7 Best Family Resorts Near San Francisco, CA, that All Ages Love!

Do you need a break from the action-packed family vacation in San Francisco?

San Francisco is close to a wide range of outstanding family-friendly hotels, from exclusive coves in Napa to rural getaways.

These resorts provide all you need to liven up your San Francisco holiday with their tranquil atmosphere and family-friendly services.

Please do yourself a favor and get a room at one of our top-rated family resorts close to San Francisco, California.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Who should stay here

A child utopia is full of enjoyable surprises, The Ritz Carlton.

This resort features a tonne of board games, beach equipment, sand toys, and kid-friendly movies that are perfect for children aged 2 to 12.

Kids will also enjoy the carefully supervised activities offered by the resort’s Kids Day Program.

The program offers a range of activities to keep your kids entertained, such as cooking s’mores and checking out tidal pools.

Of course, there are plenty of adult-friendly amenities at this family-friendly hotel close to San Francisco, including relaxing whirlpools and yoga sessions.

Distance from San Francisco

US-101 S takes 33 miles (42 minutes) to get to the hotel from San Francisco.

  1. Carneros Resort and Spa

Who should stay here

The resort seems like a planet apart, even though San Francisco is just an hour distant.

It’s ideal for families with Instagram-obsessed tweens and adolescents because of its picturesque setting.

Kids will also love the enjoyable activities, such as the gaming room and horseback riding trips.

Typically, we advise families to take teenagers to this resort.

But it’s also appropriate for exhausted parents who need a respite from their responsibilities.

Parents who use the resort’s babysitting services may relax and enjoy themselves while the staff watches after their newborns or toddlers.

Distance from San Francisco

Driving I-80 E is the quickest route from San Francisco to the resort.

The trek is 47.5 miles long and takes 50 minutes to complete.

  1. Cavallo Point

Who should stay here

Looking for a family-friendly getaway in California where you can disconnect from technology?

I advise you to get a room at Cavallo Point in Sausalito.

It not only has a serene atmosphere, but it also has a stunning view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

The resort has many outdoor activities for young adventurers, like beachcombing, kite flying, and hiking.

The resort’s staff provides escorted Cavallo Point walking excursions every weekend.

A family picnic may be had while admiring the breathtaking San Francisco skyline.

Distance from San Francisco

The hotel is an excellent substitute for several family resorts in San Francisco because of its handy location.

From Mission District, take US-101, and it will take only 21 minutes to get to the resort (8.8 miles).

Sausalito is another destination served by Golden Gate Transit.

  1. Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa

Who should stay here

Within three hours of San Francisco, one of our favorite destinations is Monterey.

The resort offers a range of accommodations to accommodate families of various sizes, from its modest rooms to its roomy suites.

Family-friendly destinations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium are accessible on foot.

The resort also features kid-friendly facilities, like baby safety gates, puzzles, and children’s TV channels.

It also provides kid and babysitter services as an added benefit.

Distance from San Francisco

Via US-101 S, the resort is located 118.8 miles from San Francisco.

The trip takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes on average.

  1. Vino Bello Resort

Vino Bello is a stunning, well-regarded family getaway ideal for all ages.

Parents will like the resort’s two outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, and magnificent subterranean spa.

Additionally, there is a vibrant waterpark for children visiting this resort.

The resort’s BBQ areas, golf course, and bowling alley are fantastic.

Distance from San Francisco

A famous family vacation spot in San Francisco is called Vino Bello.

Driving I-80 E is advised since it’s quicker and simpler.

The trek is 44 miles long and takes 47 minutes to complete.

  1. EuroSpa & Inn

Who should stay here

Looking for a cost-effective choice?

Consider looking at EuroSpa & Inn.

Despite its low prices, the resort still wows visitors with its warm friendliness and first-rate facilities.

It features a tonne of kid-friendly amenities.

Teens who love the great outdoors will love the resort’s bike trip, including a visit to the well-known Old Faithful geyser.

Additionally, you may schedule a hot-air balloon flight to get a bird’s-eye view of the city.

Distance from San Francisco

US-101 is the road that takes you to the resort the quickest from San Francisco.

The journey is 75.1 miles long and lasts 1 hour and 25 minutes.

  1. Timber Cove Resort

Who should stay here

Do you want something more relaxed?

Perhaps you might investigate Timber Cove Resort.

This resort is perfect for families that need to relax since it has gorgeous views of the Pacific and an exquisite location.

The resort provides a few facilities for your energetic kids, even though most families come here to relax.

We even have many great memories playing pool and ping pong at the resort.

Additionally, there are hiking and whale-watching options close to the resort.

Distance from San Francisco

We like to go from San Diego via US-101 and CA-1 N.

It is 92 miles shorter and quicker than the alternative route. Normally, the trip takes 2 hours and 5 minutes.