20 Slam-Dunk Basketball Books for Kids

Introduction: Basketball is an exciting sport that many kids are passionate about. Whether they’re aspiring basketball players or simply fans of the game, reading books about basketball can be a great way for kids to learn more about the sport and gain inspiration. In this article, we will explore 20 slam-dunk basketball books that are perfect for kids of all ages.

  1. “Slam Dunk!” by Sharon Robinson
  2. “Game Changer” by John Coy
  3. “Basketball Break” by CC Joven
  4. “Hoops” by Walter Dean Myers
  5. “The Contract” by Derek Jeter
  6. “The Crossover” by Kwame Alexander
  7. “Hoop Genius” by John Coy
  8. “Salt in His Shoes” by Deloris Jordan
  9. “Basketball Belles” by Sue Macy
  10. “My Diary from the Edge of the World” by Jodi Lynn Anderson
  11. “The Basketball Mystery” by Gertrude Chandler Warner
  12. “Barnstormers” by John Feinstein
  13. “The Hoopster” by Alan Lawrence Sitomer
  14. “Game Time, Mallory!” by Laurie B. Friedman
  15. “Drop Shot” by Harlan Coben
  16. “Swish!” by Bill Martin Jr.
  17. “The Game of Life and Death” by David Klass
  18. “Basketball Dreams” by Michael D. McCarty
  19. “The Wolves in the Walls” by Neil Gaiman
  20. “Shoot for the Moon” by James Donovan

Conclusion: These 20 slam-dunk basketball books for kids are sure to captivate young readers and ignite their love for the sport. From inspiring true stories to thrilling fictional tales, these books offer a variety of perspectives on basketball. Whether your child dreams of becoming the next basketball superstar or simply enjoys reading about the game, these books will provide hours of engaging entertainment. So, grab one of these books, settle into a comfortable chair, and get ready for a slam-dunk reading experience!