21 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Dallas with Kids

Welcome to Dallas! A city that has dramatically increased its offerings throughout time.

Dallas offers unique experiences catered specifically for one’s ages and interests. Be it in food, learning experiences, nature, and arts—the city’s sprawling diversity has something for everyone.

Families on vacation will taste the vibe of the city’s pervasive, rich, and rustic cowboy culture.

It’s a sizable city with a sizable personality that occasionally makes larger cities like Chicago and Los Angeles come to mind because of its variety.

The young ones will surely be elated in maximizing this trip for that Dallas experience.

  1. Dallas World Aquarium

When it comes to the top things to do in Dallas, this place undoubtedly is going to give you a major FOMO if you don’t add this to your Dallas list.

Dallas’ World Aquarium is more than just displaying fishes; it provides enjoyable learning experiences for both kids and adults as they interact with the species they love.

There are massive aviaries found at the upper level of a man-made Orinoco Rainforest. It’s where your kids can wonder in amazement and wave hello to the diverse collection of strange but alluring birds flying around.

The world aquarium is also hitting two birds with one stone not only for entertainment but to raise awareness about the threat of these species being extinct. Therefore, educating them about how conservation can help these animals.

  1. Dallas Arboretum

The list goes on for your family’s next bonding activity.

Try taking a nice stroll around the Dallas Arboretum on one fine day.

The limitless expanse of botanical lushness and the discovery of diverse plant species will bring your mind into a tranquil state.

The youngsters are even invited to one of the most elaborate floral festivals, where arts and crafts are the main focus.

  1. McKinney Avenue Trolley

A wonderful way to get into the Dallas spirit is the iconic McKinney Avenue Trolley.

Kids can take a stroll and hit up the downtown area’s stirring Arts District.

It is free to use as many times as you’d like, and it travels by several enticing restaurants.

Klyde Warren Park and a ton of hip Uptown stores are also on the route.

  1. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Make learning fun by bringing kids to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. This top-notch institution explores a wide range of scientific disciplines, from sports to earth and even dinosaurs. Kids will have the time of their life learning and exploring the large theater with an outdoor play area that will keep them occupied for hours.

  1. Klyde Warren Park

If you want to keep moving, Klyde Warren Park is probably one of the best as it is also popular with visitors.

You and the kids will get happily tired running, playing sports, and ice-skating in this expansive playground.

You’ll be lucky to arrive here by weekends when the park is bolstered by live concert events.

  1. Highland Park Village

Upgrade your shopping experience in Dallas in the Highland. It boasts a great proportion of shopping centers per resident. Enjoy the cool air while hopping from one shop to another, as the complex is open-air with a Spanish colonial style to boost.

  1. The Arts District

Visit The Arts District if you’re looking for family-friendly activities this weekend.

The Brooklyn of Texas has adoringly been described as this area of Dallas.

Located by the river in Oak Cliff, it has developed to cater to a diverse range of sensitivities that youngsters will enjoy exploring.

Specialty art and music stores can be found here, along with delicious refreshments and dining options.

This area is fondly dubbed as The Brooklyn of Texas for the Arts District and is never short of its offers in art and music.

Located by the river in Oak Cliff, the district also offers family-friendly activities along with delicious refreshments and dining options.

  1. Sightseeing Bus Tour

For your first trip to Dallas, a fantastic option is to ride a sightseeing bus that highlights the city’s tales along the way.

To appreciate more of the subtle Texan charms laid in the enormous landscape of the city, sitting on the second-story deck is the best choice.

  1. The Music Scene in Deep Ellum

Get into blues without feeling blue with Texas’ rich music history. Ellum Street is perfect for a musically-inclined family. The children will surely tap their feet along with performances by worldwide musicians in this area of the city.

  1. Reunion Tower

Dare to conquer your fear of heights by seeing the enormous Dallas 470 feet above. Gazing down from the Reunion Tower’s observation deck, the kids would not miss the chance to be enthralled by the city’s transformation.

Such an amazing view will be enjoyed even by children aged five and below.

  1. Trinity Groves

The metropolis has a cuisine scene that makes many mouths water. Trinity Groves has developed and welcomed different types of appetites. Also, it offers a variety of alternatives from around the globe.

The delicious Tex-Mex and steakhouses are the pride of the city which will surely satisfy your family’s barbecue cravings.

Swing by the Cake bar for something sweet.

  1. Cedar Ridge Reserve

Texas is imagined as a desert, yet Dallas is vibrant, and you can enjoy fantastic hiking and camping among lush vegetation in this 600-acre nature area.

The Cedar Ridge Reserve, located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, is an ideal spot to bond with your dog.

It’s only a short drive from the city center.

  1. Texas Horse Park

Nothing more screams Texas than in this Horse Park. Children will be in awe of equestrian history.

Regardless of your experience level and competence, there is no better location for riding lessons than the Great Trinity Forest.

Exploring further, you will find a bit of a natural treasure in the form of the Trinity River, with many trails that previously belonged to Davy Crockett and his wife.

You can take in the beautiful old trees and the sizable Native American Archeological site here.

  1. White Rock Lake

The 9-mile circuit that this lake is surrounded by is a favorite among families who ride bikes they have leased.

You may canoe, kayak, view birds, and fish for bass, crappie, and catfish at this sizable lake.

No wonder over a million people are welcomed here annually because of its Southwestern natural grandeur.

  1. Six Flags Over Texas

Save up a lot of your energy for all the fun rides all day long. This Arlington location is perfect for daredevils.

The fun, family-friendly activities here will bring you closer to your kids.

Don’t forget to inquire about special events and family discounts.

  1. Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas is a museum mecca, as anyone who has visited the city before can attest.

The best part is that it is indefinitely free.

You’ll discover not only local artwork but also artwork from around the globe.

Particularly in the highlighted special displays, kids can experience things they’ve never seen before. There will be something else that will surprise the kids, especially those highlighted special displays.

  1. Nasher Sculpture Center

Dallas is never short of ways to enthrall those who appreciate art. Most especially if one is a fan of renowned artists like Picasso, Rodin, and Matisse, to mention a few.

Walking around this collection of sculptures is a surefire way to enjoy outdoor art.

The setting, which was created by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, has a light fairy-tale vibe.

  1. The Home of Bonnie and Clyde

Your older children might enjoy this location.

When Bonnie and Clyde were taking a break from their nefarious exploits, they lived in Dallas.

Just a few blocks from Clyde’s childhood home on Herbert Street, these two criminals first met there.

  1. Dallas Heritage Village

The Texan way of life is known for being extremely engaging, and this heritage village welcomes guests in the same vein.

Kids can participate in a range of educational activities here as they traverse through 13 lush acres. They will gain a true sense of what life was like in earlier ages. Not to mention the traditional architecture embellished with antique furniture.

The variety of local traditions and practices that have been passed down generations through the years can all be taught to children here.

  1. The Wild Detectives

In this modern day, some people don’t consider hanging out in bookstores ideal.

However, this ambient, cottage-looking shop offers more than books.

You can let go of your day’s worries by grabbing a book, enjoying live music, and grabbing your drinks. In the arts neighborhood, the store is conveniently located and has a nice children’s section.

  1. Wild Bill’s Western Store

The trip to Dallas, Texas, won’t be complete for the kids without transforming them into a cowboy. Children can try on several cowboy hats, leather belts, and bolo ties.

This specific boutique, which is located in the historic West End, is a great place to look at quintessential, high-quality cowboy apparel and accessories.

It’s enjoyable to go around and let the young ones unleash their inner wild west soul.

The Final Word

The bright atmosphere of Dallas draws in a lot of young people to immerse in its wide variety of cultures through events and outings. The warm weather will smile at families.