12 Fun Things to Do in Norfolk with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

Taking the kids on vacation to Norfolk is guaranteed to be one of the best decisions you make.

Norfolk’s closeness to the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay makes it an attractive location for families.

The Virginia Zoo is only one of the area’s kids- and family-friendly attractions.

We hope this list of kid-friendly things to do in Norfolk will be helpful as you plan your family vacation.

  1. Virginia Zoo

It is a zoo recognized by the AZA since it opened in 1900 on 53 acres (Association of Zoos and Aquariums).

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

A group of animal lovers on a trip?

This zoo is fantastic for families visiting Norfolk, Virginia.

Over 500 species, including zebras, giraffes, ostriches, and more, hail from around the world and reside in this zoo.

The zoo also has a wide variety of fun and instructive events, workshops, and games to enjoy.

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Recommended Ages

Children ages 3 to 12 will enjoy the Virginia Zoo’s exhibits and activities.

  1. Nauticus and Battleship Wisconsin

This museum dedicated to marine life has welcomed visitors to downtown Norfolk since 1994.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

This museum is perfect if you’re searching for something informative to do with your family in Norfolk.

This museum does an excellent job of showcasing the nation’s maritime history through theater presentations and hands-on displays.

Besides the horseshoe crab touch aquarium and the shark lab, there are plenty of other science displays to explore.

Recommended Ages

Young visitors between 6 and 12 will get the most out of the museum.

  1. Chrysler Museum of Art

The museum has been open since 1933 and features over 25,000 artifacts from all continents.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

The Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia, is home to some of the city’s most exciting and educational events for youngsters.

Visit Wonder Studio and spend hours learning about glassblowing, exploring ancient Egyptian artifacts, and exploring the many other fascinating displays.

In addition, a mother’s room provides several helpful conveniences for parents on the road.

Recommended Ages

The museum provides a fun and educational experiences for kids of all ages.

  1. American Rover Tall Ship Cruises

This schooner has been a landmark in the Elizabeth River and Hampton Roads region since 1986.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Looking for a list of fun activities for kids in your area?

Next, take the American Rover for a two-hour narrated sunset cruise.

This tour is great for families since it features beautiful scenery and lives acoustic music from April through October.

The tour’s narrative is also very educational, making it an excellent outing for the kids on your team.

Recommended Ages

This guided tour of Norkfolk’s waterways is an excellent way for kids aged 6 to 15 to learn about marine life and have fun.

  1. Ocean View and East Beach

Beachgoers can enjoy the sand, surf, and delicious cuisine at low prices in East Beach and Ocean View.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Beachgoers on a tight budget can find heaven in Ocean View and East Beach.

These coastal areas are plenty of kid-friendly activities, from swimming to watching the waves, that won’t break the bank this weekend.

Additionally, they offer beach parks where people can enjoy live music and other events by the water.

Recommended Ages

People of all ages can find something to do and see in these beach towns.

  1. Norfolk Botanical Garden

This public garden spans 158 acres and features more than 40 unique themed gardens.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

This botanical garden is a must-visit for families visiting Norfolk.

Beautiful trees, flowers, and a particular area for kids to play.

The children’s garden is full of fun and educational games that teach kids about plants.

Recommended Ages

Teens, adults, and kids over three may have a great time at the Norfolk Botanic Garden.

  1. Harbor Park

The Norfolk Tides have called this 36-acre park and stadium home since its opening in 1993.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Need any ideas for things to do in Norfolk with active kids?

A fun activity with friends is going to a baseball game at Harbor Park.

Those who aren’t baseball fans can still enjoy the park’s breathtaking views, great restaurant, and picnic space.

Recommended Ages

Children over the age of six will enjoy playing sports in Harbor Park.

  1. Naval Station Norfolk

This naval base, established in 1917, is home to more than 90,000 air operations each year.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

This installation, which houses the greatest concentration of US Navy forces, is open to tourists and hosts fun activities for kids.

These 45-minute tours, led by naval personnel, will highlight the base’s several ships and aircraft carriers.

Recommended Ages

Tours of Naval Station Norfolk are especially interesting for children aged six to twelve.

  1. MacArthur Center

More than 120 shops and services are spread across the mall’s 900,000 square feet.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

MacArthur Center is more than just a shopping mecca with unbelievable deals.

The mall’s mystical ice skating rink is 7,000 square feet and is open throughout winter.

As one might expect, the mall also features a wide variety of restaurants and other forms of family entertainment.

It’s a great option for rainy days and is one of the best indoor activities for kids in Norfolk.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of all ages will enjoy MacArthur Center’s stores, attractions, and dining options.

  1. Town Point Park

Visitors of all ages will enjoy MacArthur Center’s stores, attractions, and dining options.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

With its tranquil greenery and picturesque views, this park is an excellent escape from the hectic pace of the city.

The park also features magnificent trees that are sure to draw attention, as well as beautiful pieces of public art and fascinating interactive fountains that will delight children.

More importantly, it hosts many festivals and activities appropriate for people of all ages.

Recommended Ages

There is no required minimum age to visit this park; it’s an excellent stop for people of all ages.

  1. Spirit of Norfolk Cruises

This 2-hour trip along the Elizabeth River is a magnificent experience that can be enjoyed year-round.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

The cruise features breathtaking sights of the ocean and the city and an abundance of tasty food and drinks.

There is also lively DJ music and fun interactive games for the whole family to enjoy.

Even better, infants and toddlers under two are admitted free of charge to the tour.

Recommended Ages

Facilities, dining, and entertainment on board the Spirit of Norfolk are kid- and family-friendly.

Further, it occasionally hosts events and programs geared toward children.

The Kiddie Cruises and the Kids Discovery tours are our favorites.

  1. Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise

One of the most popular family-friendly activities in Norfolk is a 2-hour cruise that leaves daily from Nauticus.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

This cruise is the best option for seeing the Naval Base.

Their knowledgeable captains will provide engaging and informative commentary as you cruise the Elizabeth River.

After that, you can gawk at Aircraft Carriers, Nuclear Submarines, and Guided Missile Cruisers.

Recommended Ages

A cruise aboard a Victory Rover from the Naval Base is an excellent option for people of all ages, from teenagers to little children.