15 Fun Family Friendly Things to Do in Branson with Kids

Branson, Missouri, is one of America’s most popular family-friendly places. With so many fun attractions and activities to choose from, it’s no wonder why families flock here every summer! But what if your kids are too old for these kid-friendly attractions? No problem! We’ve compiled a list of 15 things that can still keep them busy while their parents enjoy some adult beverages at one of Branson’s many bars.

  1. Silver Dollar City — Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is an amusement park in Branson, Missouri. It’s the oldest theme park in Branson and the second-oldest theme park in America. The park opened as a riverboat ride in 1970 and has three amusement parks: Frontier Town (the original), Happy Trails Adventure Golf Course, and Kiddie Land Miniature Golf Course. The annual “Silver Dollar City Christmas Festival” runs from November through January.

  1. Titanic Museum — Branson Theater District

At Titanic Museum, you will find a full-scale replica of the Titanic. The museum has a variety of exhibits, including a lifeboat and an engine room that showcases how passengers got into lifeboats during the tragedy. The museum is in Branson, Missouri, and admission is free!

This museum is a must-visit place for anyone interested in history. It is full of exciting exhibits that tell the story of how the ship was built and what happened when it sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

  1. Table Rock State Park — Table Rock

This Park is known as the best and most popular park in Branson, and for a good reason. With more than 30 miles of hiking trails and a beautiful waterfall, there’s no shortage of places to explore here, allowing you to spend an entire day exploring this park alone!

The main attraction at Table Rock State Park is its waterfalls—both the Lower Falls and Upper Falls are considered some of Missouri’s best natural attractions. You can bring your dog along on any hike here (just make sure they have their rabies tags on), or take advantage of their campground if you want more space for fun activities with kids!

  1. Promised Land Zoo — Branson Theater District

The Promised Land Zoo is home to over 170 species and 900 animals. More than 20 different habitats showcase nature’s beauty, including a butterfly house and a petting zoo.

The zoo also organizes many events throughout the year, including Boo at the Zoo in October!

The zoo is open for visits from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Weekend open hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the last admission at 4:30 p.m.

  1. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! — Branson Theater District

“Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” is a museum of oddities and strange artifacts. The museum is in downtown Branson, Missouri. The museum was founded in 1990. It is owned and operated by Robert Ripley, who founded Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

This museum features a collection of oddities, including shrunken heads and medical anomalies. It also has many Ripley cartoons, books, and films.

  1. Branson Scenic Railway — Downtown

The Branson Scenic Railway is an old-fashioned steam train that takes you through the countryside. It’s a short ride, and it has a nostalgic feel. You can get out of town and enjoy fresh air or take in some sights while visiting Branson!

The Branson Scenic Railway is convenient for getting out of town and enjoying the fresh air. It also provides an opportunity to see some sights while visiting Branson! The train takes you through the countryside with views of the lake and the surrounding area. They offer different packages to choose how long you want to ride and what extras you would like included in your trip.

  1. Branson Landing Fountain Show — Branson Landing

If you expect something more active and fun, check out the Branson Landing Fountain Show. The fountain show features dozens of waterfalls that will delight kids and adults alike. You can also visit the Bubble Show or Titanic Museum Branson Theater District, located on Branson Landing Road.

Suppose your kids are more into rides than shows, head over to Silver Dollar City, where they can have fun on their own time with go-karts or mini-golf courses! If they want to explore nature (or if they have older siblings), Table Rock State Park Table Rock is one of the favorite places in town. It offers so many different options for exploring nature while still being close enough so that you don’t need an entire day just spent inside someplace warm like an indoor amusement park!

  1. The Track Family Fun Parks — Downtown

The Track Family Fun Parks is an indoor and outdoor park that offers a variety of activities for kids. You can also visit the mini golf course, go-karts, laser tag arena, or bumper cars! There are over 30 rides available at this location, including roller coasters like Big Bad Wolf and Pandemonium.

The Track Family Fun Parks is in Branson, Missouri, just off Highway 76 on the North Side of town near Truman Lake State Park. It’s open year-round, so you can book your tickets for your next vacation!

  1. The World’s Largest Toy Museum — Branson Theater District

The World’s Largest Toy Museum is a fun place to visit with kids. It has over 3 million toys and collectibles, including the oldest toy in the museum. The museum is in Branson, Missouri.

The World’s Largest Toy Museum was founded in 1991 by collector Paul Hladik. It opened its doors on April 1st, 1992, with only 791 pieces of handmade miniature furniture from Germany dating back to 1730-1740 and later expanded into other countries, including Russia, China & Japan. In 2018 it celebrated its 25th anniversary!

  1. Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park — Branson Township

Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park is a great family-friendly place to spend the day. It’s located in Branson, Missouri, and offers rides, water slides, and a lazy river for kids of all ages. The lazy river is especially popular with younger kids who love splashing around in its cool water!

This park also has an activity center where you can play games or watch movies while waiting for your turn on one of its many attractions. This park includes barnyard animals such as sheep, goats, and donkeys that kids can pet while they wait their turn on one of these rides!

  1. Dinosaur Museum — Downtown

The Dinosaur Museum is an excellent place if you have kids aged three and up. It’s small, but it has a lot of fun things for them to do. There are even dinosaur models that kids can climb on! If you’re expecting something more interactive, try checking out their Dinosaurs Alive exhibit, where you get to pet real live dinosaurs!

The museum has several gift shops selling educational toys and books about dinosaurs. You could also buy some souvenirs here (like t-shirts or hats). They have many different kinds, like skulls, bones, and eggs – all made from real fossilized bones!

  1. Branson Ferris Wheel — Downtown

The Ferris Wheel is highly recommended and a great way to see the city of Branson, Missouri. It’s also a great way to see Branson’s sunset, stars, and lights at night. It also lets your kids see how big their next house will be!

The Ferris Wheel offers a fantastic view of Branson Landing as well as several other attractions such as:

  • Bass Pro Shop (where you can buy all kinds of fishing gear)
  • Food City (where you can get groceries)
  • Cabela’s (the most extensive hunting & sporting goods store in America!)
  1. Hughes Brothers Theatre — Branson Theater District

Hughes Brothers Theatre is a live theatre show in Branson, MO. If you’re looking for something fun and family-friendly, this is the place! The theatre offers many splendid performances throughout the year that is perfect for all ages.

Located within walking distance from several hotels, restaurants, and shops in Branson’s Theater District, Hughes Brothers Theatre offers audiences an intimate setting with exceptional performances by some of America’s most talented actors.

  1. Beyond The Lens! — Branson Theater District

Beyond The Lens is a unique experience for guests of all ages. It has a variety of attractions that will appeal to everyone, including bowling, laser tag, and more. Kids can get dedicated play & fun time at the arcade while you enjoy adult beverages at their restaurant and bar (and you can even bring your food from home). This place is open year-round, so you can visit any time.

  1. WonderWorks Branson — Branson Theater District

WonderWorks is a fun family attraction that features a variety of interactive exhibits and attractions, including a 4-D movie theater, laser tag arena, and a two-story ropes course. The rides at WonderWorks are all geared towards kids ages 5-12 with an adult or older sibling accompanying them.

The attractions are primarily designed to be fun and interactive, so younger children may not find them as entertaining. Instead, they can do plenty of things at WonderWorks Orlando, including visiting the gift shop or playing in one of their many play areas.

If you’re looking for things to do in Branson with kids, we hope this list has been helpful.