Awesome Art and Writing Activities for the New School Year


As the new school year approaches, it is essential to start it off on the right foot by inspiring and engaging your students. Integrating art and writing activities into your lesson plans can foster creativity and encourage self-expression. This article presents several awesome activities that will help you kickstart the year and get your students excited about learning.

1. Vision Board Collages:

Let students create their own roadmap for the year by designing a vision board collage. Using magazines, newspapers, images printed from the internet, or hand-drawn illustrations, students can express their academic goals, extracurricular interests, and personal aspirations. This activity also provides a great opportunity to practice goal setting and encourages introspection.

2. Six-Word Memoirs:

This writing exercise allows students to summarize their stories in just six words. After discussing what makes an engaging narrative, challenge your students to craft their own six-word memoirs reflecting either their summer break experience or their aspirations for the school year. Display these memoirs in the classroom as a reminder of everyone’s unique journey.

3. Art Journaling:

Art journaling combines visual elements with written reflections, creating a personal space for students to record their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Encourage your class to maintain an art journal throughout the year, incorporating different themes or subject matter according to your curriculum. Periodically share your journals as a way to connect with one another on a deeper level.

4. Group Storytelling:

Collaborative storytelling is an excellent way to engage the entire class in creative problem-solving while practicing writing skills. Arrange students into small groups and give each group a theme or prompt for their story. Each student writes one sentence or paragraph of the story before passing it along to the next group member until everyone contributes. The final stories can be read aloud to demonstrate how diverse perspectives forge exciting narratives.

5. Magazine Making:

Students can create their own class magazine by contributing articles, interviews, stories, artwork, and photography based on a central theme or topic. This project engages students in research and communication skills and encourages collaboration. At the end of the school year, your class will have a collection of magazines chronicling their experiences and achievements.

6. Word Collages:

Have students choose a word that best describes their mood or aspiration for the new school year. Each student should look for or create images, symbols, and illustrations that represent their chosen word. Assemble visual elements to create a unique word collage to display in the classroom. This activity promotes vocabulary development and helps students explore emotions.


The beginning of a new school year is full of possibilities, and incorporating art and writing activities into your lesson plans can help make it an enriching experience for all. By encouraging creativity, collaboration, and self-expression, these activities will foster a positive learning atmosphere where students feel empowered to reach their highest potential.