18 Frightfully Fun Halloween Games, Crafts, and Learning Activities

Are you looking for some spooky and fun Halloween activities to entertain and educate your little goblins? Look no further! In this article, we will explore 18 frightfully fun Halloween games, crafts, and learning activities that will keep your kids engaged and excited during the Halloween season. So, grab your broomstick, and let’s get started!

  1. Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe: Create a tic-tac-toe game board using mini pumpkins as the markers. Kids can take turns placing their pumpkins and try to get three in a row. 
  2. Spider Web Scavenger Hunt: Hide plastic spiders around the house or yard and have the kids search for them. Make it more challenging by creating a spider web maze using yarn.
  3. Mummy Wrapping Race: Divide the kids into teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. The goal is to see which team can wrap their teammate up like a mummy the fastest.
  4. Halloween Costume Parade: Host a Halloween costume parade where kids can show off their creative costumes. Set up a mini catwalk and let them strut their stuff.
  5. Jack-o’-Lantern Carving: Let the kids get creative with pumpkin carving. Provide them with safe carving tools and let their imaginations run wild.
  6. Haunted House Puzzles: Create spooky haunted house-themed puzzles using cardboard and spooky images. The kids can put the puzzle pieces together to reveal the haunted house.
  7. Pumpkin Bowling: Set up a bowling alley using mini pumpkins as the bowling balls and ghost-shaped pins. See who can knock down the most pins.
  8. Witch Hat Ring Toss: Set up a witch hat ring toss game using paper plates as the hat and plastic rings. Kids can take turns tossing the rings and trying to get them on the hats.
  9. Monster Freeze Dance: Turn on some Halloween-themed music and have a dance party. When the music stops, the kids have to freeze in their spooky poses.
  10. Candy Corn Math: Use candy corn as manipulatives for simple math activities. Kids can practice counting, sorting, and measuring with these tasty treats.
  11. Ghostly Science Experiments: Engage your little scientists with ghostly science experiments like floating ghost balloons or bubbling cauldrons.
  12. Halloween Bingo: Create a Halloween-themed bingo game using spooky images or Halloween words. Kids can mark off the corresponding squares as you call them out.
  13. Spooky Storytelling: Gather the kids around a campfire or in a cozy corner and take turns telling spooky stories. Encourage their imagination and creativity.
  14. Spider Web Art: Provide the kids with black construction paper and white paint or chalk. Let them create their own spider web designs by drawing lines and connecting them.
  15. Potion Making: Set up a potion-making station where kids can mix together different colored water, glitter, and other fun ingredients to create their own magical potions.
  16. Halloween Memory Game: Create a memory game by printing out Halloween-themed images and cutting them into pairs. Place them face-down and have the kids try to find the matching pairs.
  17. Frankenstein’s Monster Relay: Set up a relay race where kids have to dress up as Frankenstein’s monster and complete various tasks like walking with a stiff gait or putting on a bolts and stitches costume.
  18. Ghostly Balloon Volleyball: Blow up a white balloon and use it as a volleyball. Kids can play a ghostly game of volleyball, trying to keep the balloon from hitting the ground.

These 18 frightfully fun Halloween games, crafts, and learning activities will keep your little ones entertained and engaged during the Halloween season. Whether it’s carving pumpkins, playing spooky games, or engaging in educational Halloween-themed activities, there’s something for everyone. So, get ready to have a ghoulishly good time with these Halloween-inspired ideas!