12 Clever Ways to Add Water Bottle Holders to Student Desks


Staying hydrated is essential for students to maintain their academic performance and overall well-being. However, the standard desk setup in many classrooms does not always accommodate water bottles, leading to spills and loss of valuable workspace. In this article, we will explore 12 clever ways to add water bottle holders to student desks, making it easier for them to stay hydrated and focused during lessons.

1. Clip-On Holders

A simple solution is to attach clip-on water bottle holders to the sides of the desk. These holders are easy to install and can be adjusted as needed, ensuring that the water bottles stay secure and within reach.

2. Desk Rail Attachments

Another option is attaching a holder that slides onto a desk rail or edge. This method keeps the water bottle off the workspace without using any screws or adhesive.

3. Magnetic Holders

Magnetic water bottle holders can be attached directly to metal components of a desk or a separate magnetic strip fastened on non-metal desks. They provide a convenient way to store water bottles within arm’s reach.

4. Attachable Pockets

A fabric or mesh attachable pocket can double as a water bottle holder by hanging on the side or back of the desk. These pockets are often equipped with additional compartments for organizing small items like pens and pencils.

5. Under-Desk Hooks

Hooks can be installed underneath the desk surface for an out-of-the-way storage solution. Students simply need to hook their water bottles by their handles or loops for quick access.

6. DIY PVC Pipe Holders

A savvy teacher or student may want to repurpose PVC pipes into bespoke water bottle holders. Cut pipes into desired lengths and mount onto the desk legs with zip ties or brackets for a custom solution.

7. Desk-Mounted Bottle Slings

Bottle slings utilize elastic bands or fabric straps that can be secured around the desk legs, providing a cradle for holding water bottles securely.

8. Adjustable Cup Holders

Designed to clamp directly onto the edge of a desk, adjustable cup holders are adjustable in size to fit a variety of water bottles, making them an excellent multipurpose solution.

9. Mounted Desk Caddies

A desk caddy that includes a designated space for a water bottle can be mounted on the side or back of the desk. This is especially useful when additional storage for stationary or other supplies is needed.

10. Students’ Chair Bottle Holders

For classrooms with movable chairs, attach bottle holders to the back or sides of the chair for easy access when students need to take a quick sip of water.

11. Attachable Swivel Holders

Swivel holders allow students to rotate their water bottles towards themselves when needed and move them out of the way when not in use. They can be securely attached to the sides or corners of desks.

12. Custom Built-In Desk Holders

When designing new desks or refurbishing existing ones, consider adding custom-built compartments specifically designed to hold water bottles within easy reach.


Encouraging students to stay hydrated throughout the day is imperative for maintaining concentration and overall well-being. With these 12 clever ways to add water bottle holders to student desks, schools can promote healthy hydration habits and create an optimal learning environment for everyone involved.