids, Cocoa Beach is a must-visit destination.

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  1. Lori Wilson Park

This beachfront park, which spans 32.43 acres, attracts families with its coastal hammocks and dunes.

Why Your Family Should Go

Without a doubt, Lori Wilson Park is one of the most exciting destinations in all of Cocoa Beach for families with young children.

It contains a beach, a playground, BBQ grills, and picnic pavilions.

What to Do with Kids

Relax all day in the park’s soothing sea air and easygoing atmosphere.

Allow the kids to run about on the playground and stroll along the boardwalk that stretches for a thousand feet.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of all ages will find a wealth of activities to partake in at Lori Wilson Park.

The park is an excellent spot to unwind and take it easy while you’re on the road with a young child.

  1. Cocoa Beach Pier

This 800-foot-long pier opened in 1962 and is jam-packed with fun activities for visitors of all ages.

Why Your Family Should Go

Regarding family-friendly activities, the Cocoa Beach Pier must be at the top of any list.

This historic pier has served as the cultural and entertainment hub of Florida’s Space Coast for many years.

It also features various restaurants, cafes, and tourist spots.

What to Do with Kids

Take in the sights from the boardwalk and enjoy some people-watching while you watch the local surfers show off their abilities.

Don’t forget to take your gorgeous traveling companions to the Atlantic Ocean Grille for some delicious food, such as the fish sandwich.

Recommended Ages

Everyone in the family may enjoy themselves at the Cocoa Beach Pier.

  1. Dinosaur Store

The museum opened in 2017, and its 26,000 square feet are home to displays about prehistoric humans and dinosaurs.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you’re visiting Cocoa Beach with kids and it starts to rain or gets chilly, you might wonder what you can do together.

After that, if you’re looking for kid-friendly activities in Cocoa Beach, a trip to this museum should definitely be on the list.

This museum will fascinate your children because of the wide variety of fossils and other exhibits it houses.

The museum store is stocked with unique gifts, postcards, and souvenirs that are well worth the trip alone.

I highly recommend this museum if you’re visiting Cocoa Beach with little children.

What to Do with Kids

Explore the Hall of Dinosaurs displays with your group and feel like you’ve been transported back in time to the Jurassic period.

Take your time exploring the rest of the floor, which features elements of Egyptian culture.

Visit the museum’s gift shop to pick up some unique keepsakes after your visit.

Recommended Ages

This remarkable museum is a lot of fun for children of all ages, especially those between the ages of two and twelve.

  1. Cocoa Beach Skate Park

This concrete park is managed by the friendly folks at CB Skateboard Company and contains some sick rails and bowls.

Why Your Family Should Go

It seems that surfboards aren’t the only boards that could be fun for your family in Cocoa Beach.

Skaters in training can get some practice and learn new tricks at this park.

The park is also pleasant to spend an evening in once the sun has set.

What to Do with Kids

Permit your adolescent or young child to channel their inner Tony Hawk in this skate park.

You may still have a great day here with the family if skating isn’t your thing by having a picnic.

And what do you think?

Skating is a fascinating sport to watch.

Recommended Ages

Anyone older than nine will have a blast at Cocoa Beach Skate Park.

  1. Indian River Queen

This three-story yacht, docked in Cocoa’s Old Town, offers a one-of-a-kind way to observe the city.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Indian River Queen provides a fun and nostalgic way to experience the area’s sights and sounds.

The boat ride along the Indian River Lagoon will be filled with unforgettable vistas.

What to Do with Kids

On this two-hour boat trip, you can observe various marine life, including birds, manatees, and dolphins.

Enjoy refreshing beverages and hot dogs as a family while learning about the area’s history from experts.

Recommended Ages

For kids between three and twelve, a trip on the Indian River Queen is a fun time.

  1. Brevard Zoo

This non-profit institution spans 75 acres and is home to more than 190 species.

Why Your Family Should Go

Compared to other zoos, Brevard Zoo offers a unique experience.

This zoo offers exceptional opportunities to interact with wildlife, such as night treks, overnight camps, and kayak tours.

What to Do with Kids

Experience the thrill of the express train and feed cockatiels and lorikeets in the flight aviary.

The Paw On Play lagoon is a great place to cool off while interacting with the locals.

Recommended Ages

The Brevard Zoo welcomes guests of all ages with various fun and educational experiences.

  1. Kennedy Space Center

This NASA complex opened in 1967 and will astound kids and their parents with its exhibits and interactive displays.

Why Your Family Should Go

In search of kid-friendly learning opportunities?

Why not take the trip to Merritt Island and visit the Kennedy Space Center?

IMAX theaters, tours of the spaceport, exhibits, and unique mementos are just a few of the things to do and buy while visiting.

What to Do with Kids

Visit the historic Firing Room and relive the historic Apollo 8 liftoff.

Moon landing videos at the Lunar Theater are also great for kids.

Recommended Ages

If you have kids between 6 and 15, the Kennedy Space Center is a must-see.

  1. Golf-n-Gator

This destination offers two 18-hole courses and is ideal for novice golfers and nature enthusiasts.

Why Your Family Should Go

Golf-n-Gator is unlike any other course in the U.S.

These golf courses feature natural features, including rock formations, ponds, and waterfalls, while also being inhabited by fish and real-life alligators.

What to Do with Kids

Have fun with a round of mini golf in a setting reminiscent of a course through the jungle.

Then, as a final act of your excursion, you can feed the alligators that call the attraction’s grounds home.

You can even let your kids pet a baby alligator or snake.

Recommended Ages

Young people aged 6 to 15 can enjoy Golf-n-Gator.

  1. Florida Surf Museum

This museum, which has been open since 1999, does an excellent job of showcasing Florida’s rich surfing history and culture.

Why Your Family Should Go

Although you may find Ron Jon Surf Shops throughout the United States, the one in Cocoa Beach is the original and best.

It is, after all, the location of the Florida Surf Museum.

If you’re curious about the evolution of surfing in Florida, you may do it through the museum’s various public events and displays.

What to Do with Kids

Visit the museum today and take several pictures of the magnificent surfboards.

Visitors who aren’t like surfing can enjoy the store’s glass elevators, fish tanks, and cascading waterfalls.

Recommended Ages

Children above the age of six will enjoy the Florida Surf Museum.

  1. Alan Shepard Beachfront Park

This 5-acre coastal park, aptly named after a well-known astronaut, is a great place to take the kids.

Why Your Family Should Go

When looking for kid-friendly activities in Cocoa Beach, a visit to Alan Shepard Beachfront Park is a top pick.

This beachfront park has all you need for a day full of fun and laughter with the kids.

What to Do with Kids

This weekend you can surf, swim, sunbathe, construct sandcastles, and stroll along its promenade.

With any luck, you’ll have a front-row seat to a spectacular space launch.

Recommended Ages

Anyone can enjoy themselves at this seaside park.