How Listening To Audiobooks Can Benefit All Students

As the internet continues to become readily accessible, students’ learning has become more and more digitized. One way to further the learning is through listening to audiobooks. This article discusses why audiobooks are often looked at with doubt, why they are not readily available in schools, and the many benefits listening to audiobooks brings forth.

Merits Of Audiobooks

Often, parents question the merits of audiobooks. This doubt stems from the traditional practice that reading is only done through books, and listening to books is not technically reading. While decoding text during reading is undoubtedly important, listening to audiobooks has many benefits. 

Unfortunately, audiobooks’ true potential is not recognized, and they’re usually only recommended to struggling readers, learning-disabled students, or students who are second-language learners. However, studies have shown that listening to audiobooks has helped all students grow their imagination, think critically, dissect and analyze texts, and appreciate literature.

Unavailability Of Audiobooks To Students

Schools sometimes don’t realize the good that audiobooks bring to all students, and therefore, audiobooks are not readily available in classrooms. Another reason for their unavailability is that audiobooks are often quite expensive, and most school libraries cannot afford them. 

Coupled with the already expensive books, the cost of gadgets to play the audiobooks and headphones further restricts schools from making these purchases. However, things are changing gradually, and more audiobooks are available online free of charge.

Benefits Of Audiobooks

The benefits of audiobooks are so many that schools should feel compelled to invest in audiobooks. Some of the benefits of audiobooks include:

  • Encourage children who are struggling to develop the habit of reading.
  • Listening to books at the narrator’s pace helps the listener hear every word clearly and build vocabulary.
  • Audiobooks are an excellent way to introduce children to difficult texts and give them the confidence to read them independently.
  • Listening to the book instead of mindlessly reading helps in analyzing the text and appreciating the prose.
  • They introduce children to diverse genres that they otherwise would not explore. Listening to audiobooks is a good activity that students can do on their own and while they are doing other things such as coloring, traveling, preparing to go to sleep, etc.
  • Listening to audiobooks can be a good bonding activity for families. Families can also discuss the stories once they have finished listening to them together.

Concluding Thoughts

Reading is a good learning activity for children, but it can be made more exciting through audiobooks. While the merits of audiobooks have long been questioned, parents and teachers are now becoming more aware of the many benefits they can bring to all children. 

Audiobooks have something to give to every student, so it is needed as a welcome addition to classrooms.