5 Classroom Noise Monitor Apps to Help Calm the Chaos

Are you tired of constantly having to shush your students or dealing with chaotic noise levels in your classroom? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to 5 classroom noise monitor apps that can help you maintain a calm and focused learning environment. 

  1. Too Noisy

Too Noisy is an excellent app for managing noise levels in your classroom. It uses a visual display with a thermometer-like meter to show students how loud they are being. You can set custom noise limits and adjust the sensitivity to fit your classroom’s needs. The app also provides real-time data, allowing you to track noise levels over time.

  1. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls is a fun and engaging noise monitor app. It displays a set of bouncing balls on the screen, with each ball representing a student. As the noise level increases, the balls bounce higher. It serves as a visual cue for students to self-regulate their noise levels. The app also includes a timer and customizable options for different noise levels.

  1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a comprehensive classroom management app that includes a noise monitor feature. Besides tracking noise levels, it provides a wide range of tools for behavior management, communication with parents, and student engagement. The noise meter is an integral part of the app, allowing you to set noise thresholds and give immediate feedback to students.

  1. Noisli

Noisli is a versatile app that offers a curated collection of ambient sounds to create a better focus and relaxation environment. While not specifically designed as a classroom noise monitor, it can be used effectively to promote a quiet atmosphere. Students can choose their preferred background sounds, such as rain, wind, or white noise, and adjust the volume to suit their needs.

  1. Too Loud

Too Loud is another noise measurement app that uses a sound level meter, similar to what you would find in a recording studio or sound engineer’s toolkit. It provides a live decibel reading, allowing students to see and understand the actual noise level in real time. The app encourages them to self-regulate their voices and helps them develop an awareness of noise control.

In conclusion, these 5 classroom noise monitor apps offer various features and approaches to help you maintain a calm and productive learning environment. Whether you prefer visual displays, gamified noise meters, or comprehensive classroom management tools, there is an app to suit your needs. Give them a try and bring some peace to your classroom!