15 Out of This World Space-Themed Classroom Ideas

  1. Decorate the classroom with a solar system mural on one of the walls. Use large cutouts of the planets and stick them on a dark blue background.
  2. Hang glow-in-the-dark stars from the ceiling to create the illusion of a night sky.
  3. Set up a rocket ship reading corner with cozy chairs and shelves filled with space-themed books.
  4. Create a space station dramatic play area with a control panel, astronaut costumes, and pretend space equipment.
  5. Use planet-themed name tags for each student’s desk or cubby.
  6. Hang astronaut space suits and helmets as wall decorations.
  7. Play relaxing space-themed music in the background during independent work periods.
  8. Set up a space exploration center with hands-on activities like building paper rockets or creating moon rock samples.
  9. Display student artwork related to space exploration and constellations.
  10. Incorporate space-related vocabulary words into daily lessons and activities.
  11. Use space-themed worksheets and educational games to reinforce learning in various subjects.
  12. Create a classroom timeline of significant space missions and discoveries.
  13. Incorporate virtual reality or augmented reality apps to take students on virtual space tours.
  14. Arrange a visit from a guest speaker who is knowledgeable about space and can share fascinating facts and stories.
  15. Host a space-themed classroom party at the end of a unit, complete with space-themed snacks and games.

These 15 ideas will bring the wonders of outer space into your classroom and spark the imagination of your students.