Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Massachusetts

It is somewhat challenging to come up with activities to amuse and occupy your children while you’re away.

Fortunately, Massachusetts has a wide variety of G-rated attractions and entertainment.

Thanks to its historical treasures and exciting attractions, families can have a lot of fun and learn in the state.

Guess what?

We’re here to help you plan your journey by highlighting the best family-friendly activities in Massachusetts.

  1. New England Aquarium—Boston

What You’ll Get

In Massachusetts, no family vacation is complete without a stop at the New England Aquarium.

It’s undoubtedly one of the top family attractions in Massachusetts, thanks to its top-notch exhibits.

This Boston tourist attraction is also a superb public education tool.

After you’ve entered the museum, look around at the various exhibits, which feature more than 800 aquatic animals.

Explore this aquarium to see sharks, penguins, stingrays, seadragons, and seals.

Your kids might have a close encounter with various marine creatures, such as cownose rays and hermit crabs.

The aquarium’s prime location in the middle of other attractions is a bonus.

Some of Massachusetts’ top family hotels are just a short stroll away.

Suitable Ages

The New England Aquarium will be a blast for children of all ages to explore.

  1. Six Flags New England—Agawam

What You’ll Get

Six Flags Family New England abounds with entertainment.

At Six Flags New England, you can experience everything from exhilarating thrills to traditional amusement park rides.

The attraction also provides high-quality entertainment through shows and character meet and greets.

Suitable Ages

Visitors of all ages can enjoy various events and rides at Six Flags New England.

  1. Cape Cod National Seashore — Wellfleet

What to Expect

A trip to Cape Cod National Seashore is typically part of the best family vacations in Massachusetts.

This traditional New England locale offers families a tranquil and wonderful getaway with more than 40 miles of undeveloped beaches.

Additionally, it offers many cheap and free kid-friendly activities like kayaking, swimming, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Did we also mention that there are numerous family resorts nearby?

Suitable Ages

Visitors of all ages can find wonder and heaven at Cape Cod National Seashore.

  1. Harvard University Tour—Cambridge, MA

What You’ll Get

If you’re taking a family vacation to Massachusetts, do you intend to visit Harvard University?

You won’t find a more authentic perspective on America’s favorite university than from a Harvard student, I assure you.

So, join a student-led tour of the famous campus to learn some interesting facts and insider information.

Of course, stops at notable Harvard buildings like Widener Library, Memorial Hall, and Johnston Gate will be made during the tour.

Did we also mention that you can visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History as part of the tour?

Suitable Ages

Children ages nine and older are the best candidates for Harvard University tours.

Teenagers should also not miss it, especially if they consider attending this university for college.

  1. Ipswich’s Crane Beach

What to Expect

Not for nothing is Crane Beach referred to as one of Massachusetts’ top family beaches.

Crane offers all the traditional beach activities for families, such as building sandcastles, miles of sugar-white sands, and calm waves.

Other thrilling family activities are available here, such as exploring Castle Hill and hiking over dunes.

Suitable Ages

Kids of all ages will enjoy Crane Beach’s variety of activities.

  1. Cape Cod Children’s Museum — Mashpee

What to Expect

Your top priority when planning activities for toddlers and younger children in Massachusetts should be a trip to this museum.

This museum makes learning incredibly enjoyable through various interactive exhibits, from Puppet Theatre to its Toddler Play area.

Along with experiment stations that illustrate scientific principles, there are role-playing environments complete with costumes and props.

Some games and activities help your kids develop their physical and motor skills.

Suitable Ages

The Cape Cod Children’s Museum is intended for children from birth to age eight.

  1. Hyannis’ Cape Codder Resort

What to Expect

Looking for entertaining activities for kids to do when it rains?

Why not visit Cape Codder Resort’s 8,200 square-foot indoor waterparks?

Guess what?

Since day passes are offered, you don’t have to be a resort guest to enjoy this indoor waterpark.

The wave pool, which generates 2-foot waves, is a well-liked attraction here.

Enjoy swashbuckling water slides?

A few tall water slides at Cape Codder Resort will quench your thirst for adventure.

Preferred Ages

Children ages 3 and older will love the indoor waterpark at Cape Codder Resort.

  1. Plymouth’s Plimoth Plantation Living History Museum

What to Expect

One of Massachusetts’ top educational attractions for families is the Plimoth Plantation.

This museum allows you to experience the founding story of America through costumed guides and distinctive exhibits.

Additionally, it allows you to interact with historical actors who play the roles of the New England-forming pilgrims from the 17th century.

Suitable Ages

Teens who love Instagram and school-age children (6 to 12 years old) will enjoy Plimoth Plantation Living History Museum.

  1. The Stone Zoo — Stoneham

What to Expect

Families can spend an exciting, motivating, and hectic day at the Stone Zoo in Massachusetts.

This wildlife haven is populated by a wide variety of endearing animals and is intended to inform and thrill families.

You and your children may encounter some iconic animals, including kangaroos, jaguars, black bears, and monkeys.

The zoo is also great for kids to learn important lessons about protecting wildlife.

Suitable Ages

One of the best family attractions in Massachusetts is the Stone Zoo, a great pit stop for kids ages three and up.

  1. The Springfield Science of Museum — Springfield

What to Expect

You will be surrounded by the wonders of physical and natural science as soon as you step inside the Springfield Science Museum.

This museum will undoubtedly keep everyone in your group entertained for a few hours with its permanent displays that are both entertaining and educational.

The planetarium, T-rex sculpture, and African Hall are a few of our favorite displays.

Suitable Ages

One of the most exciting and educational places in the state for children ages 3 and up is the Springfield Science Museum.

  1. West Yarmouth’s Whydah Pirate Museum

What to Expect

Whydah Pirate is an exceptional, interactive science museum with real pirates and treasures.

In this fascinating and must-see treasure trove, you can view, interact with, and even touch the only authenticated pirate treasure on earth.

The museum also houses pirate artifacts and a few kid-friendly attractions, such as a replica of the Whydah ship.

And to top it all off, kids can learn so much at the museum.

Suitable Ages

Children 3 and older will enjoy exploring the exhibits at the Whydah Pirate Museum.

  1. Boston’s Whale Watching Cruise

What to Expect

Do you want to experience something amazing in Massachusetts?

Are you looking for amazing and entertaining activities for kids in Massachusetts?

Enjoy a whale-watching cruise from Boston’s Long Wharf as a favor to yourself.

You will have many opportunities to see White Sided Dolphins, Finback, and Humpback whales during this 3-hour cruise.

Even better, the professional researchers from the Whale Center of New England provide a thorough and insightful narration onboard.

Suitable Ages

Children ages 6 and up can enjoy an exciting and educational experience on this whale-watching cruise.