20 Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Your Classroom

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun and festive holiday to celebrate with your students. Here are 20 awesome activities to incorporate into your classroom:

  1. Shamrock Art: Have students create their own shamrock art using green construction paper, markers, and glitter.
  2. Leprechaun Traps: Encourage students to design and build leprechaun traps using various materials such as cardboard, string, and tape.
  3. Irish Dance Party: Host an Irish dance party where students can learn traditional Irish dances and listen to Irish music.
  4. Storytelling: Have students write and share their own St. Patrick’s Day stories or legends about leprechauns and pots of gold.
  5. Treasure Hunt: Set up a St. Patrick’s Day-themed treasure hunt in your classroom or school. Provide clues and hidden treats for students to find.
  6. Green Science Experiments: Conduct green-themed science experiments, such as making green slime or growing clover sprouts.
  7. Irish Folklore Study: Teach students about Irish folklore and legends, such as the story of the Blarney Stone or the Leprechaun’s gold.
  1. Irish Flag Crafts: Have students create their own Irish flags using paper, markers, and craft materials.
  2. Leprechaun Name Game: Have students come up with their leprechaun names by combining their first names with a unique characteristic or interest.
  3. St. Patrick’s Day Cooking: Prepare traditional Irish dishes with your students, such as soda bread, shepherd’s pie, or green-themed treats.
  4. Celtic Knot Art: Teach students how to draw and create their own Celtic knot designs using pencils and markers.
  5. Irish Language Lesson: Introduce students to basic Irish phrases and vocabulary related to St. Patrick’s Day.
  6. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo: Play a game of St. Patrick’s Day-themed bingo using shamrock-shaped cards and gold coin markers.
  7. Rainbow Science: Explore the science of rainbows by conducting experiments using prisms and water.
  8. St. Patrick’s Day Math: Create math activities with a St. Patrick’s Day twist, such as counting gold coins or solving leprechaun-themed word problems.
  9. Green Thumb Garden: Start a classroom garden and plant clover or other green plants to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
  10. Irish Music Playlist: Create a playlist of traditional Irish music for students to listen to during independent work or quiet activities.
  11. St. Patrick’s Day Book Club: Choose and read aloud books about St. Patrick’s Day or Irish culture, then discuss them as a class.
  12. Green Games: Have a green-themed games day where students can play games like “Pin the Shamrock on the Leprechaun” or “Lucky Charms Sorting Challenge.”
  13. St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: Encourage students to make various St. Patrick’s Day crafts, such as paper leprechaun hats, rainbow mobiles, or pot of gold decorations.

These 20 awesome St. Patrick’s Day activities will bring fun and excitement to your classroom while celebrating the holiday. Enjoy the festive spirit and create memorable learning experiences for your students. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!