Could Tech Ever Be Part of Montessori Education?

The Montessori education method has provided kids and teenagers across the globe a better chance of living a successful life as an adult. This is the driving force behind the entire method of education. The Montessori method seems to produce higher results than traditional education does. 

Many contributing factors lead to this. There is first the learner-centric perspective of learning. Everything that occurs in a Montessori classroom was created because learners are curious, by nature, about the environment around them. They want to learn different things each day. 

The Role of the Educator

The educator’s role in a Montessori classroom is a guide rather than a guardian of the knowledge learners crave. Learners do not have to be taught under the many convenient circumstances for the educator. Because Montessori focuses on learners, they only need the info from educators when they truly need it. 

Educators move about the class and look over the learners’ experiences, only interjecting when they feel their guidance and insight are needed. They present the learners with new challenges and concepts and determine when would be the right time to do so. 

The Learning Ecosystem

Each item in a Montessori classroom has been put there because they somehow contribute to and encourage learning. Organic materials are given preference over industrial, man-made ones. Nature is the host for learning experiences. 

The environment in which learning occurs is a clean one, structured and ordered so that learners will find it safe, warm, and pleasant to view. To put it plainly, the environment must be beautiful. 

Tech and the Montessori Method

You might think that the Montessori classroom is about a century behind the contemporary, technologically advanced classrooms you’re used to. That’s because it is. The proprietor of the method, Dr. Maria Montessori, did not add tech in the education method, because there was hardly any tech in her day. 

However, it’s no secret that tech has significantly influenced how education has been developed throughout the years. It will always be one of the main driving forces for the innovation of education. Many schools have introduced BYOD programs and use tech in the classroom daily. 

Other than the learner-oriented learning approach and the educator’s role as a guide is the essence of how Dr. Montessori imagined education – kids should be allowed to discover their world at will and understand it wholly. 

Tech is a part of everyone’s life these days, regardless of how old you are. It should not be overlooked in the learning process. In fact, Montessori educational institutions should strive to blend tech with their learning environments. 


Tech is inevitable. It’s in our homes, workplaces, and even our schools. It is one of society’s driving forces. Who’s to say it should not be part of the Montessori classroom?