12 Fun Things to Do in Frederick, MD with Kids — Family Friendly Activities!

Frederick, Maryland, has recorded over 2.1 million visitors who come to experience the attractions it beholds. Call it a fun-based city!

What makes Frederick famous among the locals and visitors is its rich historical books that capture the events during the Civil War.

The Civil War gave rise to various spots around the city today, which are family-friendly attractions.

This city is known to have museums, hundreds of thousands of acres of parks, and a blending of old and new buildings that restores the city’s history.

So, does this sound like the city you’d love to visit with your kids? You must be speculating what to do at Frederick. We have included a couple of fun activities your family can enjoy. Read on for more discoveries!

  1. Historic Downtown Frederick

Known as “A Great American Main Street,” Downtown Frederick is undoubtedly worth that name. It is well-known because of its art and the fun entertainment that lures people to this street. But trust me, you won’t want to go back home!

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

Downtown Frederick is known to have over 200 shops in different domains. Surprising right?

Apart from window shopping from the shops, you can do tons of fun-friendly activities. For example, experience live band performances and visit food joints, parks, toy shops, and art centers.

As you can see, there’s a lot in store in Downtown Frederick. Make it your first stop in the city, and you won’t be disappointed.

Recommended Ages

The area is open to people of all ages.

  1. Carroll Creek Linear Park

This is a 1.5-mile loop trail with shade trees, tranquil water features, a theater for entertainment, and brick-paved walkways.

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

The water features and bridges found in the park is the main attraction that your kids will love.

You can choose to relax on the beautifully laid grass and engage in talks with your family. This is a chance to get to know and understand each other much better. The environment here is perfect for bonding moments.

Food kiosks are a stone’s throw away if you are hungry, so you need not worry about carrying snacks.

Recommended Ages

Everyone from the littlest to the oldest family member is welcome at the Carroll Creek Linear Park.

  1. Baker Park

Sitting on 58 acres, this linear became a significant attraction in Frederick as soon as various amenities were established in the park.

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

This park offers a family-friendly vacation that is fun and affordable.

What attracts most visitors is the man-made lake known as Culler Lake, the boathouse, and the lightened fountains on its side.

Other features in the park include picnic areas for relaxing, a playground for the kids to run around, a baseball field, a tennis court, and an area set aside for live musical performances.

Recommended Ages

Guests of all ages can visit Baker Park.

Children ages two and above will find the park fascinating.

  1. Monocacy National Battlefield

The Monocacy National Battlefield is among the historical landmarks in the country.

During the civil war era in 1864, the battle of Monocacy happened. It is usually term as “The Battle That Saved Washington.”

The battle occurred on a 1,647- acre farm, and the landscapes since then remain unchanged.

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

There’s no better way to learn American history than through the Monocacy National Battlefield.

When you arrive, head to the visitor’s center and be advised on how to have a smooth and successful tour around the battlefield.

Learn the importance of the Washington house and farm during the battle.

The park is known to have six trails; try and hike at least two.

You can carry snacks or food for the entire family and chill in the various picnic areas for a lunch or dinner break.

Recommended Ages

Bring all members of your family to learn the great American history.

  1. Frederick Visitor Center

If you want a picture-perfect place to create memories for your family Frederick Visitor Center is the place.

Housed in a 2,200 square feet structure, the center is a charm.

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

Comprising the 1800s buildings, the center has various exhibitions that tell more about American culture.

There is a theatre that shows the city’s films and how it has grown since it was established.

Get maps and guides, and don’t miss out on any entertaining events in the center.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone at the Frederick Visitor Center.

Recommended Ages

Come with babies in tows; the center is open to all visitors.

  1. Weinberg Center for the Arts

The art center was opened in 1926, but at that time, it was known as the Tivoli.

Back then, it was the 2nd most prominent building in the city. With a capacity of 1,500 guests, a 16 feet movie screen, and a stage where live performances are held, the center is worth being in your tour plan.

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

Tagged as “The Jewel of Frederick,” this art center is known to contain the city’s history that is worth exploring.

But what makes the center stand out is its collection of artwork and the thrilling silent film it shows. What is done during silent movies is that they play background music using the Wurlitzer organ instrument.

I am sure you want to know what this instrument sounds like; ensure you come during show times and get to hear this captivating sound.

When done watching the movie, check out the backstage. It is free!

Weinberg Center for the Arts should be among the places you wish to visit in Frederick, MD.

Recommended Ages

There are no age restrictions at the center. So take all members of your family and have fun.

  1. Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium

This stadium was just known as the Harry Grove Stadium but changed to Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium in 2015.

The stadium hosted its first guests in 1990, with a sitting capacity of 5,400.

It is also famously known because it is home to a baseball team.

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

Do you love sports? Come and witness the home baseball team be on the neck to neck with their opponents.

After the game, take photos with the players to live to remember the match day.

Get to see the coyote mascot Keyote, a fascinating creature in Frederick Keys.

In the Jr. Keys Club program, they have privileges and freebies for those signed in. So, ensure that your kids are signed up for this fun-based activity.

With all the above, it is clear that the stadium has something for each family member.

Recommended Ages

Everyone from the littlest to the oldest family can enjoy their fun day at the stadium.

  1. Roads & Rails Museum

The Roads and Rails Museum is an idea that David Burroughs put into action. It spectacles on the world’s most extensive and most detailed railroad.

The railroad system includes; a subway, coal mine, trains, trolleys, villages, a circus, a trail through the mountain, buildings, automobiles, a zoo, and more!

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

This is the haven you’ve been looking forward to.

The trains have buttons that you press to activate any function your desire.

Well, maybe your youngsters want to be cops. The police cars here allow them to experience the field they wish to venture into in the near future. The cars have blinkers just like those used by the real police.

The museum has a gift shop where you can get something for your kids. The shop has a variety of unique items, like trains, that your kiddos will love.

Of course, there are several places to take your children to Frederick, and the Roads and Rails Museum should be among them.

Recommended Ages

People across all age groups should visit the Roads and Rails Museum. Moreover, there’s free admission for kids aged three and below.

  1. Me Land

Me Land is known to open its doors to visitors all year round. It is a classy indoor designed recreational area with a party place where kids can play.

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

This area has three distinctive kids’ fascinating zones, each having a different theme from the other.

The Tot Zone is designed explicitly for the tots. Its exhibits include a playhouse, slide, climbing area, and rocking ride.

The Ball Pit Zone is for those kids who are ball enthusiasts. The zone has ball-dropping UFOs and obstacle tubes to keep your youngsters entertained.

The Big Kids Zone is for those who can conquer slides, ramps, and other activities in Me Land.

Ensure you maximize your stay here, especially during the weekdays, because kids can play for as long as possible.

Recommended Ages

This playground is best suited for kids between 0 to 12.

  1. Urban Air Adventure Park – Frederick

This Park offers trampolines, laser tag, an obstacle course, a gravity-defying coaster, climbing walls, bumper walls, and tubes, among others.

There’s something for adults and kids alike.

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

The Urban Air Adventure Park is the absolute place for an excellent family outdoor adventure.

Ever wondered how people conquered Mt Everest? First, start small by first climbing the park’s wall. Then, hone your climbing skills and take precautions to avoid accidents.

The Sky Rider gives your youngsters a chance to experience how it feels to jump 10,000 feet.

There’s so much that the park can offer to your family. So don’t hesitate to visit!

Recommended Ages

The park’s activities are designed for those aged seven and below.

  1. Rose Hill Manor Park

This park was built in 1970 by Anne Grahame and John Grahame.

Later, the name changed to a new one, the Rose Hill Manor.

In 1972, a museum was built on the property. The museum has helped educate the public on the early American lifestyle.

Other highlights included in the property are a manor, log cabin, smithy, an icehouse, barns, and a carriage collection.

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

Experience American life during the 17th to 18th century.

Learn how blacksmiths handle and make their ironworks.

Your kids can make telegraph keys and learn how archaeologists study remains.

If this is something your kids will love, take them for a fun day out.

Recommended Ages

There are no age confines; all family members can visit Rose Hill Manor Park.

  1. Clue IQ

If you’re considering fun and educational activity with your kids in Frederick, look no further than Clue IQ! This escape room offers a variety of challenges that are perfect for families with kids. You and your team will have to work together to solve puzzles and find clues to escape the room before time runs out!

Why We Recommend This Kid Friendly Activity

It’s an excellent way to bond with your kids and spend some quality time together

It’s educational and can help teach kids problem-solving skills

Kids will enjoy the contest of trying to escape the room!

Recommended Ages

Clue IQ’s escape rooms are designed for 12-year-olds and up, but younger guests still get the chance to join as long as an adult supervises them. Guests under six even play at no cost!