16 Poetry Games and Activities for Kids

  1. Rhyme Time: Encourage kids to come up with their own rhymes or create a rhyme chain.
  2. Poetry Puzzles: Create word puzzles using poetic forms and have kids solve them.
  3. Haiku Hunt: Challenge kids to find and write haikus about objects in nature.
  4. Personification Play: Have children personify objects or animals and write poems from their perspective.
  5. Acrostic Fun: Teach kids about acrostic poems where the first letter of each line spells out a word.
  6. Poetry Collage: Ask children to create collages and write poems inspired by their creations.
  7. Sensory Poetry: Engage the five senses by having kids write poems that evoke sensory experiences.
  8. Magnetic Poetry: Use magnetic words to create poems on the fridge or a magnetic board.
  9. Poetry Relay: Divide kids into teams and have them write a collective poem, taking turns in a relay format.
  10. Colorful Language: Explore the emotions and associations different colors evoke through poetry.
  11. Nature Walk Poetry: Take kids outdoors on a nature walk and have them write poems about what they observe.
  12. Shape Poetry: Encourage children to create visually interesting poems by arranging the words in specific shapes.
  13. Emotion Exploration: Prompt kids to write poems expressing different emotions or moods.
  14. Poetry Bookmaking: Help children create their own poetry books, complete with illustrations and self-written poems.
  1. Found Poetry: Have kids search for interesting phrases in newspapers or books and create poems using those phrases.
  2. Poetry Slam: Organize a poetry performance event where children can share their poems with an audience.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, and you can find more details and variations on these activities online or through poetry resources. Enjoy exploring the world of poetry with your kids!