16 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Key West with Kids

Key West is one of those places where you can find something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly attractions or activities that will keep the kids entertained, this unique city has no shortage of activities. From museums to parks and beaches, here are 16 things to do in Key West with kids:

  1. Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is located in the Florida Keys and is the most remote national park in the lower 48 states. It’s a protected area of more than 70 small islands and coral reefs, home to many rare species of sea turtles.

The dry Tortugas—a chain of islands off Key West—are also known for their beautiful beaches and lagoons, which are perfect for snorkeling!

The park is also a popular spot for scuba diving and kayaking. The Tortugas are part of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, established in 1992 to protect the area’s abundant marine life.

  1. Key West Aquarium

If you’re looking for a family-friendly aquarium, there are plenty of options in Key West. The Key West Aquarium is located on Duval Street and has over a million gallons of water with over 12,000 sea creatures. The exhibits include a touch pool and a coral reef area where kids can get up close and personal with colorful fish!

There are numerous things to do on Duval St., including:

  • The Florida Aquarium – This aquarium is across the street from its sister attraction (the Key West Reef Aquarium). It’s smaller than its sibling but still fun for kids who like exploring underwater life!
  • Mallory Square Mall – This shopping center has lots of stores like Macy’s & JC Penney and restaurants like Applebees & Chili’s that parents will love too!
  1. Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is one of the most incredible places to see butterflies. It’s home to over 1,000 butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and other insects. The exhibit provides a unique opportunity for kids to learn about nature while interacting with live plants and animals in an environment designed for children’s enjoyment.

The conservatory was built in 1996 by Dr. David Lillehaug, who wanted to create an educational facility that would allow people from all over the world access to his collection of rare specimens from around the world; it’s now one of only three such institutions worldwide!

  1. Mallory Square

Mallory Square is the center of Key West and is a great place to watch the sunset. The Mallory Square Fountain features dancing water spouts and an LED light show that can be seen anywhere in town. If you want to get familiar with the locals, head to Mallory Square and take your camera out for street performances by local artists!

A Historic Seaport is a great place for families with kids. The first thing you’ll notice is the giant pirate ship that sits in the water, and it’s fun to explore all of the shops and restaurants along the shoreline. Daily tours of Key West’s National Historic District are also perfect for history buffs!

  1. The Overseas Highway

The Overseas Highway is a series of bridges and causeways that connect the Florida Keys. This highway is a 2-mile long from Key Largo to Key West. Fort Zachary Taylor is at the western end of Key West. It was built to defend Key West Harbor in 1845.

The Overseas Highway is accessible by car from either side; this allows you to visit Fort Zachary Taylor or explore other areas like Old Town (an old town area). You can also bike along this route or take a ferry across Lochloosa Sound!

  1. Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park is on the southernmost tip of Key West, and it’s a great place to visit with kids. The park has a museum, beach, and lighthouse to explore. It also houses one of the most popular attractions in Key West: the Lighthouse Museum (pictured above).

The park is open for fun visits from sunrise to sunset every day except Sunday—and it’s free! You can even bring your picnic lunch if you’d like!

  1. U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Maritime Museum

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Maritime Museum is a National Historic Landmark and was the only ship built for the United States Coast Guard during World War II. Located on Stock Island, it has many exhibits covering its history and role in protecting Florida’s waters during that period. The museum also has a gift shop that sells souvenirs such as books and posters related to the subject matter of each exhibit so that you can take home something unique from your visit here!

  1. Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum

The Mel Fisher, Maritime Heritage Museum, is a great place to spend time with your family and learn about Key West history. The museum is located on Key West’s historic U.S. 1, offers exhibits on the history of shipwrecks in the Florida Keys, and explores how people have lived here for centuries. Another display shows how they’ve salvaged artifacts from some of these ships over time—it’s fascinating!

The museum is open daily from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM; admission is free for adults, but you can purchase tickets for children under 12 years old at $2 each (ages 13-17 are $3).

  1. Southernmost Point

The southernmost point in the United States is Key West, Florida. It’s not surprising that this destination would have a lot to offer families with kids—it’s one of the most family-friendly places on earth!

Key West is home to several fun activities for kids and their parents. They can have fun swimming at its beaches, snorkeling through shipwrecks off its coral reefs, hiking up through lush tropical forests, or riding on bicycles on historic streets (the latter are great ways to exercise).

  1. Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center

The Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center is a great place to go with kids. The Center has interactive exhibits and hands-on activities that will educate kids about how our environment works, what makes it unique, and why protecting it is crucial.

The Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center is in Key West at the Harry S Truman Annex Maritime Museum (formerly known as the Charleston Navy Yard). Parking costs $5 per car, but plenty of free parking is available nearby structures, including public lots and garages. The Center opens daily at 10 am and closes at 5 pm; admission prices vary depending on age level: children under 12 receive free entry while adults pay $8-$10 per person ($2 off with coupon code “kids”).

  1. Key West Garden Club

If you’re searching for a place to learn about gardening and make new friends, the Key West Garden Club is the perfect place. It’s a non-profit organization that maintains gardens at key west international airport and city hall. You can learn how to grow plants from seed, buy them from local nurseries, or just come by their office and chat with them about your favorite flowers!

The garden club meets at 7 pm at the airport garden every other Tuesday.

  1. US 1 Mile Marker 0

If you’re excited to spend some time at sea, head to Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center. This place has all kinds of fun exhibits, including a giant jellyfish tank and an exploration center where kids can learn about coral reefs and other marine life.

You might want to check out their kid-friendly activities as well. There are galore animal farms (including kangaroos!), and activities like face painting and storytime sessions encourage children to be involved in what they see.

This place is worth checking out for those who love history and want something different from the typical tourist traps!

  1. Sheriff’s Animal Farm

If you have time to visit the island, it’s worth checking out Sheriff’s Animal Farm. The small zoo is located on the southern end of Key West and is home to many animals, including monkeys, alligators, and snakes. The zoo is open daily, for visits, from 9 am until 5 pm (closed on Thanksgiving Day).

The zoo is FREE to visit and is a great way to spend an hour or two with the kids. The animals are well cared for, and there’s plenty of room for kids to run around.

  1. Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum

Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum is a fantastic family-friendly attraction in Key West. The museum has three exhibits, including “Treasure!,” which tells the story of people who lost their fortunes to sea monsters and sunken ships. To find this treasure, you’ll need to dive for it! The first exhibit is called “Blast From the Past,” where you can learn about how pirates used cannons against ships worldwide. Then there’s “Tales From Deep Sea,” where we know about all kinds of strange things that happened at sea long ago before we had air conditioning or cell phones (and much less electricity).

Finally, there’s an entire room dedicated to telling stories about pirate captains who buried their doubloons (gold coins) with them upon death. So they could continue using those riches later in their lives. They also ensured no one would ever know where they hid them away forever so no one could steal them again.

  1. South Beach

South Beach is the most popular beach in Key West and a great place to spend a day. There are several shops and restaurants, including one that serves Cuban food. The beach is beautiful but gets busy during peak hours (sunrise to sunset). You can also bring your kids down for activities like swimming or kayaking!

The beach is also home to many sea turtles, so look around the water while you’re there.

  1. Sunset Celebration

The Sunset Celebration is one of Key West’s most popular events. Held on the last Sunday in March, it celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The celebration features live music,   food vendors, and an open mic for local performers to perform their songs or poems.

Being part of sunset celebrations may be the perfect activity if you want something entertaining but not too expensive to do with your family!

Key West is an excellent place for your family to have fun! You can do many things together, from visiting the aquarium to going on a boat ride. If you want to see some of these attractions, check out our list of places where you can find them.