11 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in The Everglades with Kids

The Everglades are distinctive from any other locations.

This natural treasure, renowned for its animals and varied ecosystems, is a veritable playground for families who enjoy the outdoors.

Families can also take advantage of the national park’s guided trips and programs.

Wondering what else?

By listing some of the most amazingly entertaining activities to do in the Everglades with kids, we’re assisting you in having an amazing vacation.

  1. Buttonwood Canal

This 3.2-mile man-made canal will enthrall the nature enthusiasts and aspiring explorers in your group.

Why Your Family Should Go

Explore this unique canal to make a great start to your family’s Everglades vacation.

It’s unquestionably one of our top family-friendly activities in the Everglades because of knowledgeable guides and a variety of wildlife.

What to Do with Kids

Take a 2-hour boat journey along the Everglades’ ethereal channel in the backwoods.

You will witness a wide variety of species while on this tour, featuring manatees, dolphins, and alligators.

The experienced guides make it a reasonably enlightening experience as well.

Recommended Ages

Children aged six and up are the greatest candidates for a trip to the Buttonwood Canal.

  1. Eco Pond

This pond is an excellent place to see animals because it is close to the end of Flamingo’s Main Park Road.

Why Your Family Should Go

Are you traveling with a young avian enthusiast?

Then, remember to include this pond in your list of family-friendly Everglades attractions.

The destination is home to a wide range of bird species, including Ospreys and Roseate Spoonbills.

In addition, it is residence to several beautiful and vibrant butterflies.

What to Do with Kids

Hike the 0.5-mile trail to see many wading birds, songbirds, and ducks.

If you’re fortunate, alligators and Florida softshell turtles might be spotted roaming the lagoon.

Recommended Ages

This pond is best suited for children aged five and above.

  1. Florida Pioneer Museum

The official listing of this museum on the US National Register of Historic Places dates back to 1973.

Why Your Family Should Go

In the Everglades, are there any historical tourist attractions for children?

Why not take some time to explore the Florida Pioneer Museum’s displays?

You can find early 20th-century antiques and Native American relics at the museum.

What to Do with Kids

Explore this actual pioneer home to experience a step back in time.

You can learn about the region’s history through its extensive collection of artifacts, including anything from farm tools to old photographs.

Recommended Ages

Kids from 6 to 12 years old will enjoy the Florida Pioneer Museum.

  1. Shark Valley

This valley, which is situated directly within the freshwater marsh of the park, is magnificent.

Why Your Family Should Go

Beware of being misled by its name! Despite its strange moniker, you won’t see any sharks in this tranquil valley.

However, there is a certainty of incredible wildlife encounters and Instagram-worthy scenery.

What to Do with Kids

This weekend, traverse the magnificent wetlands on a tram, bike, or trek.

You’ll see a lot of alligators, several birds, and 40 different kinds of mammals along the way.

Recommended Ages

For teenagers, adults, and kids from 4 years old and up, Shark Valley is a great experience.

  1. Museum of the Everglades

Located in an old building in Everglades City, this museum has been open since 1998.

Why Your Family Should Go

Guests can gain a glimpse into the region’s past at this museum through old images and movie clips.

Did we mention that it is also free aside from being one of the most educational with family-friendly activities in the Everglades?

What to Do with Kids

Observe the museum’s artifacts and photo exhibitions for another hour while you tour it.

Recommended Ages

For families with kids between the ages of 5 and 15, the Museum of the Everglades is a great pit stop.

  1. Ernest Coe Visitor Center

This institution, which is located in Homestead, offers instructive Everglades displays.

Why Your Family Should Go

Are you looking for kid-friendly learning programs?

Make a point of stopping by this visitor center.

Visitors will have access to informative exhibits and Everglades orientation movies inside the building.

Of course, it also provides a wealth of knowledge about how to visit the Everglades.

It will even offer advice on what to do in the Everglades with young children or a newborn.

What to Do with Kids

Visit the visitor center’s exhibitions and displays.

You can also allow your kids to participate in the park’s minor programs at this tourist center.

Recommended Ages

The Ernest Coe Visitor Center is a fantastic destination for tourists of all ages.

It’s even, in my opinion, a top activity for families with young children and toddlers to undertake in the Everglades.

  1. Mahogany Hammock Trail

Despite being only 0.5 miles long, this shaded route will provide you and your family with hours of low-cost entertainment.

Why Your Family Should Go

This trail is the ideal choice if you’re looking for peaceful family activities in the Everglades.

This forest boardwalk gives families a welcome break with its shady trees and laid-back atmosphere.

This boardwalk has a lot of interesting sites as well.

What to Do with Kids

Take in the laid-back atmosphere as you stroll along the promenade.

On this walk, you can see many birds, lizards, and enormous mahogany trees.

Recommended Ages

The Mahogany Hammock Trail is secure and suitable for all ages.

  1. Wooten’s Everglades Airboat Tour

These thrilling family activities can be found at this roadside hotspot in Ochopee.

Why Your Family Should Go

An amazing variety of family-friendly attractions can be found at Wooten’s Everglades.

In addition to airboat trips, it also features quirky outdoor exhibits and a small zoo.

What to Do with Kids

Take this company’s airboat excursion to get a boost of excitement.

After that, visit the refuge to witness a variety of animals there, including river otters, crocodiles, turtles, and big cats.

Recommended Ages

Adventures at Wooten’s Everglades Airboat are great for vacationers of all generations.

  1. Pa-hay-okee Lookout Tower

This 65-foot tower, built in 1965, is the tallest visible feature in the park.

Why Your Family Should Go

Panoramas of sawgrass plains will be revealed to visitors who make it to the tower’s summit.

In addition, you will see a good number of diverse creatures on the trip to this tower.

What to Do with Kids

Enjoy the expansive scenery of the “river of grass” at the summit after hiking a 260-meter-long pathway.

Visitors might take pictures of birds, sawgrass plains, and turtles along the trip.

Recommended Ages

For kids of all ages, Pa-hay-okee Lookout Tower is the best alternative.

  1. Miccosukee Cultural Center

The Miccosukee Indian heritage is celebrated in this tourist community, which is located close to Shark Valley along Highway 41.

Why Your Family Should Go

You may learn about the Chickasaw way of life at the Miccosukee Cultural Center, which also offers an outdoor exhibit.

You can purchase some unusual gifts at the Miccosukee Restaurant and nearby gift shops.

What to Do with Kids

Observe the Miccosukee Indians as they work on their baskets, dolls, patchwork, and beadwork.

Their live gator presentations are also something you’ll love.

Recommended Ages

The Miccosukee Cultural Center is a fascinating destination for kids aged six and older.

  1. Anhinga Trail

Located next to the Royal Palm Visitor Center, the Anhinga Trail is a part of the US National Register of Historic Places.

Why Your Family Should Go

One of the best family-friendly activities in the Everglades is, without a doubt hiking the Anhinga Trail.

This walk is not long, but it is jam-packed with fascinating views of local fauna, sawgrass marshes, and wildflowers.

What to Do with Kids

Take a stroll along the boardwalk to observe alligators up close and in their native surroundings.

On this short hike, you’ll also observe a lot of birds, snakes, and turtles.

Recommended Ages

Owing to its short length and level terrain, the Anhinga Trail is a popular attraction with tourists of all ages.