11 Great Videos to Teach Students About Elections & Voting:

  1. “Electing a President” by BrainPOP: This animated video explains the process of electing a president in a fun and engaging way.
  2. “How Does Voting Work?” by TED-Ed: This educational video breaks down the basics of voting, including the importance of participating in elections.
  3. “Election Day Explained” by National Geographic Kids: This video explores the significance of Election Day and the democratic process through interactive animations.
  4. “The Electoral College Explained” by CGP Grey: This informative video demystifies the concept of the Electoral College and its role in the U.S. presidential election.
  5. “How Voting Machines Work” by HowStuffWorks: This video provides insight into the technology behind voting machines and highlights their importance in the voting process.
  6. “Why Your Vote Matters” by CrashCourse: This video delves into the significance of individual votes and encourages students to exercise their right to vote.
  7. “How Elections are Hacked” by Verge Science: This eye-opening video explores the potential vulnerabilities and security concerns surrounding elections in the digital age.
  8. “How Gerrymandering Affects Elections” by Vox: This video explains gerrymandering, a practice that can influence election outcomes, and its impact on democracy.
  9. “Voting: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” by HBO: In this humorous yet informative video, John Oliver breaks down the importance of voter turnout and highlights voting issues in the United States.
  10. “How Campaign Finance Affects Elections” by The New York Times: This video explores the influence of money in politics and its impact on elections.
  11. “The History of Voting Rights in the United States” by TED-Ed: This educational video provides a historical overview of voting rights in the United States, highlighting landmark moments and the struggle for equality.

These videos offer a range of perspectives and information to help students grasp important concepts related to elections and voting. Remember to supervise and guide students while watching these videos to ensure they understand the content and can engage in meaningful discussions.