An Elementary Teacher Designed a ‘Call in and Scream’ Hotline Because of Course They Did

In these trying times amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, stress has inevitably increased—especially for professionals working in the education sector. It is no wonder teachers have had to seek unconventional methods for managing their stress. One such example is an elementary school teacher who has come up with a brilliant yet unorthodox solution—a “Call in and Scream” hotline.

The anonymous teacher behind this idea has created a safe space for fellow educators or anyone else who needs an outlet to let out their frustrations, anger, and stress. This hotline provides an opportunity for its callers to scream their hearts out without any judgment or consequences.

Inspired by the endless challenges faced by educators during these unprecedented times, the Call in and Scream hotline was established as an unconventional yet efficient coping mechanism. With added complications such as remote learning, constantly changing guidelines, and decreased personal connection with students, educators bear immense pressure. Thus, the hotline aims to channel these negative emotions through the simple yet cathartic act of screaming.

The concept of freeing oneself from emotional burden through screams is not new. In fact, primal scream therapy—developed by American psychologist Arthur Janov in the 1970s—advocates for healing via releasing repressed feelings with non-verbal sounds like shrieking or yelling. In some cultures, people even practice collective screaming to create solidarity during turbulent times.

Launched few weeks ago, the Call in and Scream hotline operates 24/7 through an automated voice response system. No live person is at the receiving end of the call; hence callers can freely express themselves without having their privacy violated. The hotline’s number has circulated through various social apps and platforms within education communities, resulting in thousands of people using this resource every day.

The anonymous teacher who started it all hopes that this initiative resonates with not just teachers, but anyone who needs an emotional release during these trying times. By providing this outlet, our stressed-out friend is resiliently pursuing their passion for making a positive impact on others by embracing out-of-the-box solutions.

The Call in and Scream hotline has surpassed expectations and attracted calls from individuals outside of the teaching profession. As word spreads, it serves as a reminder that we are all navigating this challenging time together. Finding innovative ways to cope with stress and support one another is essential for our collective well-being.

So, next time life feels overwhelming, consider giving the Call in and Scream hotline a try—you might find relief in letting off steam from within the safety of your phone line.