15 Strategies to Help Students Who Are Not Interested in School

Are you looking for strategies to help students who are not interested in school? If so, keep reading.

1. Ask the learner a question when they can answer successfully.

2. Give a full schedule of daily activities to keep the learner actively involved.

3. Give the learner more decision-making chances relative to class learning activities and tasks.

4. Show tasks in the most attractive and exciting manner possible.

5. Provide the learner with duties in the classroom (e.g., teacher assistant, peer tutor, group leader, etc.).

6. Refrain from competition. Failure may cause the learner to lose interest or not take part in school learning activities.

7. Give the learner many chances for academic and social success.

8. Assess the appropriateness of the task concerning the learner’s capacity and ability to perform the task successfully.

9. Ascertain the learner’s preferred learning activities, interests, etc., and incorporate them into the daily schedule, program, etc., at several points throughout the day.

10. Give the learner real-life experiences from their surroundings. Get individuals from the workforce (e.g., mechanic, draftsman, secretary, etc.) to visit the class to relate the importance of school to work experiences that involve math, reading, writing, etc.

11. Draft an agreement with the learner stipulating what behavior is required (e.g., showing an interest and participating in school learning activities ) and which reinforcement will be implemented when the agreement has been met.

12. Examine the possibility of the learner being involved in the use of drugs or alcohol.

13. Do not criticize when correcting the learner; be honest yet compassionate. Never cause the learner to feel bad about themselves.

14. Do not embarrass the learner by giving the learner orders requirements, etc., in front of others.

15. Use VR to help the student discover career interests. The hope is that they will take school seriously if it leads to their dream career.