16 Best Beaches in The South of France — Top Public Beach Spots!

France may be known around the world for its world-class museums, renowned architecture, and innovative food.

However, if you journey deep into the country’s southern side, you’ll find some of the most breathtaking Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches.

What’s more, guess what?

We’re here to help you have a memorable seaside getaway by offering the top beaches in the South of France.

  1. Valras Plage

The resort town, founded in the early 1910s, is brimming with first-rate amenities and events.

Valras Plage provides all you need for a terrific beach vacation.

Valras Plage has it all, whether you want to relax on the sand or have some splashy fun.

There’s a casino, a picturesque town, an amusement park, swimming, fishing, a village, restaurants, and bars.

This waterfront hotspot boasts an unlimited choice of entertainment and entertaining options.

The right bank of the beach has beautiful expanses of white sand and a variety of activities, including water sports.

Meanwhile, the left bank is wilder, with some fascinating indigenous animals and vegetation.

  1. Marinières Beach

This coastal refuge in Villefranche-sur-Mer will captivate you with its alluring beauty.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, look no further than Plage des Marinières.

It’s even the safest beach for youngsters in the area, thanks to monitoring lifeguards, a modest drop-off, and mild waves.

While the beach isn’t particularly wide, it is quite long and picturesque due to the colorful backdrop.

After you’ve had your fill of sun and sand, explore Villefranche-sur-Mer’s other notable attractions.

The Nellcote mansion, Princess Grace Kelly Crash site memorial, and La Palette are among our favorites in this waterside town.

  1. Calanque d’En-Vau

This isolated bay, hidden within the Calanques National Park, dazzles with striking rocks towering from the Mediterranean.

One of the best things to do in the South of France is Calanque d’En-Vau.

It is not only a well-kept secret but also breathtakingly beautiful with its azure waters and limestone cliffs.

Even better, adventurous visitors can explore the challenging terrain of the national park.

Put on good hiking or running shoes, and bring lots of water.

You must hike for 1 hour and 40 minutes from Cassis via a difficult track cut between boulders.

  1. Plage Notre-Dame

Plage Notre Dame is tucked away in Porquerolles, a small, undeveloped island that is under protection.

Not for nothing is Plage Notre Dame referred to as one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches.

This area, which is around 800 meters long, is entirely pristine and uninhabited.

Additionally, it has stunningly blue seas, an exotic charm, and a pine forest as a backdrop.

It’s the best beach in the South of France for swimming as well, with an abundance of marine life, calm surf, and immaculate waters.

On this lovely beach, there is no cafe or ice cream vendor.

To access this hideout, you must first get provisions from a shop on the waterfront.

Similarly, Foundation Carmignac, which is near the shore, is a good place to get lunch.

  1. Plage de l’Espiguette

This untamed, gorgeous, and unspoiled piece of paradise may be found in Gap.

No beach in the south of France compares to l’Espiguette.

This beach, which is actually a large sandbank, has impressive dunes that extend to the east before narrowing to form a chasm between the open ocean and lagoons.

On the west side, there is a campsite and a beach bar.

A more tranquil and secluded location for your beach outing might be found if you continue east.

For your safety and comfort, bring plenty of food, beach supplies, a first-aid kit, and other items.

This undeveloped waterside retreat lacks facilities, unlike other beaches in the South of France.

  1. Plage De La Mala

This sandy paradise in Southern France, located between Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat and Monaco, is a must-see.

Even though Plage De La Mala is located close to a few famous and top beaches, it has a surprisingly laid-back vibe.

Although getting there is difficult, those who make an effort to visit this beach will be rewarded by its captivating natural beauty and thrilling water sports.

It can be a little challenging to park on this beach.

We advise you to board a train headed for Cap d’Ail and then stroll down the narrow but inclining route that leads to the shore.

In order to have the sandy expanse to yourself, attempt to visit the beach during off-peak times.

  1. Gruissan Plage

This fishing community, which is just 18 minutes from Narbonne, promises to delight you in numerous ways.

You’ll undoubtedly have a blast when you visit this vibrant yet charming town, which features a marina and a casino.

You may laze about on the beach all day and catch some rays.

You can visit the city at night and take in the vibrant nightlife.

Come to Gruissan in May to take part in the lively yearly festival known as Les Festejades.

The festival provides three days of party-like entertainment for attendees through concerts, brass bands, and batucada groups.

  1. Argelès-sur-Mer

This seaside resort is a must-see for beach enthusiasts of all stripes because of its 4.3 miles of sandy Mediterranean coastline.

This coastal town is distinct and diversified, and it offers it all.

Looking for a young crowd to party with?

Check! Want a beach that is more serene?


Even water sports like kayaking, windsurfing, and jet skiing are abundantly available here.

It’s also one of the most well-liked beaches in the South of France; have we not already mentioned that?

Argelès-sur-Mer is more than just sand and surf.

For a trip to remember, wander along its 1.8-mile esplanade, which is bordered with trees, and stop by the Tower Massane and the old Valmy Castle.

  1. Plage De La Paloma

This pebbled sanctuary, which bears the name of the famed Picasso’s daughter, will seduce you with its seaside charm.

It is simple to understand why A-listers enjoy this pebbled beach with its breathtaking coastline and unmatched privacy.

On this beach, you can spend hours snorkeling, paddleboarding, or simply unwinding while admiring gorgeous ships in the distance.

Visit the Paloma beach club and restaurant, which has entertained stars like Mick Jagger and Tom Cruise.

You can indulge in their delectable ice cream or hire their water sports equipment even if you aren’t a diner at the restaurant.

  1. Vias Plage

This modest seaside attraction, which is located between Valras Plage and Cap d’Agde, draws tourists with its warm waves and golden dunes.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance!

Even though the beach is somewhat modest, it is wonderfully shaped and great for paddling.

The beach is also advantageously protected from strong winds, making it ideal for families with young children.

Visit local family-friendly attractions like a go-kart track to add some family fun to your beach trip.

The town is perfect for biking, with more than 50 miles of the bike path.

  1. Tahiti Plage

This beach has been frequented by rock stars and celebrities ever since the glitzy 1950s.

Tahiti Plage is the spot to be seen and to be fabulously stylish.

Along with its glamorous visitors, the beach’s wide sandy stretch will wow you.

It also provides a lovely view of Cap du Pinet and Pampelonne  Beach.

It can be challenging to discover Tahiti Plage, especially for first-time travelers.

So, pack a GPS or utilize Waze or other navigational tools.

Finding the Plages de road and turning left onto the des Moulins road will get you to the beach the quickest.

The southern part of Tahiti will then be reached by you.

  1. Théoule-sur-Mer Beaches

Nestled between St. Tropez and Cannes, this small, idyllic town is a prime spot for a French Riviera beach vacation.

Théoule-sur-Mer is an ideal retreat for those who seek solitude and seclusion.

If you’re not in the mood for relaxation, you can go on a boat trip or enjoy a range of water sports. Intrepid travelers can go wakeboarding, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing here.

For a hint of nature, explore Esterel, a spacious, protected, and enchanting natural environment.

You’ll also love the 13-meter-high Lady of Africa statue in this lovely town.

13.Port Grimaud Beach

Francois Spoerry constructed a ton of adorable little waterways in Port Grimaud during the 1960s.

After seeing the town’s canals, visit the beach and relax on its expanse of golden sand.

This beach is ideal for families with younger children because of its gradual slopes and shallow water.

Adventure-seeking tourists can also try their hand at windsurfing and kayaking.

Hike Massif des Maures to take a break from the water activities.

These mountains are home to a variety of animals and birds, including jackdaws and peregrine falcons, in addition to their lush foliage and flowers.

  1. Sète Beaches

Sète is an outstanding place to visit in Southern France, with more than 7 kilometers of sand and white stretches.

Unlike other French beaches that are popular with tourists, Sète is a functioning port and lacks the tranquil atmosphere of those other beaches.

It does, however, provide stunningly clear beaches with breathtaking sea vistas.

It also offers a wide variety of delicious and fresh seafood, which makes things even better.

The canal system at Sète, also known as “Little Venice,” can be explored by boat.

In order to experience the commune’s sights from a different angle, stop by the tourist information center and reserve a boat excursion.

  1. 15. Plage de l’Ouille

This undiscovered retreat at the foot of the Pyrenees will astound you with the beauty of nature.

This beach is a great place for snorkeling because of the abundance of fish and completely clear waters.

The water is so clear that you can see the fish gliding even if you don’t have a snorkeling mask.

There isn’t much parking available in this region.

Therefore, if you’re driving, park it in Collioure.

Additionally, you’ll be rewarded with Instagram-worthy views as you hike up to the bluff and beach.

  1. Palombaggia Beach

The longest stretch of white sand in Corsica, it is surrounded by magnificent red rocks.

Palombaggia must be included on any list of the top beaches in the South of France.

This beach will transport you to the Caribbean in France with its stunning blue waves and gentle sands.

Additionally, it offers a wide variety of top-notch eateries, pubs, and shops to satisfy all of your needs. The northeast corner of the beach has free parking.

To get a good parking spot, we advise going there either early in the morning or late in the day.

Additionally, during these seasons, the beach is more attractive.

The granite boulders on the beach are illuminated by the sun as it rises and sets, enhancing their orange and pink hues.