60 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids and Teens

1. Should homework be banned in schools?

2. Are video games more harmful than beneficial for children?

3. Should schools implement uniform policies?

4. Is online learning as effective as traditional schooling?

5. Do celebrities make good role models for young people?

6. Should animals be used for educational purposes in zoos and animal parks?

7. Is it better to have a small family or a large family?

8. Should schools teach children about environmental issues and sustainability from an early age?

9. Are team sports more important than individual sports for personal development?

10. Should mobile phones be allowed in schools?

11. Do children spend too much time on screens compared to outdoor activities?

12. Should fast food chains be banned from school cafeterias?

13. Is a vegan diet healthier for kids and teenagers compared to a meat-based diet?

14. Should schools have mandatory arts and music classes for all students?

15. Do social media platforms cause more cyberbullying or help raise awareness against it?

16. Is cursive writing necessary to learn in the 21st century?

17. Should physical education be a compulsory subject in school curriculums?

18. Are standardized tests harmful or helpful for students’ academic growth?

19. Should parents give their children an allowance or have them earn money through chores?

20. Do school vouchers improve educational opportunities for children from low-income families?