How to Find and Remove Duplicates in Numbers on Mac


Numbers is a powerful spreadsheet application for Mac, allowing users to create and manage spreadsheets, analyze data, and perform calculations. One common issue faced by many users is the presence of duplicate data in their spreadsheets. Duplicate data can cause confusion and lead to inaccuracies in calculations. Fortunately, Numbers offers tools that make it easy to find and remove duplicate entries. In this article, we will guide you through the process of finding and removing duplicates in Numbers on your Mac.

Step 1: Open your Spreadsheet in Numbers

Before you can find and remove duplicates, you’ll need to open your spreadsheet document in Numbers. To do this, locate the file on your Mac, and double-click on it or right-click and choose ‘Open with Numbers’.

Step 2: Identify the Column Containing Duplicates

In your spreadsheet, identify the column containing duplicate data. This is important because items will be compared within this specific column to find duplicates.

Step 3: Select the Entire Column

Click on the header of the column containing duplicates to select it. If you want to apply this process to multiple columns, hold down the Command key (⌘) while clicking on each header.

Step 4: Apply Conditional Highlighting

With the column selected, go to Format > Conditional Highlighting from the top menu. This command will bring up a panel with various rules for conditional formatting.

Step 5: Create a Rule for Duplicate Values

In the Conditional Highlighting panel, click on ‘Add a Rule’ at the bottom. Choose ‘Duplicate Values’ from the drop-down menu under ‘Text’. After selecting this option, highlighted cells will

indicate any duplicate values in your chosen column(s).

Step 6: Delete Duplicate Rows

Now that duplicate values are highlighted, click on each row number containing a highlighted cell. Hold down Command () while selecting multiple row numbers. Once all the duplicates are selected, right-click on a row number, and choose ‘Delete Selected Rows’ from the context menu to remove duplicates.

Step 7: Save Your Spreadsheet

After you have successfully removed duplicate entries, save your spreadsheet by going to File > Save in the top menu.


Finding and removing duplicate data in Numbers on Mac is straightforward with the right tools. Conditional highlighting and the delete rows feature make identifying and cleaning up duplicates a breeze. By following these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to a more organized and accurate spreadsheet.