How to Fix a Slow Download Speed in for Windows

Introduction: is a popular online platform that allows players to access some of their favorite games developed by Blizzard Entertainment, such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo. However, slow download speeds while updating games on the platform can be incredibly frustrating for users. This article will outline a few solutions to help you fix a slow download speed in for Windows.

1. Check Your Internet Connection:

Before diagnosing the problem within, ensure that your internet connection is stable and capable of handling the required download speeds. Test your internet speed using online tools like, and restart your modem or router if required.

2. Change the Region in

Sometimes, the issue may originate from a specific region’s server experiencing a high traffic load or technical difficulties. Change your region in the client by clicking on the globe icon in the top right corner and selecting a different region.

3. Update Network Drivers:

Outdated or faulty network drivers can hinder overall download speeds on your computer. Ensure that your network drivers are up to date by visiting your computer manufacturer’s website and downloading the latest network driver available for your specific model.

4. Disable Other Applications:

Running multiple applications or downloads at once can slow down your overall internet speed. Close any unnecessary applications or downloads running in the background before initiating an update on

5. Limit File Downloads Concurrently: automatically downloads files concurrently to expedite the process. However, restricting this feature can sometimes improve download speeds. In the client settings, navigate to “Game Install/Update,” then set “Latest Updates” under “Network Bandwidth” to limit concurrent downloads.

6. Check Antivirus and Firewall Settings:

Your antivirus software or firewall may be interfering with downloads on To resolve this issue, add as an exception within your antivirus program and firewall settings.

7. Configure Proxy and VPN Settings:

If you’re using a VPN or proxy, it could affect the download speed because of increased traffic or latency issues. Temporarily disabling your VPN or proxy server while using might improve your downloading speed.

8. Flush DNS Cache:

Sometimes, the DNS cache can become corrupt, causing slow downloads or connectivity issues. Flush your DNS cache by opening the Command Prompt as an administrator and typing “ipconfig /flushdns,” followed by enter.


Slow download speeds in for Windows can be an inconvenience but utilizing these troubleshooting steps can potentially resolve the issue. Whether it’s updating network drivers, limiting background applications, or tweaking client settings, these solutions can ensure a smoother experience while keeping up with game updates.