15 Best Kid Friendly Restaurants In Dallas, TX

Choosing a restaurant that the children will enjoy when traveling with your family can be challenging.

However, Dallas is home to many eateries that your family will like.

The Big D is brimming with family-friendly options, from Mexican restaurants to vibrant cafes with playgrounds.

We’re guiding you toward the most significant decision by presenting Dallas’s top family-friendly eateries.

  1. Dallas Farmers Market — Uptown

The entire family may choose from a wide variety of mouthwatering foods at Dallas Farmers Market.

What You’ll Experience

Without a visit to the Dallas Farmers Market, your experience will not be complete.

The market will satiate your kids’ appetites and teach them interesting facts about where their food comes from.

Our favorite food stall in this area is Mudhen, renowned for its European-inspired, locally sourced, nutritious, and light cuisine.

This food vendor offers a wide variety of nutritious yet delectable foods, such as greens and veggie flatbreads.

Children will enjoy Young Coots, which serves hotdogs on brioche, small burgers, and chicken platters.

Recommended Ages

The market is open daily and offers a wide variety of food choices, making it appropriate for children of all ages.

  1. Liberty Burger — North Dallas

Liberty is more than just its renowned and delicious burgers.

What You’ll Experience

According to Liberty Burger, the best-tasting burgers in Dallas are served there.

And by offering a wide variety of delicious burger selections, it is undoubtedly living up to its expectations.

They also offer salads and grilled chicken if you’re not into burgers.

Try the famous Baby Bella and Libertine Burgers for a satisfying and mouthwatering experience.

Did we also mention that they have gluten-free options?

Recommended Ages

Children three and older can eat at Liberty and find burgers and other nutritious meals.

  1. Chris and John — North Dallas

Dining at Chris and John is one of the most enjoyable and delicious things to do in Dallas with young children and toddlers.

What You’ll Experience

Chris and John are one of Dallas’s unique family-friendly eateries.

It’s the only eatery in the area to combine Mexican flavors with everyday ingredients in Vietnamese street food.

I can assure you that you’ll adore its unique spin on cheesy corn, noodles, and dumplings.

Try the family-friendly, 25-dollar specials, which are a local favorite and include five of the restaurant’s specialties.

Recommended Ages

Food selections at Chris and John’s restaurant are suitable for kids of all ages.

  1. Fireside Pies — Lake Highlands

It’s simple to understand why many call Fireside one of the most incredible restaurants for kids in Dallas, with its handcrafted pizzas and welcoming atmosphere.

What You’ll Experience

Pizza enthusiasts will undoubtedly find happiness at Fireside Pies.

The restaurant has been enchanting customers for years with its exceptional handmade pizzas prepared flawlessly in its wood-fired oven.

Additionally, the restaurant serves delectable wines and other tasty foods.

The restaurant also offers a variety of fantastic to-go choices, including their Family Box and frozen beverage packages.

Recommended Ages

Children aged six and up are the ideal candidates for Fireside Pies.

  1. La Duni Latin Cafe — Highland Park

Want some Mexican food?

Do yourself a favor and add La Duni to your list of Dallas children’s restaurants you must visit.

What You’ll Experience

This restaurant, which has received praise for its Latin cuisine, serves delicious family dinners and taco packs with pulled pork, cochinita pibil, and barbacoa.

Not to mention, it serves delectable cocktails and delectable sweets.

Recommended Ages

We advise children ages three and older to visit La Duni Latin Cafe.

  1. Hat Creek Burger Company — Lake Highlands

For families who adore hamburgers and other traditional American food, Hat Creek is a haven.

What You’ll Experience

Hat Creek isn’t just one of Dallas’s best kid-themed restaurants for nothing.

Despite having a limited menu, they have some fantastic and filling burgers.

Kids will love their Sombrero Burger and Signature Burger.

Additionally, it provides substantial and delicious breakfast options, particularly its hot and fluffy pancakes.

The restaurant also has a bright playground and a barn, which is fun.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages will enjoy the traditional American meals at Hat Creek.

  1. Cedar & Vine – Community Kitchen & Cocktails — Lake Highlands

With its timeless kid-approved meals and frozen sweets, Cedar & Vine will satisfy your kids’ appetites.

What You’ll Experience

Even though Cedar & Vine is renowned for its handcrafted cocktails, beer, and wine, families with children will love it there.

This eatery tucked away in a family-friendly area serves many delicious foods kids will love, such as burgers, chicken fingers, PB&J, and mac and cheese.

Additionally, your kids will adore the frozen drinks and weekly specialties, which include crab cakes.

Recommended Ages

Cedar & Vine offers delectable treats and beverages for kids ages three and older.

  1. Vector Brewing — Lake Highlands

Both adults and children will enjoy Vector Brewing in Dallas.

What You’ll Experience

At Vector Brewing, parents and kids will have a great time.

After a day of sightseeing in Dallas with kids, this brewery is a terrific place to unwind because of its excellent tap beer and laid-back atmosphere.

Amazingly, the brewery also offers unique delicacies for children.

For example, their gourmet pizzas can satisfy your kids’ appetites.

Additionally, their customer service is unmatched.

Recommended Ages

Children 6 and older should visit Vector Brewing.

  1. Bbbop Seoul Kitchen — Kidd Springs

One of the best restaurants in Dallas for family fun is Bbbop because of its unique combination options.

What You’ll Experience

Visit Bbbop Seoul Kitchen for a little something different.

This restaurant’s tempting combos and family packages will astound your family with its excellent fusion of Korean cuisine and Texan spices.

The Korean rice bowls and the crispy chicken wings with Curry Ranch tastes are two must-try items here.

You may order their family supper with a whole turkey, tea, four chocolate pies, potstickers, noodles, and salad.

Recommended Ages

Excellent choices are available at Bbbop Seoul Kitchen for children ages three and older.

  1. Super Chix — North Dallas

Super Chix is an innovative and enticing baby-friendly restaurant in Dallas with a kid-friendly menu and entertaining features.

What You’ll Experience

Super Chix has everything your children want, just like Dallas’s top-rated entertaining family restaurants.

The eatery offers fries, frozen custard, and chicken fingers in addition to these other items.

Children may also have a blast in the play area, which is another perk.

Recommended Ages

Delicious dishes are available at Super Chix for kids of all ages.

  1. Celebration — Devonshire

The mouthwatering savory home-cooked meals at Celebration Restaurant will satisfy your palate.

What You’ll Experience

Dallas’ Celebration restaurant is a local favorite and a landmark noted for its hearty fare.

This restaurant serves a variety of sweets, sides, and complete meals, including its well-known pot roast, cobbler, and fried chicken.

This farm-to-table restaurant’s authentic, laid-back atmosphere is a plus.

Recommended Ages

Fresh and delicious foods are abundant at Celebration, making them perfect for guests of all ages.

  1. Brown Bag Provisions — Stemmons Corridor

At Brown Bag Provisions, families have access to a wide selection of healthful meal alternatives.

What You’ll Experience

Brown Bag is an excellent choice if you’re looking for fun restaurants in Dallas for kids.

Homemade ricotta, gourmet sandwiches, and Greek-style yogurts are just a few of the tasty options available at this restaurant, which caters to all tastes and age groups.

Family-sized alternatives are also available, such as the lasagnas for 4 with garlic bread and other delectable additions.

Recommended Ages

For kids of all ages, Brown Bag features healthy and nourishing options.

  1. Taco Joint — East Dallas

Taco Joint serves flavorful food that captures the essence of Mexico.

What You’ll Experience

Taco Joint has long been a favorite family restaurant in Dallas.

Taco Joint promises to please the entire gang with their tasty tacos, kid-friendly dishes, and queso.

The crunchy and seductive Lester taco is a must-try at this restaurant.

The Migas dish, which includes tomatoes, onions, Serrano peppers, cheese, onions, tortilla strips, and eggs, is another excellent choice.

Recommended Ages

The ambiance and food at Taco Joint are better suited for children aged nine and up.

  1. Lakewood Smokehouse — East Dallas

Your family will have a delectable dining experience at Lakewood Smokehouse with its succulent BBQs and kid-approved snacks.

What You’ll Experience

Warm, enticing rolls are the perfect way to start your gastronomic journey at Lakewood, and complimentary kid-approved ice cream is the ideal way to cap it off.

The restaurant’s delectable menu items, such as the creamy mac, brisket sandwich, and Texas toast with grilled cheese, are also loved by children.

Parents can enjoy their craft beer, home-cooked sides, and Texas slow-smoked BBQ in the interim.

Recommended Ages

The Lakewood Smokehouse is an excellent ace for all ages because it offers a range of delectable snacks.

  1. Street’s Fine Chicken — Oak Lawn

At Street’s Fine Chicken, get some of the greatest-tasting chicken fingers in the area.

What You’ll Experience

Street’s Fine Chicken is one of Dallas’s top eateries for families with children.

It’s a warm setting for a family lunch with its bright decor and welcoming atmosphere.

It offers the city’s best-tasting chicken fingers.

Because you may get them up to age 18, it’s a fantastic option for families.

Kids will also completely like their mac and cheese.

Recommended Ages

Guests of all ages will enjoy the tantalizing meals of Street’s Fine Chicken.