15 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Savannah, GA with Kids

Savannah is a gorgeous coastal town that visitors and their families will enjoy visiting, with horse-drawn carriages and groomed parks to cobblestone roads and moss-covered trees.

But its medieval setting isn’t the sole element that draws people there.

With a plethora of parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and beaches to choose from, you may become a part of nature.

Travel back in time with spooky ghost excursions and informative institutions.

Savannah has a significant amount to offer in terms of family outings.

Check out this collection of enjoyable stuff to do in Savannah, GA, with youngsters if your group is looking for a thrilling trip and pre-war nostalgia.

  1. Historic River Street — Historic District – North

The historic River Street is among Savannah’s most visited destinations.

This cobblestoned road near the Savannah River is a must-see for dear ones and is often crowded due to the numerous stores.

Converse with the residents, and you could discover the square’s more sinister past.

Why We Recommend This Activity

River Street is among the greatest destinations for taking kids in Savannah since there is something to satisfy everybody.

Wandering around for goodies is a clear favorite among children’s play and interaction.

River Street, in particular, has two wonderful sweets stores where you can go.

Your youngsters will undoubtedly go crazy with all of the candy options available to them.

It’ll certainly be entertaining for teenagers!

Visitors can also get complimentary praline tastings if they drop by.

Recommended Ages

River Street is ideal for families with a toddler or older children.

If you’re traveling with newborns or teenagers, there will be activities for everybody.

  1. Savannah History Museum — Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

Savannah has a prestigious past dating back to its establishment in 1733.

The Savannah History Museum will have visitors and their kids entertained all day long, with exhibits ranging from Native American culture to the legendary classic movie Forrest Gump.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Because you’re in such an ancient town, among the greatest things to do in Savannah with kids is to study everything that you hold.

This exhibition has around 10,000 relics and is one of the best collections in the coastal region.

You’ll be able to witness Civil War clothing, armament, and sometimes even items from the CSS Georgia.

Aspiring screenwriters will be captivated by Forrest Gump’s iconic bench within the museum!

Additionally, with so many hands-on activities and trivia tests, both kids and adults will have a great time!

Recommended Ages

Children aged 6 and over are better suited to the Savannah History Museum.

It can, however, be enjoyed by younger children who are interested in learning about heritage.

Touring the museum is an excellent choice for low-cost family entertainment!

Guests can also explore other historical sites, as there are at least two additional institutions within close reach.

  1. Tybee Island

Searching for a relaxing weekend vacation with a group?

Explore Tybee Island!

It’s approximately a 30-minute drive outside Savannah’s downtown.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Heading out to Tybee Islands’ numerous shores is ideal if you’re seeking for enjoyable and affordable kid-friendly activities to do in Savannah.

Tybee Island features miles of coastline along the Georgia peninsula.

Additionally, visitors can choose between coastal and riverfront sites.

It is all contingent on the type of surroundings you wish to experience!

South Beach provides one of the best facilities if you wish to spend the most opportune time.

However, it can become rather congested.

Mid Beach is more scenic and much less busy, although it offers fewer services.

Whereas most residents enjoy the seashell-peppered North Beach.

Visitors can also opt to go fishing or kayaking at Savannah River Beach or Back River Beach.

They are other added options to the beach of your choice.

Recommended Ages

Tybee Island’s gorgeous beaches and mild waters are accessible to individuals of every age.

Tag along with your young ones, your teenagers, and even your grandmother, and have a fantastic time bathing in the sun and wading in the water.

  1. Savannah National Wildlife Refuge — Chatham County

This 29,175-acre wildlife sanctuary is made up of freshwater marshes, streams, waterways, and bottomland woodlands.

It is found in Jasper County, SC, and Chatham County, GA.

One of its tourist spots is accessible to the general public a few kilometers north of downtown Savannah.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is a popular destination for both adolescents and adults.

It’s an excellent spot to reconnect with essence.

From dawn to sunset, there is numerous exciting outdoor recreation to enjoy.

You will be able to watch and photograph various species, such as purple gallinules, American alligators, and bobcats.

Adolescents can enjoy the excitement of deer, turkey, and duck hunting.

Or perhaps freshwater fishing is more your style.

That is also possible in the sanctuary’s deeper waters!

Recommended Ages

One can take their children if you’re just watching or coming to the sanctuary for photography possibilities along its charming pathways.

Other pursuits, in contrast, other activities are particularly fit for older children aged 6 and upwards.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the sanctuary prohibits hiring cabs or ride services in and out of the Nature Center.

  1. Davenport House — E. State Street

The Davenport House is a favorite destination for engaging in family activities in Savannah, GA.

This house is among Savannah’s earliest mud bricks architecture and is positioned in the city’s ancient District.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Davenport House is a must-see for anyone interested in learning about how ancestors survived in the 1820s.

Isaiah Davenport, his family, and their enslaved workers lived in this 6,800-square-foot, two-story residence.

The museum exhibits several antiques from the early 1800s, such as Sarah Davenport’s memoirs.

Touring the exhibition is an entertaining and interactive opportunity to learn more about Savannah’s heritage.

Recommended Ages

The Davenport House and its gardens are suitable for youngsters of all generations.

Families with older teenagers (years 18-21) accompanying them acquire ticket reductions at the entrance.

  1. Georgia Marine Education Center and Aquarium — Ocean Science Circle

Currently, looking for things to do in Savannah with youngsters?

Look no further!

The UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium will make your tiny ocean adventurers feel thrilled.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Georgia’s first seawater bay is the UGA Aquarium.

It features 16 exhibit ponds where visitors may learn about the different marine species present in Georgia.

Numerous sea species collected by aquarium employees off the shore can be found here.

Furthermore, this aquarium has a public touch tank where visitors and their children can engage with species such as crabs and snails.

Apart from that, the aquarium features educational displays that may educate you more about the numerous sea creatures found in the country.

Recommended Ages

The UGA Education Center and Aquarium is a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Visitors can only perform one-hour trips per group of ten persons presently.

  1. Forsyth Park — West Gaston Street

Forsyth Park has plenty of space for your little and grown children if you’re searching for a gorgeous area to unwind and have a pleasant sightseeing tour.

Why We Recommend This Activity

In addition to its gorgeous surroundings, Forsyth Park is a well-known park in Savannah.

The highlight remains its fountain, which was inspired by the cascades in Paris’ Place de la Concorde.

The campground is about 30 acres in size and includes two children’s play spaces, a performance and conference venue, and expansive grounds.

Your children will also appreciate the basketball and tennis facilities located further along the complex.

The Saturday Gardener’s Marketplace is also held here.

Different seasons festivities, such as the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra’s Picnic in the Park in October, are not to be missed.

Recommended Ages

Forsyth Park’s gorgeous grounds can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Whereas older kids are playing, families with toddlers can unwind and rest underneath the dense foliage.

  1. Savannah Dolphin Tours — Tybee Island

Returning to Tybee Island, visitors and their groups will enjoy hunting for the playful and effervescent dolphins that are known to populate the seas.

While you’re here, you can engage in a variety of tours.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Tybee Island is well-known for its dolphin sightings in addition to its various shores.

Why not enjoy a trip with one of the numerous businesses in the area while enjoying the day on the shoreline?

You could strike it rich!

A dolphin viewing excursion will take you to places where playful dolphins enjoy swimming close by and attracting your interest.

And you bet that everyone in the group will have a good time!

Who wouldn’t want to see a dolphin?

Recommended Ages

The dolphins splashing alongside you will undoubtedly fascinate every person in your family.

Therefore, in order to ensure that you take them all!

  1. Historic Grayson Stadium — East Victory Drive

Savannah Bananas performs at Grayson Stadium.

This renowned institution was established in 1926 and can accommodate roughly 4,000 individuals. It is still in operation currently.

Why We Recommend This Activity

When you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss a baseball sports event at Historic Grayson Stadium.

It is, admittedly, America’s favorite game!

Baseball icons such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and others all played in this field in their early days, so sports fans won’t need much persuasion.

Undoubtedly, sports fans will go bananas for this event, whether it’s for a Savannah Bananas match or simply for the sentimental sensation of being present.

Recommended Ages

Although you can certainly bring your newborn, children aged 4 and above would benefit the most from a whole sporting event.

  1. The Grave Tales Ghost Tour — Johnson Square

The Grave Tales Ghost Tour is a must-do during your visit to Savannah!

One can’t visit a town with such a prestigious past without taking a guided tour.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Savannah is well-known in the United States as a hub for paranormal phenomena.

One could claim that it is the most cursed city in the nation.

It has a long and rich history of warfare and servitude.

This 90-minute ghost tour in the dead of night may be the pinnacle of your vacation for strong youngsters and the courageous spirit.

This trip would take you to the town’s most spooky spots.

Discover up to 5 to 8 notable haunted locations, such as Sorrel-Weed House or Colonial Park Cemetery.

Learn more about Savannah’s ghostly residents, such as Little Gracie, who remained long after death.

You may also see the spirit of Alice Riley searching for her infant.

You rarely realize you could catch a terrifying sight of a grim reaper beside you.

Recommended Ages

The Grave Tales Ghost Tour is suitable for children.

It is intended to maintain even young kids engaged and delighted all through the event.

Additionally, Kids aged 6 and above, on the other hand, should be brought.

Children under the age of six may discover the encounter too frightening.

It’s also worth noting that the trip begins at 9 p.m., so be sure your children can survive awake for the whole night tour.

  1. Historic Savannah Theatre — Bull Street

When you and your relatives choose to experience the luxury of attending a show in a magnificent auditorium, explore the Historic Savannah Theatre.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Historic Savannah Theatre, which initially opened for business in 1818, is among the country’s oldest surviving and functioning playhouses.

It has a very aristocratic appearance and will give you the impression that you’re in an old documentary.

The kids will love resting in the luxurious red seats and enjoying live plays at this venue.

Recommended Ages

A live concert can be enjoyed by youngsters as young as six years of age.

Nevertheless, parents must also ensure that the topic of the performance is suitable for their children’s stages.

  1. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist — East Harris Street

The ancient Roman Catholic Basilica of Saint John the Baptist stands at a height amid Savannah’s skyscrapers.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, known for its French Gothic architecture, is a landmark to witness.

Everybody, irrespective of faith, will love photographing the cathedral.

Due to its attractiveness and splendor, the chapel is a prominent heritage landmark in Georgia.

Therefore, if one is around here, pay it a check.

Together with its stunning appearance and furnishings, the chapel has a rich history that individuals and their children can discover more about.

Recommended Ages

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is a welcoming venue for people of all ages.

While taking kids, make sure that you can stay silent to maintain the congregation’s decorum.

  1. Old Fort Jackson — Fort Jackson Road

Old Fort Jackson is a renovated fort on the Savannah River’s east bank.

The fort was constructed in 1812 to defend the metropolis against marine invasions.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Old Fort Jackson is a treasure trove for history lovers.

It features the Fort Jackson Maritime Museum, which will teach you extensively about the city’s history.

This site is a hotbed for basic information, ranging from the American Civil War to strikes by an escaped war prisoner.

Visitors and your children can also stroll through the gardens in one of the East Coast’s earliest outposts.

If that isn’t sufficient to convince you, Old Fort Jackson additionally provides spectacular vistas of the Savannah River.

It’s an excellent location for photographs!

Recommended Ages

Old Fort Jackson is a fantastic attraction for both children and adults.

The youngsters can play around the large gardens whilst you learn about the area’s heritage.

  1. Ellis Square Fountains — Barnard and West Congress

Looking for toddler-friendly activities in Savannah?

Take a look at Ellis Square.

This is an urban spot where you may unwind with affordable rental bikes and covered couches.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Whether you’re searching for a location to unwind throughout the day, Ellis Square is a great choice.

It offers plenty of secluded benches for lounging, a life-size chess set, and is close to eateries.

You may also rent CAT bikes to explore the local area.

However, the perfect time to visit Ellis Square is when your children need to cool off.

It includes a fantastic fountain where your children can relax and enjoy the cold water.

The fountain comes alive during the night with beautiful illumination that you and your children will enjoy seeing.

Recommended Ages

Ellis Square is ideal for spending a day out with the children.

Any person of any generation will enjoy their time there.

  1. Savannah Children’s Museum — Louisville Road

Upon an interesting tour of the Savannah History Museum, don’t miss the Children’s Museum, which is only a few mile’s walking distance

It’s among the favorite features to do in Savannah, GA, with children, particularly young, inquisitive individuals.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Savannah Children’s Museum is a completely outdoor museum that caters to the wonder and inventiveness of children’s minds.

It’s on the basement floor of the Georgia Railway Carpentry shop and has lots of entertaining displays for your kids to explore.

Children can play in the playroom, explore the tactile landscape, or unwind in the study corner.

Young ones who are brave enough might also check out the exploring maze.

Recommended Ages

The Savannah Children’s Museum is ideal for kids as young as 18 months.

Even rambunctious adults and adolescents will experience a good time participating in sports.