18 Amazing 1st Grade Art Projects to Bring Back Creativity and Play

  1. Collage Jellyfish: This project is perfect for introducing young artists to the world of collage. Cut out various shapes and textures from colored paper and have the students arrange them to create a jellyfish. Encourage them to be creative with their choices and explain their design.
  2. Nature Print Painting: Take the class outside to collect interesting leaves, twigs, and flowers. Bring them back to the classroom and have the students press them onto paper using paint. The result will be beautiful, nature-inspired prints.
  3. Bubble Wrap Printing: Cut pieces of bubble wrap into small squares. Have the students dip the bubble wrap into paint and press it onto paper, creating a textured print. They can experiment with different colors and patterns.
  4. Shape Collage: Provide students with a variety of shapes cut out from colored paper. Ask them to create collages using the shapes, focusing on color, composition, and balance. This project encourages creativity and critical thinking.
  5. Paper Plate Animals: Give each student a paper plate and let them transform it into their favorite animal. They can use construction paper, googly eyes, and other craft materials to create their unique creature.
  6. Nature Sculptures: Take the class outside and have them collect natural materials like sticks, leaves, and stones. Back in the classroom, encourage them to use these materials to create sculptures inspired by nature.
  7. Paper Mosaic: Provide students with small squares of colored paper and have them arrange them to create a mosaic. You can choose a specific theme or let them create their own designs. This project enhances fine motor skills and attention to detail.
  8. Texture Rubbings: Give each student a sheet of paper and a collection of different textured objects like leaves, coins, and textured fabric. Have them place the object under the paper and use crayons to create rubbings, revealing the texture underneath.
  9. Recycled Art: Create a project where students transform recycled materials like cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and newspapers into art pieces. Encourage them to think creatively and explore the concept of upcycling.
  10. Sun Catchers: Using clear plastic sheets or transparencies, have students create sun catchers by cutting out shapes and decorating them with colorful markers or stained glass paint. Hang them near a window to catch the sunlight and create beautiful patterns.
  11. Paper Plate Masks: Have students transform paper plates into masks using paint, markers, and craft materials. Encourage them to explore different characters or animals and let their imagination run wild.
  12. Edible Art: Allow students to create art using edible materials like fruits, vegetables, and other food items. They can arrange the pieces on a plate or create sculptures out of them. This project combines creativity with a sensorial experience.
  13. Puffy Paint Art: Mix equal parts of shaving cream and liquid glue to create a puffy paint. Provide students with various colors and encourage them to create artwork with a raised textured effect.
  14. Yarn Painting: Dip yarn into paint and let the students use it to create abstract designs on paper. They can experiment with different colors, lengths of yarn, and techniques like dragging or swirling the yarn.
  15. Clay Creations: Provide students with clay and let them create their own sculptures or objects. They can use their hands or simple tools to shape the clay and create unique artwork.
  16. Tissue Paper Stained Glass: Cut colored tissue paper into small squares or shapes. Have students arrange them on a clear plastic sheet or wax paper. Seal the layers with a layer of glue or Mod Podge, creating a beautiful stained glass effect.
  17. Dot Art: Provide students with cotton swabs or the end of a brush and different colored paints. Encourage them to create dot patterns and designs on paper. This project allows students to explore color mixing and develop fine motor skills.
  18. Collaborative Mural: Divide a large piece of paper into smaller squares and assign each student a square to decorate. Once completed, assemble the squares to create a collaborative mural. This project promotes teamwork and unity among students.

These 18 amazing 1st-grade art projects are sure to spark creativity and play in your classroom. Each project offers a unique opportunity for students to explore different materials, techniques, and themes. Get ready to watch their imaginations soar as they create their own masterpieces!