11 Fun Things to Do in Malibu with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

Now that you’ve freed up some time, are you ready to take your kids on a fun-filled vacation?

In that case, you might consider taking them to Malibu on an excursion they will never forget.

This city has a lot for you and your family, regardless of the age of your children, making it the ideal location for spending special time together.

On your vacation to this vibrant city, you can enjoy various activities together, such as spending the day at the beach, visiting the library, having fun in a beautiful park, visiting a museum or historic site, and much more.

Prepare for your great trip by perusing this list of enjoyable things to do in Malibu.

  1. El Matador Beach

The Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beaches include El Matador Beach, one of three beaches.

Despite being available all year round, the summer is when it is most in demand.

Why Your Family Should Go

Bringing the kids to El Matador Beach is one of the best things to do in Malibu with kids.

In addition to its stunning coastline, it provides various services to make vacationing with kids more comfortable.

There is a parking lot, a set of steps that make it simple for you to get to the beach area, clean restrooms, picnic places with breathtaking ocean views, and much more.

What to Do with Kids

Spend a fun-filled day outside with your kids while engaging in various activities.

You may, for instance, go snorkeling, explore the area’s many caves, take lots of photos with them, assist them in building enormous sandcastles, have a picnic by the ocean, and do a myriad of other activities.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages are welcome at El Matador Beach. However, some of its activities, such as cave exploring and snorkeling, are best suited for kids aged seven and above.

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  1. Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach is one of the region’s largest and most well-known beaches.

It has a lovely setting with a sandy shoreline.

Why Your Family Should Go

A fantastic choice for inexpensive family entertainment is going to Zuma Beach.

This beach offers a variety of options and enjoyable activities for kids and teenagers.

Zuma Beach has plenty to offer, whether you want to relax by the water or on the sand.

What to Do with Kids

Get ready for the best beach trip at Zuma Beach with your loved ones.

Your teenagers might like to try windsurfing, bodyboarding, body surfing, scuba diving, surfing, and other sports.

While your older children have a blast and you relax by the ocean, toddlers can enjoy constructing sand sculptures, playing with beach toys, and much more.

Recommended Ages

Every age group will enjoy Zuma Beach, which is a family-friendly shoreline.

  1. Point Dume State Beach and Preserve

The breathtakingly picturesque Point Dume State Beach and Preserve provide stunning views of the North Pacific Ocean.

Why Your Family Should Go

Bring your family to Point Dume State Beach and Preserve this weekend if you want to take them somewhere away from high structures and congested areas.

You can enjoy participating in many enjoyable activities here and making new memories with your children.

This pristine coastline offers miles of stunning views, a sun-kissed shoreline, and glistening cerulean water.

What to Do with Kids

With your family, enjoy engaging in a variety of enjoyable activities at Point Dume State Beach and Preserve, including rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, surfing, and more.

You and your little children can stay by the shore. In contrast, your older children enjoy various exciting activities, searching for unusual seashells, watching whales swim past, splashing in the tidepools, etc.

Recommended Ages

The best spot to go is Point Dume State Beach and Preserve, whether you are going with toddlers, young kids, or teenagers.

  1. Leo Carrillo State Park

A beach park, Leo Carrillo State Park has more than two kilometers of rocky coastline.

Why Your Family Should Go

With your group, take advantage of Malibu’s many family-friendly activities.

You may visit various beaches in this state park, each with unique beauty.

It offers many entertaining activities even if you don’t want to get into the sea.

It also has conveniences that will make your visit easier.

Like restrooms where you can wash your kids after a long day, spaces for dining your packed meals in comfort, and a campground close by if you want to spend the night for a truly natural experience.

What to Do with Kids

Today is an excellent day to take the kids to Leo Carrillo State Park and participate in various activities while creating memories.

Activities such as fishing lessons, sandcastle building, marine life in the tidal pools, and cave exploring are great ways to spend time in the park with kids.

Recommended Ages

The shores of Leo Carrillo State Park are littered with rocks, making it less than ideal for young children.

  1. Paradise Cove Beach

Paradise Cove is also a legendary surfing destination and one of Malibu’s most well-known beaches.

Why Your Family Should Go

Looking for more information on family-friendly activities in Malibu?

Then you must see the stunning Paradise Cove Beach.

Taking advantage of the numerous amenities offered along this length of the beach can enhance your day at the beach and make your family trip less stressful.

Numerous beachside eateries offer a wide variety of dishes suitable for children, clean and well-maintained bathrooms and restrooms, a parking lot that is easy to access, and a pier from which to take in the turquoise waters of the ocean or go fishing.

What to Do with Kids

Paradise Cove Beach is ideal for a wide variety of pursuits, not the least of which is surfing.

Activities for families include digging each other out of the soft sand, playing catch with a ball, running after young children, and splashing in the sea near the coast.

Recommended Ages

The beach at Paradise Cove welcomes visitors of all ages, including young children.

  1. Malibu Pier

The Malibu Pier is a top-rated destination for vacationers.

Its location means it has direct access to the North Pacific Ocean.

Why Your Family Should Go

Need some family-friendly recommendations for your Malibu getaway?

In that case, a visit to Malibu Pier makes for a fantastic day excursion.

The Malibu Pier is conveniently located close to a lovely beach where visitors may spend a wonderful day in the sun.

There are also places to eat, shop, and rent equipment on the pier.

What to Do with Kids

At Malibu Pier, you and your loved ones may do many fun things together, such as eat at a beachside restaurant, buy souvenirs, take in some fresh air, learn to fish, and more.

Alternatively, you may spend the day at the beach, swimming and lounging on the sand.

Recommended Ages

You can easily navigate Malibu Pier with a stroller, making it an excellent destination for families with young children.

  1. Malibu Library

The Malibu Library is an excellent place for families, with events and materials suitable for kids and adults alike.

Why Your Family Should Go

Bringing your young children to the Malibu Library allows you to spend quality time with them while familiarizing them with books.

Many children’s books are available for you to peruse with your young readers if you share a love of literature.

It’s a pleasant place to relax in the company of your children and a good book in a warm and friendly environment.

What to Do with Kids

In a peaceful setting, spend time with your children at the Malibu Library.

While you enjoy some quiet time with a good book, your kids can have a blast with their reading and art projects, toys, and music.

Recommended Ages

The Malibu Library offers programming and materials suitable for patrons of all ages.

It has a section for teenagers, a Kid’s Corner with books for elementary schoolers, and a book collection for toddlers.

  1. The Arts Lisa Smith Wengler Center

The Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts hosts family-friendly performances and events.

Some works of art are on display there as well.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts offers live readings of children’s literature.

The day will fly fast as you and your children see great singers, actors, and dancers present uplifting performances.

Many of the kid-friendly activities in Malibu, including tours, remarkable hands-on experiences, and many that are free, may be found here.

What to Do with Kids

Numerous family-friendly events are also held at the Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts.

Family Art Days feature hands-on activities, free museum and theater tours, and performances geared at children and their families performed by skilled actors.

Recommended Ages

Regardless of your children’s ages, they will be able to participate in something at the Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts.

  1. Malibu Bluffs Park

Among the best Malibu attractions for families is Malibu Bluffs Park.

It is a park on the water with a few facilities for the comfort and enjoyment of its guests.

Why Your Family Should Go

Visit Malibu Bluffs Park with your kids to enjoy one of the best kid-friendly activities in this coastal city.

This park is perfect for family outings and creating priceless memories because there is no limit to the enjoyment you and your loved ones may have.

A sizable playground, picnic areas, gorgeous walkways, a ton of parking, and accessibility for those with disabilities are just a few of its many amenities.

What to Do with Kids

When looking for a place to spend a day in the great outdoors, go no further than Malibu Bluffs Park.

Sports like baseball, softball, or soccer, seeing your kids have fun at the playground, and having a nice picnic are all fantastic activities to spend time with your loved ones.

Recommended Ages

Malibu Bluffs Park is open to everyone, although the playground is only appropriate for children under 12.

  1. Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Regarding nearby beaches, parents highly recommend Malibu Lagoon State Beach because of its family-friendly atmosphere and calm waters.

Why Your Family Should Go

Malibu Lagoon State Beach is the perfect family vacation spot for those with young children.

As a lagoon, the water at this stunning beach is much safer and calmer than that of beaches directly on the ocean.

It has a pristine, well-maintained beach that is patrolled by lifeguards who have received extensive training.

Your kids will love it here because of the safe and fun environment.

What to Do with Kids

The day you spend doing fun things with your kids will be one they’ll never forget.

You can teach them to swim, take them fishing, or help them build sandcastles with the calm water.

If you take your older children to the coast, they can have a great time surfing, viewing whales, boogie boarding, and more.

Recommended Ages

Families and kids of all ages can have a great time and create lasting memories at Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

  1. Las Flores Creek Park

The urban Las Flores Creek Park is a great location to relax and take a break while exploring Malibu.

Why Your Family Should Go

Is it late in the day, and you need a break from all the sightseeing you’ve been doing?

Do you want some downtime while the kids are kept occupied and happy?

Then Las Flores Creek Park is the right destination for you and your family.

What to Do with Kids

Taking the kids to a lovely park in Malibu for the day is a great way to spend a day with little effort and maximum enjoyment.

Las Flores Creek Park is a playground where you can take a seat, unwind, and read a book while keeping an eye on your kids as they play on the seesaws, slides, and climbing frames.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of all ages are welcome at Las Flores Creek Park.