25 Family Movies Every Kid Should See (Plus Fun Activities to Go With Them)

1. The Lion King

This timeless Disney classic teaches important lessons about responsibility, friendship, and embracing who you are. After watching the movie, get the family together for a fun game of “Pride Land” charades, where each person has to act out a character or scene from the movie.

2. Toy Story

A tale of friendship and adventure, Toy Story is a must-see for all kids. After enjoying this Pixar classic, encourage your kids to create their own toy-inspired stories with a fun round of toy theater using their favorite action figures or dolls.

3. Finding Nemo

Nemo’s undersea search for his family is an inspiring story for all ages. After watching the movie, visit a local aquarium with the family or spend time learning about different marine life using educational books or online resources.

4. Frozen

Frozen is an enchanting tale full of adventure, magic, and fun. After watching the movie, encourage creativity by helping your child build their own snow castle out of paper mache or craft supplies.

5. The Wizard of Oz

Introduce your children to this classic story full of fantastic characters and magical landscapes. After watching the movie, create a themed trivia game based on moments from the film to test your family’s knowledge of Oz.

6. Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series offers adventure, friendship, and unforgettable stories. Choose one of these movies for a family night and follow it up with magical activities like creating homemade Butterbeer or taking a test to find your Hogwarts house.

7. Inside Out

This Pixar film provides valuable lessons in emotional intelligence and personal growth that resonate with children and adults alike giving it mass appeal as well as parental approval. For additional enjoyment, have the family draw their version of their emotions and arrange them accordingly.

8. The Incredibles

Superhero families can bond over this action-packed movie. Enhance the fun by staging a relay race where each family member has to complete an exercise suitable of superhero training.

9. The Princess Bride

A perfect film for kids who love a mix of comedy, adventure, and romance. Following the movie, play a game of “Dread Pirate” in which participants adopt character roles from the film and carry out quests or solve puzzles.

10. Matilda

Explore the world of Roald Dahl with Matilda–a film that highlights the importance of love, acceptance, and standing up for yourself–as well as honing their imaginations. After watching, create your rendition of “Chocolate

Cake,” just like the one from the story.

11. Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

12. Mary Poppins

13. Babe

14. The Sandlot

15. A Bug’s Life

16. Charlotte’s Web

17. Tangled

18. Mulan

19. The Little Rascals

20. The Secret Life of Pets

21. Home Alone

22. Despicable Me

23. Jumanji (1995)

24. Paddington 2

25. Holes

The list is only a starting point for exciting family movie adventures and can be further expanded to accommodate personal preferences and tastes quite easily, to suit the multitude of activities that bring about smiles while bonding with little ones over these memorable flicks! So, grab some popcorn, order a pizza, gather your loved ones and let these movies work their magic!