15 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Philadelphia with Kids

Philadelphia is a paradise of fun for families and is renowned for its historical treasures and cheesesteaks.

The city offers many educational and fun family activities, from bustling playgrounds to top-notch museums.

Additionally, most of the city’s kid-friendly activities are reasonably priced or even free.

Are you prepared to visit the City of Brotherly Love?

Check out our list of the top family-friendly activities in Philadelphia after that.

  1. Franklin Square — Downtown

This historic plaza was created in 1682 to offer settlers a taste of nature and is located in the center of Downtown.

It has become a child paradise filled with inexpensive, family-friendly activities and attractions.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Franklin Square is brimming with entertainment for the whole crew.

This historical site will keep kids entertained for hours with its sizable, energetic playground and stunning marble fountain.

In addition, it has a mini golf course, a carousel, and a burger shop serving delectable Cake Shakes, fries, and burgers.

Recommended Ages

The whole family will enjoy the kid-friendly events and attractions at Franklin Square.

  1. Please Touch Museum — Wynnefield

In Philadelphia, are you looking for educational family activities?

This children’s museum in Fairmount Park, which opened its doors in 1976, will enthrall your youngsters with its informative displays.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Without question, one of the top family-friendly activities in Philadelphia is visiting the Please Touch Museum.

It boasts a gorgeously kept historical carousel and two full stories of interactive display zones.

Children may spend hours visiting museum exhibitions like Alice’s Wonderland and River Adventures.

Even better, the museum offers activities and games that will pique your kids’ interest in learning.

Recommended Ages

Most of the Please Touch Museum’s displays and activities are designed for kids aged 7 and under.

  1. Philadelphia Zoo — Belmont

Over 1,000 interesting animals call the earliest and oldest zoological park in America, which was founded in 1874, home.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Families are awed by the unique characteristics and endearing creatures at the Philadelphia Zoo.

In actuality, Zoo360 is the world’s first zoo featuring an animal exploration and transport train system.

The McNeil Avian Center, Big Cat Falls, and KidZooU are a few of the zoo’s must-see attractions.

Recommended Ages

The Philadelphia Zoo offers exhibits, games, and activities for people of all ages, including adults, teenagers, and children.

  1. Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse — Brewerytown

This vibrant playground is perfect for families seeking free, family-friendly activities in Philadelphia since it is tucked away in Fairmount Park.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Children at Smith Memorial Playground seldom experience boredom.

Kids 5 and under will love the playhouse’s 16,000 square feet of innovative play spaces and painting projects.

A 44-foot wooden slide on the playground provides children with a secure area to climb, swing, jump, and play.

Recommended Ages

Kids 10 years old and under may play with games and toys at Smith Memorial Playground.

  1. Independence National Historical Park — Downtown

This 55-acre park, known as the “cradle of American democracy,” is home to some of Philadelphia’s most famous and significant historical sites.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Families may enjoy a wide range of educational opportunities along the most historic mile in America.

After all, it is home to several historic landmarks, including the Liberty Bell Center, Congress Hall, Independence Hall, and the Benjamin Franklin Museum.

In addition, the park offers eye-opening walking tours guided by rangers from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Recommended Ages

This national park is a great pit break for teenagers who like taking historical photographs and schoolchildren (6 to 12 years old).

  1. Adventure Aquarium — Camden

The 2,500,000 gallons of water and 8,500 species in this aquatic exhibit will likely astound visitors.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Looking for rainy-day activities for kids in Philadelphia?

One piece of advice: When making a list of Philadelphia attractions for kids, remember to add Adventure Aquarium.

The aquarium has a sizable shark collection that is said to be the biggest on the East Coast, which you may discover as you tour the facility.

Additionally, it offers hands-on displays where visitors may touch stingrays, bamboo sharks, and marine stars.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages may enjoy this aquarium’s interactive displays and games.

  1. Dilworth Park — Downtown

At the base of Philadelphia’s City Hall, Dilworth Park provides year-round entertainment for teenagers, children, and adults.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Beautiful tree-lined fountains in the welcoming front yard of City Hall are perfect for splashing in the warmer months.

These fountains transform into ice skating rinks throughout the winter.

This family-friendly park also hosts year-round events and outdoor movies.

Recommended Ages

Teenagers, adults, and children of all ages will be satiated and entertained in Dilworth Park.

Some people consider it to be among the best family activities in Philadelphia.

  1. Independence Seaport Museum — Downtown

This distinctive museum, established in 1961, emphasizes the city’s nautical heritage and the Delaware River.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Visit the Independence Seaport Museum this weekend if you want more instructive family activities.

The museum introduces kids to the history of river rescues and tragedies and the pirate lifestyle via various displays.

Additionally, it offers a variety of engaging activities, such as kayaking and row boating on the calm waters of the basin.

Recommended Ages

Adults, teenagers, and children aged 3 and up may enjoy the exhibits and activities at the Independence Seaport Museum.

  1. TreeTop Quest Philly — Wynnefield

When it debuted in Fairmount Park in 2018, TreeTop Quest quickly became popular among families who like the great outdoors.

Why We Recommend This Activity

To get an adrenaline rush, visit TreeTop Quest Philadelphia.

This adventure park, open from May to November, has an exciting course with 70 challenges, including tightropes, leaps, and swings.

Recommended Ages

The park does feature several kid-friendly rides, even if it appears designed from the ground up for daring adults.

For youngsters between the ages of 4 and 6, their “chickpea” adventure course is truly created.

  1. Philadelphia Museum of Art — Fairmount District

This top-notch museum finished on Fairmount in 1928, fascinates children and adults.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Parents will like the museum’s incredible collection of more than 230,000 works of art.

Guess what, however?

Children may enjoy themselves at this museum as well.

When you visit the museum, enquire about its family-friendly tours and activities.

The museum has galleries and locations where kids can stop to draw, play games, and create art among grand treasures.

Recommended Ages

The Philadelphia Museum of Art offers exhibits and activities suitable for adults and kids aged 3 and up.

  1. One Liberty Observation Deck — Downtown

This observation deck atop One Liberty Place will undoubtedly take your breath away with its astounding height of 883 feet.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Visit the One Liberty Observation Deck to take in breathtaking views from above.

The terrace offers stunning 360-degree views in addition to modern interactive technologies.

And from this vantage point, you may instruct the youngsters about the city’s landmarks with a little study.

Recommended Ages

An amazing attraction for both adults and kids of all ages is the One Liberty Observation Deck.

Traveling to Philadelphia with a newborn is also safe and enjoyable.

  1. Camden Children’s Garden — Camden

This 4.5-acre instructional playground in Camden provides youngsters with a fun and instructive experience.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Go to Camden Children’s Garden from Philadelphia, where your children can play various interactive games.

A dino garden, a train, rides, and a tonne of seminars are available to educate kids about gardening and wildlife.

Recommended Ages

Children aged 12 and under may enjoy activities and courses at Camden Children’s Garden.

  1. Fireman’s Hall Museum — Downtown

This museum in Old City, Philadelphia, is fascinating, entertaining, and informative. It is housed in a 1902 refurbished firehouse.

Why We Recommend This Activity

A visit to this museum will undoubtedly be enjoyable for aspiring firemen.

This museum is perfect for aspiring firemen since it lets kids get a close-up view of various accouterments and vintage firetrucks.

Additionally, the kids may try on actual fireman uniforms, which makes for fantastic trip photos.

Recommended Ages

We suggest adults and children between the ages of 3 and 12 visit the Fireman’s Hall Museum.

  1. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens — Bella Vista

Despite being formally inaugurated in 2008, this remarkable attraction’s development began in 1994.

Teenagers who want to improve their Instagram game now go there.

Why We Recommend This Activity

With its stunning symphony of tiles, mirror shards, and glass bottles, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens will enthrall adults and teenagers.

Teens who love Instagram will like it, but youngsters will also adore the vibrant artwork and treasure hunt.

Recommended Ages

Tweens, teenagers, adults, and kids aged 3 and older are all in awe of the museum’s magnificent artwork.

  1. Reading Terminal Market — Washington Square

This market, housed in a National Historic Landmark since 1893, is one of the best family-friendly activities in Philadelphia.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Reading Terminal Market is the best restaurant in Philadelphia for families.

This ancient market provides an incredible variety of cuisine for everyone thanks to its more than 80 local sellers.

Your taste senses will be satisfied in various ways at the market, from barbecue chicken to the well-known Beiler’s Doughnuts.

Recommended Ages

The foods and gourmet delicacies at the Reading Terminal Market will satisfy all tastes and ages.