25 Fantastic Football Activities for Your Teacher Playbook

Introduction: Teachers are always looking for new and engaging activities to incorporate into their lesson plans. Football is an incredibly popular sport that can teach students valuable skills while helping them stay active. We have compiled a list of 25 fantastic football activities you can include in your teacher playbook to ensure your students have a ball while learning.

1. Passing Drills: Teach students the basics of passing the ball by setting up passing drills that promote teamwork and communication.

2. Dribbling Skills: Organize dribbling exercises that improve ball control and focus on individual footwork techniques.

3. Shooting Practice: Set up shooting stations where students can practice their aiming and striking precision.

4. Headers and Volleys: Demonstrating the correct technique for headers and volleys will help students gain confidence in these lesser-used skills.

5. Goalkeeper Training: Teach aspiring goalkeepers how to catch, dive, and block goal attempts with specific drills.

6. Obstacle Course: Create a challenging obstacle course that requires various football skills, such as dribbling, passing, and shooting.

7. Football Trivia: Quiz your students on football history, famous players, and teams to boost their sporting knowledge.

8. Sportsmanship Lessons: Use football as a tool to teach sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play values.

9. Fitness Drills: Design football-specific fitness exercises to improve agility, speed, and stamina.

10. Mini Matches: Organize small-sided games that allow students to apply the skills they’ve learned in a real-game situation.

11. Target Practice: Arrange target practice activities where accuracy and aiming are key components for success.

12. Penalty Shootouts: A classic football activity – penalty shootouts are fun and give each student a chance to showcase their shooting skills.

13. Juggling Contest: Teach your students how to juggle using a football; it helps with ball control and keeping balanced while in motion.

14. Speed Drills: Enhance students’ reaction time and acceleration with speedy dribbling or quick passing exercises.

15. Football Charades: Use charades to review different football-related terms, concepts, or actions.

16. Design a Team: Encourage students to utilize their creativity in designing their football team, including a logo, uniform, and team name.

17. Set Plays: Teach your students about offensive and defensive strategies through various set-play activities.

18. Football Bingo: Utilize football images or terms to create an engaging Bingo game that tests students’ knowledge and observation skills.

19. Create a Soccer Field: Have students collaborate to design and construct their soccer field using available resources in the classroom or outdoors.

20. Peer Coaching: Assign older or more experienced students as peer coaches who can facilitate learning through demonstrations and guidance.

21. Classic Keep Away: A fun possession-based activity that emphasizes ball control, spatial awareness, passing accuracy, and teamwork.

22. Skill Clinics: Set up stations for children to hone specific skills such as passing with pressure or controlling a long pass.

23. Crossing Challenges: Practice crossing the ball into the box from the flanks while other players practice redirecting it into the goal.

24. Fitness Tests: Measure students’ heart rate or run speed tests before and after football lessons to show improvement in activity level and overall health.

25. Reflection Sessions: Provide opportunities for students to reflect on their performance, what they learned, and how they can improve.


Including football activities in your teacher playbook not only adds variety but also teaches valuable social-emotionallearning lessons like teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship. Try incorporating some of these fantastic football activities into your lesson plans today!