3 Ways to Tell if You Are Using Classroom Tech Actively

For learners to get adequately educated, they need educators prepared to go that extra mile for them. This includes using new technologies the younger generations are growing up with and is already part of their lives.

This also means that new tech in the classroom should be used accordingly to benefit the learner.

Are Educators Using Tech in the Classroom Actively?

There are easy ways to tell if the educator uses the classroom tech to enhance the learner’s learning experience to the fullest.

Explore New Tech Together

Educators need to use new tech together with the learners as it becomes available for them to use. So, as soon as the latest tech is available and part of the learning system, it should also become part of the educator’s approach.

This way, the educator will explore the new tech together with all the learners. Educators should use the tech’s immersive aspects with the learners to develop their thinking and problem-solving process.

The educators should also be technically proficient in the new tools to guide the learner using the tech. A good example is this done by the Albemarle County Public Schools in Charlottesville, VA.

Use Tech to Make

Learners should use tech in the classroom to solve problems that arise in their everyday lives. A learner should identify a problem or shortcoming in the environment or community and find a way to improve it.

It is becoming important that educators encourage learners to use the available devices and digital tools at their disposal. This will help them increase creativity and start working together on projects to solve a community problem.

Not all schools have access to all the newest technologies, but learners should work with what they have. This will help the learner move to a more active approach and use the tech tools in their education.

The Classroom Should Look Like the Real World

The classroom’s current tech should prepare learners for the world they will enter when going to college or starting their careers. Learners should be exposed to a technologically dynamic world in the classroom that looks like the world outside.

The educator should be open to new teaching methods, and the use of tech should be part of their own growth. Tech on the arm or finger has become part of the real world and should be incorporated into every aspect of the learner’s life.

The new generation will experience tech much differently than the previous one, so the user experience should be designed accordingly.


The best way to enhance the education system is to embrace new tech and aid learners. The educator should make the learner become part of the future world they are growing into by using the tech they love.