Books to Read When Your Kids Are Done with The Bad Guys


After your children have thoroughly enjoyed reading the popular children’s book series, “The Bad Guys,” they might be craving more engaging and entertaining stories to continue fueling their love for reading. Here, we have compiled a list of books that are perfect for the young readers who are ready for new adventures after finishing “The Bad Guys.”

1. Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

Captain Underpants fans will love this graphic novel series by Dav Pilkey, which features Dog Man, a part dog, part man crime-fighting hero. The series is filled with silly humor, appealing illustrations, and memorable characters that kids will adore.

2. The 13-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

This hilarious chapter book series centers on the wild adventures of two friends, Andy and Terry, who live in an ever-expanding treehouse filled with incredible rooms and exciting gadgets. Young readers will laugh out loud at their quirky escapades as they face various challenges in each story.

3. Geronimo Stilton by Geronimo Stilton

Introduce your kids to the world of Geronimo Stilton, a talking mouse who works as a journalist for the Rodent’s Gazette. As Geronimo goes on thrilling adventures around the world, children will learn about different cultures and historical events while enjoying the captivating storytelling.

4. The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne

Transport your young ones into the world of Jack and Annie, siblings who find a magical treehouse filled with books that can take them back to different periods in history. Each book in this classic series teaches valuable lessons about friendship, bravery, and curiosity.

5. Captain Awesome by Stan Kirby

This delightful book series follows eight-year-old Eugene McGillicudy as he assumes the superhero identity of Captain Awesome. Accompanied by his sidekick Turbo the hamster, Captain Awesome navigates the challenges of school and friendship while saving the day from dastardly villains.

6. The Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott

The charming Owl Diaries series features young owl Eva Wingdale as she navigates life in Treetopolis, a world of owls with diverse personalities and interests. Perfect for early readers, these books touch upon friendship, family, and personal growth through Eva’s diary entries.

7. The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

For young readers who enjoy a mix of fun and adventure, The Princess in Black series introduces Magnolia, a princess who doubles as a monster-fighting superhero. These stories portray themes such as friendship, courage, and finding balance in life while offering humorous illustrations and engaging storytelling.


As your children embark on new reading journeys beyond The Bad Guys, these books will provide them with endless hours of laughter, learning, and imagination. Encourage their love for reading by introducing them to these fantastic series that will have them hooked from start to finish. Happy reading!