26 Tweets from Quarantined Parents that Prove How Underpaid Teachers Are


The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees while also shining a light on the immense value and underappreciation of our teachers. With kids stuck at home, parents suddenly found themselves playing the role of teacher, struggling to keep up with endless lesson plans, homework assignments, and restless students. It became evident just how underpaid teachers are. Here are 26 tweets from quarantined parents that perfectly illustrate the need for acknowledging and rewarding the incredible work that teachers do.

1. @ParentA: “Day 3 of homeschooling: realizing my kid’s teacher deserves a raise…and maybe a golden throne. #QuarantineLife”

2. @ParentB: “Been homeschooling my kids for approximately 0.5 seconds and I’ve never respected teachers more. Triple their salaries!”

3. @ParentC: “#QuarantineDay5 – trying to teach my kid algebra and wondering if a 300% raise for teachers is enough… #HomeschoolHorror”

4. @ParentD: “I’ve been teaching my kid for one week, and all I can say is that teachers absolutely deserve six-figure salaries.”

5. @ParentE: “Underpaying teachers is practically criminal now that we’re all experiencing what it’s like to be one! #GiveThemARaise”

6. @ParentF: “Two days into remote learning with my kids locked inside… How do teachers manage to do this every single day? Pay them more!”

7. @ParentG: “It took quarantine for me to realize how underpaid our educators are – I can’t even teach one child without losing sanity!”

8. @ParentH: “One hour into homeschooling and I fully appreciate how every K-12 teacher in this country is criminally underpaid. #COVID19”

9. @ParentI: “Being stuck at home, doing ‘school’ with my kids showed me that teachers deserve everything! Pay them more, please.”

10. @ParentJ: “Math is harder than I remember, but our teachers never crack under the pressure! Give them a raise! #Homeschooling”

11. @ParentK: “Remember when we took teachers for granted? Yeah, let’s never do that again. #PayTeachersMoreIn2021”

12. @ParentL: “If I had a shred of doubt about teacher pay before COVID-19, after homeschooling my kids – I say DOUBLE their salaries.”

13. @ParentM: “Teaching my own kids has made me realize what saints our teachers are – and how much more they deserve to be paid!”

14. @ParentN: “Week 3 of homeschooling and I’m convinced that we should be building statues in honor of our underpaid teachers.”

15. @ParentO: “I can’t imagine dealing with 20+ kids every day! Teachers definitely need to be paid way more than they currently are.”

16. @ParentP: “#QuarantineThoughts – Our children’s teachers don’t get paid enough for the patience, love, and education they provide.”

17. @ParentQ: “After one week of remote learning, I am fully convinced that our teachers deserve a massive pay increase – ASAP!”

18. @ParentR: “How do teachers survive daily chaos without losing it completely? They need way better compensation!”

19. @ParentS: “This pandemic has taught me so much about how drastically underpaid our hardworking, heroic teachers are.”

20. “@Emma_Decker: Honestly, day 3 of homeschooling and I’d give my child’s teacher a blank check if she’d take over.”

21. “@DadLife667: You mean to tell me teachers do this with 20+ kids every day? They should be getting paid like CEOs!”

22. “@MrsWatson87: Tried using fractions while cooking with my kiddo today. Let’s just say I’ll never question a math teacher’s salary again!”

23. “@QuarantineMomLife: My child has asked me why approximately 1000 times today. All hail teachers; they deserve the world.”

24. “@StrugglingDad: Help! I need an emergency raise for all teachers ASAP! This is beyond challenging.”

25. “@JennyRobinson12: When this is over, there should be a Teacher Appreciation Weekend where we shower them with money, gifts, and praise.”

26. “@BoredAtHomeMom: I used to think my kid was an angel until I had to homeschool him for two days. Teachers aren’t paid nearly enough.”