How to Charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch Without a Charger


In today’s era of smart devices, gadgets like Samsung Galaxy Watch have become integral to our lives. It’s a powerful tool that helps us stay connected on the go, track our fitness, and manage our schedules. But what happens when you need to charge your Galaxy Watch and can’t find a charger? Don’t worry; in this article, we’ll explore alternative ways to charge your Samsung Galaxy Watch without using the official charger.

1. Use a compatible wireless charging pad:

Samsung Galaxy Watches are Qi-enabled devices that support wireless charging. You can charge them using any compatible Qi wireless charging pad that meets the watch’s power requirements. Simply plug in the charging pad, place your Galaxy Watch on it, and you’re good to go.

2. Create a makeshift charger with paper clips:

If you don’t have a Qi-compatible charger at hand, you can create a temporary solution using two paper clips and a USB cable. Follow these steps to create your makeshift charger:

    – Bend one end of each paper clip so that it makes contact with the charging points on the back of your watch.

    – Place the watch face down on a flat surface and position the paper clips so they touch the appropriate charging points.

    – Connect the other ends of the paper clips to the power and ground wires of your USB cable.

    – Plugin the USB cable into a power source like a laptop or wall adapter, and your watch should start charging.

Note: This method is not recommended for regular use as it may damage your watch or cause short circuits. Ensure precautions are taken when attempting this approach.

3. Find public charging stations:

Many malls, airports, hotels, and public spaces nowadays provide wireless charging stations that are compatible with Qi devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch. You can take advantage of these free services while you’re out shopping or traveling.

4. Borrow a friend’s charger:

You can always rely on a friend or a colleague who has the same Galaxy Watch as yours. Borrow their charger for a quick charge if they don’t need it at the moment.

5. Carry a portable charging dock:

A portable charging dock designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Watch could be a lifesaver in situations where you’re without your official charger. These portable docks are compact, lightweight, and come with foldable designs that make them an easy-to-carry accessory.


Charging your Samsung Galaxy Watch without its official charger is possible, but it’s essential to exercise caution when using alternative methods. Keep your watch’s battery performance in mind and try to use safer options like Qi-compatible wireless chargers or portable charging docks for the best results. No matter which option you choose, just remember to always prioritize the safety and longevity of your Galaxy Watch.