Fiji with Kids: 15 Fun Things to Do (Family Friendly Activities!)

Fiji is a country found in the South Pacific and is made up of over 300 islands. You and your tribe will surely fancy staying on Fiji’s palm-lined coastlines.

Ensure you visit breathtaking islands such as Vanua Levu and Viti Levu; these islands got major fun holiday activities for kids, teens, and adults. Enjoy a warm bath at the Sabeto Mud Springs or go hiking at the magnificent Tavoro Falls.

As you can see, Fiji has eye-catching scenery worth exploring. Also, the country has various resorts and some activities that can keep your kids entertained. But, you might be questioning, what kind of activities? This blog post has compiled a list of fun activities for your kids. So, read on to discover an adventurous vacation for your family!

  1. Join the Kids Club – Castaway Island Fiji

If you plan on staying at the Castaway Island resort, your kids enjoy free kid-friendly activities. This makes perfect if you’re on a tight budget.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The residents of Fiji are known to people of warm, welcoming hearts; they love visitors and kids. The Castaway Island Fiji assures you that your kids will be safe; you don’t have to keep checking on them; they have a monitoring program that keeps the kids in check.

Activities like face painting, dancing, sandcastle building, and more are offered here! So, as your kids enjoy playing around, take this chance to bond with your partner while you’re relaxing.

Recommended Ages

The Castaway Kids Club is best enjoyed by children aged three and above.

  1. Experience Ziplining – Zip Fiji

Would you like to fly? Then include Zip Fiji in your itinerary. This place offers learning walks with a thrilling zipline tour back down.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Among the exciting things, kids best enjoy at Zip Fiji is the scenic hike through Nadi forests ending in a thrilling zipline trip back down.

During the educational walks, you learn more about Fiji’s surroundings through caves, mountaintops, and canyons.

On your way back from hiking, experience the 16 ziplines that have enthralling speeds around the beautiful views of the ocean and the forests.

Recommended Ages

The thrilling zipline tour is best suited for children aged six and above.

  1. Watch Fire Dancing Shows – Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

Dancing is always an exciting activity that most of us find pretty enjoyable. But have you ever experienced a fire dance? Yes, fire dance! This is a cultural show in Fiji, and it’s performed in various resorts, for example, the Outrigger Resort.

Why We Recommend This Activity

When you’ve had enough of the coastlines and relaxing at the whirlpool spas, join the locals for a traditional show at the resort.

The locals entertain you with their unique fire walking and dance performance. I know you’re awed. Witness the dance!

You can also join the Kava ceremony that the locals hold to welcome their visitors, or you can choose to sightsee the beautiful woodcarvings made by the locals.

Recommended Ages

The fire walks and dances are fit for people across all age groups.

  1. Tavoro Waterfalls

Tavoro waterfalls are found in Fiji’s Garden Island of Taveuni inside the Bouma National Heritage Park.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Add the grand three waterfalls to your list of activities to do in Fiji.

Those who love nature will find this place awe-inspiring. Take photos of you and your tribe for a memorable vacation.

Enjoy hiking to the majestic waterfalls and get to see their idyllic beauty. Then, relax in the fall’s calm, inviting waters when you’ve enjoyed the waterfalls to the fullest. Of course, you can also opt to swim around.

Recommended Ages

The first waterfall is best for younger kids because it is 10 minutes near the trail starting point. Hiking the two remaining falls is best for teens and adults because it can be strenuous for youngsters.

  1. Visit A Local Village – Royal Davui Island Resort

Take a break from the hikes and the ocean and visit a local’s village. Learn about their way of life and their cultural practices.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Get along with the warm-hearted locals and learn how they have maintained their way of life and culture for centuries.

This can be an outstanding learning adventure for your tribe. They will learn the importance of being there for one another from the locals. They will also understand the importance of preserving the family’s history for generations.

Recommended Ages

This is a perfect adventure for the whole family.

  1. Big Bula Waterpark

After spending the weekdays on the sandy beaches, head to Big Bula Waterpark for the weekend.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Known for having the largest expandable water structure in the world, your little mermaids and mermen will love it here. In addition, the park has various activities for kids, teens, and parents.

The kids will enjoy the giant water slides and pools.

Recommended Ages

The Waterpark is suited for everyone except for taking some rides; you should not exceed the weight restrictions, mostly 85kg.

  1. Take On Coral Planting – Nanuku Auberge Resort Fiji

Still, wondering where to go next?

Get your kids to learn how to preserve nature. Then, join the locals and other guests as participate in an eco-positive activity of planting corals and mangroves.

Why We Recommend This Activity

This is a fun day out but also an educative one. Your tribe will understand why it is advisable to have a clean environment. For example, we preserve the environment to keep our cultures alive and fresh air.

Again, your kids will get to know there are many ways to have fun. They’ll understand that pleasure is not always about playing around but can also be an educative adventure.

Recommended Ages

Bring all family members and learn how to plant and care for plants.

  1. Listen to Choir Singing – Mantaray Island Resort

The little music bands in your brood will love it here. Spend your Sunday in church listening to the local’s choir sweet melodies.

Why We Recommend This Activity

There’s always excitement when you hear people with different vocals sing. The mixture of those vocals brings out a memorable melody you’ll live to remember. Listen to the locals harmonize their traditional songs; it is just a sweet and exciting experience.

After church, you can join the locals and their children in palm weaving.

Recommended Ages

The family will enjoy their Sunday service in Fiji because of the beautiful songs.

  1. Coral Coast

The Coral coastline is loved and enjoyed most because it offers a cost-effective fun time. You can spend the day sprawling around this coast. Also, the surfers are best favored here.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The coat has powerful waves that are good for surfing. This is what attracts most tourists here. The tweens and teens will have fun trying to catch up with the waves. They can also swim in the clean, well-maintained blue waters.

You can do a lot here, from strolling around this beautiful beach to tasting the locals’ delicacies.

How about a boat ride along Sigatoka River from the Coral Coast? You’ll love the adventure.

Recommended Ages

If you’re looking forward to a good quality time with the entire family, visit the Coral Coast.

  1. Savala Island

Have you ever questioned how it feels like to swim with the fish? Then, visit the mini-paradise of Savala Island. Then, enjoy the boat rides while seeing the various fish under the water.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Because of its clear and clean waters, Savala Island is the perfect spot to go snorkeling.

Other activities that your brood will love are baby-shark viewing and fish feeding.

As a family, you can go out paddleboarding and kayaking.

Recommended Ages

Savala offers a guided tour to guests of all ages. But to be cautious, keep an eye on your kiddos while on the boat rides.

  1. Radisson Blu Resort Fiji

At times all you want is to relax. So you can have a relaxing day by lounging at a spectacular resort like Radisson Blu.

Why We Recommend This Activity

There are numerous activities to select from at this resort, so you don’t need to take your kids to some other place for them to have fun.

The resort has a Kid’s Club to keep your kids entertained; they can choose to play racquet and golf while you relax at the spa.

There are also water slide tunnels for kids and climate-regulated pools for all family members.

Recommended Ages

Here at Radisson Blu Resort, there’s something for every guest, whether younger or older.

  1. Kula Wild Adventure Park

The Kula Wild Park is known for its splash pools and splendid water slide. But it does not mean there are only water activities; there’s plenty to do here.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Animal lovers will enjoy their stay at Kula Wild Park. They can spend the day interacting with beautiful marine life, such as Pacific Boas and Banded Iguanas. They can also hand-feed sea turtles.

The entire family will find the coral displays and the various animals in the park fascinating. Don’t forget to take a snap photo for memories at the Kula Wild Adventure Park.

Recommended Ages

All are welcome to enjoy Kula Wild Adventure.

  1. Garden of the Sleeping Giant

In your Fiji travel plan, include the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Learn about the place’s well-kept secrets.

Why We Recommend This Activity

You and your tribe can find a lot fascinating in this lavish garden, for example, the massive collection of Cattleya and Asian orchids hybrids.

As you stroll around the garden, you will love the tranquil lily ponds and the sprawling landscapes along the canopy-covered boardwalk.

Listen keenly and hear the soft dripping fountains and croaking of frogs.

Recommended Ages

The garden is open to people of all ages. So take this chance and spend quality time with your loved ones.

  1. Lavena Coastal Walk

How about you stretch your muscles today? Take the 5-km Lavena Coastal Walk.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Start the walk on the serene white sands of the Lavena coastline.

After a pleasurable time playing with the sand and swimming in the turquoise waters, continue strolling to the idyllic volcanic black-sand coastline.

Pass through the villages and spend ample time with the locals. Then, you can walk through the wild forests and head over to the roaring waterfalls.

After a long day walking, head back to the beach for a swim to cool off. You can also do snorkeling and kayaking.

Recommended Ages

Youngsters experienced in long strolls and hiking might take a walk positively. But there are few slippery sections, so it is wise to be cautious of such areas. Mostly, the walk is suitable for those aged eight and above.

  1. Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

Well, you might want to get a little dirty, plus it is worth it! After a fun-filled day along the coastline, you can relax at the warm mud pools between Nadi and Lautoka.

Why We Recommend This Activity

This activity is fun and, again, very advantageous. The mud pools cure various skin diseases and ease joint and other body pains.

This should be among the things you wish to do in Fiji. After all, you get more than just fun; it is a healthy treat for the whole family.

Recommended Ages

The hot springs and mud pools suit everyone, but the pool’s temperatures are best endured by kids aged eight and up.