20 Free or Inexpensive Surprises You Can Send Students in the Mail

Educators have the responsibility to create memorable experiences for their students and contribute inspiring moments throughout their educational journey. One way to connect with students, foster happiness, and enhance learning is by sending little surprises through the mail. Here are 20 free or inexpensive surprises you can send to your students.

1. Handwritten notes: A personalized, heartfelt message goes a long way in encouraging students and showing your care for their well-being.

2. Positive quote cards: Create and send uplifting quotes or affirmations that can inspire and motivate your students.

3. Bookmarks: An easy DIY project, customize bookmarks with your student’s name or include an inspirational quote.

4. Stickers: You can create customized stickers with various themes that align with your student’s interests.

5. Coloring sheets: Send printable coloring pages based on subjects or themes the student enjoys.

6. Word puzzles: Create crossword or word search puzzles that revolve around topics related to school subjects or hobbies.

7. Mini art kits: Include a few colored pencils and pre-printed sketches to encourage creativity.

8. Origami paper and instructions: Provide origami paper alongside printed or sketched instructions for making creative shapes like animals, flowers, or characters.

9. Educational pamphlets: Issue interesting factsheets on topics such as nature, history, science, or astronomy.

10. Recipe cards: Promote healthy eating and food-related fun by sharing simple recipes for meals or snacks that kids can make at home with minimal supervision.

11. Temporary tattoos: Custom temporary tattoos make for an exciting surprise when chosen appropriately for the student’s age group.

12. Small toys: Send budget-friendly toys such as bouncy balls, yo-yos, or noise putty that promote movement and playtime breaks throughout the day.

13. Balloons (un-inflated): Sending balloons in different colors and shapes can quickly spread joy and delight and act as an uplifting visual reinforcement.

14. Seed packets: Inspire students to discover their green thumb by sending small seed packets of easy-to-grow plants, along with planting instructions.

15. Encouraging Coupons: Offer free rewards like “extra recess time”, “virtual lunch with the teacher”, or “homework pass” through creative coupons sent in the mail.

16. Small container of bubbles: Encourage outdoor activity by sending a small bottle of bubbles for outdoor play and relaxation.

17. Personal achievement certificates: Acknowledge your student’s accomplishments by mailing certificates that celebrate their personal or academic achievements.

18. Mad Libs: Printable Mad Libs-style stories stimulate creativity and language skills and can provide a fun group collaboration activity.

19. Mini-field trips: Provide students with a local attraction voucher, like visits to botanical gardens, zoos, or museums, to encourage experiential learning.

20. Custom stickers or magnets recognizing achievements: Create unique stickers or magnets that highlight your students’ accomplishments throughout the school year, both small and large.

Sending surprises to your students helps maintain a strong connection while also providing them with opportunities for creative expression, hands-on learning, and entertainment. Utilize these 20 ideas to foster excitement in their academic journeys and support continued growth in all aspects of their lives.