15 Family-Friendly Activities to Do in St. Lucia with Kids

The definition of a tropical paradise is St. Lucia.

This island in the Caribbean will blow your mind with its lush forests, beautiful beaches, and sparkling waters.

Despite its modest size, St. Lucia has a ton of family-friendly attractions.

The island is brimming with family entertainment, from waterparks to plantation tours.

The best family-friendly activities in St. Lucia have been picked together for you to choose from in order to make your trip unforgettable.

  1. Dennery’s Treetop Adventure Park

This 35-acre park is sure to give your older children the adventure of a lifetime with its network of thrilling ziplines.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

It’s not for nothing that Treetop is referred to as the best zipline in the Caribbean.

This weekend, get an adrenaline rush with this canopy adventure, which has rides that are up to 800 feet long and a maximum elevation of 100 feet.

You will also get a bird’s-eye view of the lush jungle on this zipline excursion.

Suitable Ages

For this zipline adventure, children must be at least 8 years old and 50 inches tall.

Meanwhile, the Kiddie Adventure, the park’s miniature zipline, is open to kids between the ages of 3 and 8.

  1. The Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa in Vieux Fort

This beautiful 250-room resort, which opened in 2005, attracts families with its rural look and lively activities for kids.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

This resort has a ton of kid-friendly amenities, including a water park, a kids’ club, and a stunning beachfront location.

Even better, it has childcare services, making it a great getaway for parents traveling with young children.

Additionally, there are six kid-friendly eateries at the resort.

Suitable Ages

At Coconut Bay Beach Resort, people of all ages can enjoy a wide range of activities that are good for the whole family.

  1. Reduit Beach’s Splash Island Water Park

When this waterpark first opened in 2015, it quickly rose to the top of the list of family-friendly activities in St. Lucia.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

Visit the first-ever open-sports water park in the Caribbean for some splashy fun with the group.

This remarkable park, which is packed with thrills and spills, contains inflatable islands that serve as swings, a climbing wall, a slide, and a trampoline.

Additionally, since everyone is required to wear a life vest, you shouldn’t be concerned about your kids’ safety.

Additionally, lifeguards are always on duty at the waterpark.

Suitable Ages

Children aged 6 and older would benefit most from visiting Splash Island Water Park.

  1. Soufriere’s Diamond Botanical Gardens

This 6-acre paradise is in Soufriere, and it has a lot of beautiful landscapes and relaxing things to do.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

Don’t be fooled by its appearance!

This family-friendly location is fairly small, but it is brimming with natural beauty.

You will be amazed by the stunning tropical flowers and lush foliage as you stroll around the grounds.

Also, parents are welcome to swim in the waters of the historic baths, which feel like a spa.

Did we also mention that it is home to a magnificent waterfall?

Suitable Ages

At Diamond Botanical Gardens, there are a ton of sights and things to do for kids of all ages.

It also provides teens who are a touch melancholy with a world of fun thanks to its Instagram-worthy views.

  1. Reduit Beach

This free, all-day beach, which is close to Rodney Bay Marina, is ideal for families who are itching for some sunny, salty fun.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

Reduit Beach is the only free, family-friendly attraction you need to see in St. Lucia. This beach offers plenty of chances for swimming, sandcastle building, and snorkeling, thanks to its five kilometers of immaculate white sand.

If you’re up for something more daring, you can also try water skiing or windsurfing.

Suitable Ages

Reduit Beach offers a variety of affordable, family-friendly activities for visitors of all ages.

  1. Tet Paul Trail ­- Château Belaire

This 0.6-mile route, which is located close to Soufriere, is ideal for families who wish to take in the beautiful views.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

Without a doubt, the Tet Paul Trail is the best and most convenient way to take in picture-perfect views of the Piton Mountains.

It is not only a brief loop, but it is also kid and family-friendly.

The full hike often takes 45 minutes.

Suitable Ages

Families with children aged 6 and older who enjoy being outdoors and being active can choose the Tet Paul Trail.

  1. Rodney Bay Marina

The 1985-built Rodney Bay Marina was acquired by IGY Marinas in 2007.

It is now the second-largest yachting center in the Caribbean Sea and is full of things to do with your family.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

Make your way to Rodney Bay Marina after a day of sightseeing and going to the beach.

Moreover, Cafe Ole is a great place to stop for a memorable pit stop where you can sip on some energizing smoothies and take in the breathtaking sunset.

Paninis, wraps, and baguettes are among the gastronomic treats the cafe offers to sate your kids’ appetites.

Suitable Ages

Young people of all ages will find Rodney Bay Marina to be a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

  1. Atlantic Shores Riding Stables – Vieux Fort

Join Atlantic Shores for a 2-hour horseback riding excursion to discover the Caribbean’s captivating beauty in a fun and original way.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

Are you looking for unique family activities in St. Lucia?

Do yourself a favor and go horseback riding on the beaches of St. Lucia as a favor.

In addition to being exciting, riding a horse gives you a unique view of St. Lucia’s beautiful landscape.

Suitable Ages

For kids 6 and older, these horseback riding outings are suitable.

  1. Soufriere’s Sulphur Springs Park

This spring park, also known as the “world’s only drive-in volcano,” is a welcome respite for both adults and children.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

The 18th-century eruption of a dormant volcano is where Sulphur Springs Park is located.

It now has bubbling springs with soothing and healing waters.

In the park, kids can relax in the water and bathe in volcanic mud, and they can also learn about the island’s geology.

All ages of people will enjoy Sulphur Springs Park, including adults, teenagers, and young children.

  1. Historical Adventure Park at Morne Coubaril

Families will find this old coffee and cocoa farm to be unexpectedly entertaining.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

With its replicated farmer’s hamlet and demonstrations, the Morne Coubaril plantation gives visitors a flavor of the island’s fascinating history.

The estate also provides family-friendly tours that take visitors to a model of a traditional donkey-powered mill, a cocoa-producing plant, and a herbal garden.

The plantation also offers a zip line trip that soars across the dense forest in the area for the more daring.

Suitable Ages

For guests of all ages, the Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park offers food, games, and activities.

  1. Castries Aerial Tram Tour

Even though it’s only a one-hour excursion, this flying adventure will leave you with a wealth of lovely memories.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

With the Aerial Tram Tour, you can get a breathtaking view of the island’s beautiful jungle.

The tour also includes a nature interpreter who will talk about the animals and plants in the area.

Suitable Ages

Visitors of all ages can take the Aerial Tram Tour safely.

Many people consider it to be among the best activities in St. Lucia for families with young children and toddlers.

  1. Seraphine-based Hackshaw’s Boat Charters

For more than 40 years, families have taken exciting cruises on the Caribbean’s pristine waters with Hackshaws.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

Have trouble coming up with animal-loving kids’ activities in St. Lucia?

Take a Hackshaws trip to observe many dolphins and whales in their natural environments.

Children will love seeing dolphins, humpback whales, and sperm whales on this excursion; I can assure you of that.

I find it more enjoyable and educational than looking at sea life in a small aquarium.

Suitable Ages

This experience should be on the bucket lists of children of all ages.

Kids under the age of five can take this trip for free.

  1. Anse La Raye Beach in Anse Cochon

Beach enthusiasts will find Anse Cochon to be a haven.

You are sure to be happy in this tropical hideaway, whether you want to relax or explore the sparkling Caribbean waters.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

Kids who love to swim will enjoy the shallow, clear waters at Anse Cochon Beach.

Guess what else?

On this beach, you don’t have to dive far to encounter alluring fauna.

Near the shoreline, you can even see exquisite coral, reef fish, and blowfish.

Naturally, Nemo will also be here for your kids to discover.

At Anse Cochon Beach, you can construct sandcastles with the group if you don’t feel like getting wet.

Suitable Ages

Anse Cochon is a fantastic attraction for kids of all ages due to its shallow seas and fine dunes.

  1. Castries Helmet Diving Tour with Sea Trek Adventure

During this helmet diving trip, you’ll see a lot of beautiful creatures, like trumpet fish and seahorses.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

With an undersea journey that kids will never forget, Sea Trek will captivate the entire group.

You’ll witness a variety of marine life during this adventure.

Also, unlike scuba diving, this water adventure does not require any training or special skills.

Suitable Ages

For kids 8 and older, the Sea Trek Adventure Helmet Diving Tour is appropriate.

  1. The Pigeon Island National Landmark

This 44-acre islet, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway, makes for an interesting family outing.

Why We Advocate This Exercise

Pigeon Island National Landmark has to be on any list of the best things to do in St. Lucia with kids.

This islet has some of the most interesting spots for kids in St. Lucia, including a beach and historical sites.

Suitable Ages

There are a variety of activities available at Pigeon Island National Landmark for adults, teenagers, and kids of all ages.