15 Jobs to Get You Out of the Classroom But Not Out of Education

Education is a field that offers a variety of career opportunities beyond traditional classroom teaching. If you have a passion for education but want to explore different roles, here are 15 jobs that allow you to stay connected to the field while branching out into new areas.

  1. Education Consultant: As an education consultant, you can provide expertise and guidance to schools, districts, or educational organizations. Your role will involve analyzing systems, implementing new strategies, and supporting overall improvement in the education sector.
  2. Instructional Designer: In this role, you will design educational materials, curriculum, and online courses. You will use your knowledge of pedagogy and instructional methods to create effective and engaging learning experiences.
  3. Education Administrator: Take on a leadership position as an education administrator. You will manage and oversee educational institutions or programs, focusing on ensuring smooth operations, implementing policies, and supporting student success.
  4. Education Policy Analyst: Help shape education policies by analyzing data, conducting research, and evaluating existing policies. Your work will inform decision-making processes and contribute to the improvement of education systems.
  5. Education Technology Specialist: Stay at the forefront of educational technology by becoming a specialist in this field. Your role will involve evaluating, implementing, and training others on the use of technology tools and software in educational settings.
  6. Education Writer: Share your knowledge and insights through writing. You can work as an education writer for publications, blogs, or educational companies, creating content that informs, inspires, and engages readers.
  7. Museum Educator: Combine your love for education and culture by working as a museum educator. You will develop and deliver educational programs, tours, and activities that enhance visitors’ understanding and appreciation of art, history, and science.
  8. Education Researcher: Conduct research on educational topics, exploring trends, best practices, and innovative approaches. Your findings will contribute to the development of evidence-based strategies and policies in the field of education.
  9. Learning and Development Specialist: Help individuals and organizations improve their skills and knowledge through training and development programs. You will design and deliver learning experiences that address specific needs and goals.
  10. Education Program Coordinator: Coordinate and manage educational programs, whether they are community-based initiatives, after-school programs, or professional development workshops. Your role will involve planning, organizing, and evaluating program activities.
  11. Education Outreach Coordinator: Spread awareness and promote educational initiatives through outreach efforts. You will collaborate with stakeholders, develop partnerships, and engage with communities to expand access to education.
  12. Educational Sales Representative: Combine your education expertise with sales skills by becoming a representative for educational products or services. You will work with schools, educators, and administrators to promote and sell educational resources.
  13. College Admissions Counselor: Guide students through the college admissions process by providing information, support, and guidance. Your role will involve assisting students with applications, essays, and decision-making.
  14. Education Program Evaluator: Assess the effectiveness and impact of educational programs through evaluation processes. You will collect and analyze data, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for program enhancement.
  15. Virtual Learning Coordinator: With the rise of online learning, become a coordinator for virtual learning programs. You will oversee the development, implementation, and management of virtual educational experiences.

These 15 jobs offer diverse opportunities to remain connected to education while exploring new career paths. Whether you’re passionate about policy, and technology, or working directly with learners in non-traditional settings, there’s a role that can leverage your skills and interests.