14 Websites to Teach Kids About The Civil War


The Civil War was a pivotal moment in American history, and it’s essential for kids to learn about this significant period. With technology at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to keep young minds engaged while learning about the Civil War. Here are 14 fantastic websites that provide comprehensive lessons, quizzes, videos, and interactive content for kids about the Civil War.

1. National Park Service: Civil War Series (www.nps.gov)

The National Park Service offers educational materials and resources covering various aspects of the Civil War, including various battles and military strategies.

2. History.com (www.history.com)

History.com provides a wealth of information, educational videos, and interactive quizzes focused on the Civil War, perfect for engaging children in their learning process.

3. American Battlefield Trust (www.battlefields.org)

This website offers interactive maps and battlefield virtual tours to help kids visualize important events from the Civil War.

4. PBS Learning Media (www.pbslearningmedia.org)

PBS Learning Media features multiple videos, lesson plans, and interactive games that focus on different aspects of the Civil War.

5. MrNussbaum.com (www.mrnussbaum.com)

MrNussbaum.com has a dedicated section for the American Civil War with learning resources on key events, figures, timelines, and battles.

6. Smithsonian Education (www.smithsonianeducation.org)

Discover extensive educational resources from Smithsonian Education on the Civil War era, including maps, artifacts, and classroom activities tailored for kids.

7. Scholastic Teachables (www.scholastic.com/teachables)

Scholastic Teachables provides reputable lesson plans and printables on various subjects related to the Civil War for students of different age groups.

8. Library of Congress (www.loc.gov)

Explore primary sources related to the Civil War from the Library of Congress that will introduce students to authentic historical documents, images, and archives.

9. Civil War Trust (www.civilwar.org)

The Civil War Trust offers interactive maps, photographs, and educational videos to provide engaging insights into Civil War events and battles.

10. Teaching American History (www.teachingamericanhistory.org)

Teaching American History features a Civil War section complete with primary sources, lesson plans, videos, and podcasts for a comprehensive learning experience.

11. Ducksters (www.ducksters.com)

Ducksters is an educational site focused on history and other subjects for kids. The website includes information on the Civil War useful for students and young learners interested in this topic.

12. Education.com (www.education.com)

Education.com offers a wide range of learning resources related to the Civil War, including interactive worksheets, reading materials, and hands-on activities.

13. Lesson Planet (www.lessonplanet.com)

Lesson Planet features an abundance of lesson plans and resources focusing on different aspects of the American Civil War for various age groups.

14. Time4Learning (www.time4learning.com)

Time4Learning provides an extensive online curriculum that covers the American Civil War in detail with engaging multimedia lessons designed for kids.


These 14 websites offer a wealth of information that will help children learn about the American Civil War in an engaging way. With multimedia content, interactive games, quizzes, and more at their disposal, these resources are perfect for introducing kids to this vital chapter in American history.