20 of Our Favorite Presidents’ Day Activities for the Classroom

  1. Create a “Presidential Fact” bulletin board: Have students research and create posters with interesting facts about various U.S. presidents.
  2. Presidential scavenger hunt: Hide pictures or facts about presidents around the classroom and let students search for them.
  3. Presidential role-play: Divide students into groups and assign them different presidents. They can research and present short skits about their assigned presidents’ achievements.
  4. Design a presidential monument: Allow students to create their own presidential monuments using art supplies and explain the significance behind each design.
  5. Presidential trivia quiz: Prepare a set of questions about U.S. presidents and host a trivia game in the classroom.
  6. Presidential book club: Have students read biographies of different presidents and hold book club discussions to share their learnings.
  7. Presidential timeline: Create a timeline on a bulletin board, starting from the first president to the current one, and have students add important events and facts.
  8. Presidential art gallery: Encourage students to create artwork inspired by various presidents and showcase them in a classroom gallery.
  9. Presidential research projects: Assign each student a president and have them delve deep into their lives, accomplishments, and legacy.
  10. Presidential mock election: Organize a mock election in the classroom, where students can represent different presidential candidates and campaign for votes.
  1. Presidential debates: Arrange debates where students can argue for or against the policies of past presidents, fostering critical thinking and public speaking skills.
  2. Presidential crossword puzzle: Create a crossword puzzle with clues related to U.S. presidents and challenge students to solve it.
  3. Presidential word search: Develop a word search puzzle with presidential names and terms for students to solve.
  4. Presidential writing prompts: Provide students with writing prompts related to presidents and encourage them to express their thoughts and opinions.
  5. Presidential crafts: Engage students in creating crafts like president masks, paper quills, or mini replicas of the White House.
  6. Presidential music appreciation: Play music from different eras and genres associated with presidents and discuss their influence on American culture.
  7. Presidential cooking: Research and prepare dishes that were among the favorites of past presidents, allowing students to explore culinary traditions.
  8. Presidential flag making: Have students design their own presidential flags, incorporating symbols and colors that represent important aspects of each presidency.
  9. Presidential geography: Study maps and discuss the birthplaces or hometowns of different presidents, deepening geographical knowledge.
  10. Presidential interview project: Students can interview adults in their lives about their experiences living through various presidential terms, gaining personal insights.

These activities will engage students in learning about presidents and their impact on American history while making Presidents’ Day educational and enjoyable in the classroom.