How to Use Nintendo Switch with a Keyboard and Mouse


The Nintendo Switch is an innovative gaming console that allows players to enjoy their favorite games on TV or in handheld mode. However, some gamers prefer the precision and control provided by a keyboard and mouse setup. Thankfully, adapters have made it possible to use a keyboard and mouse with the Nintendo Switch. Let’s dive into how you can enhance your gaming experience by using this alternative control scheme.

What You’ll Need

1. Nintendo Switch console

2. A compatible keyboard and mouse (preferably wired USB models)

3. An adapter that supports keyboard and mouse input (e.g., Mayflash Magic-NS)

Steps to Connect a Keyboard and Mouse to Your Nintendo Switch

1. Connecting the Adapter: Insert the adapter into a USB port on the Switch dock if you’re playing in TV mode, or use a USB-C to USB-A adapter for handheld or tabletop mode.

2. Connecting the Keyboard and Mouse: Plug both your keyboard and mouse into the designated ports on the adapter. It’s essential to ensure compatibility between the devices and the adapter beforehand.

3. Adjusting In-game Settings: Depending on the game you are playing, you may need to adjust in-game settings to enable keyboard and mouse control. Consult the game’s user manual or settings menu for more information.

4. Mapping Controls: The next step is to map your keyboard and mouse controls using the adapter software or interface provided by the adapter manufacturer. Some adapters come pre-configured for specific games, while others require manual mapping.

5. Testing Your Setup: Launch a game on your Nintendo Switch, ensuring that it supports

keyboard and mouse input (not all games do). Test your setup thoroughly, adjusting sensitivity settings as needed for a smooth gaming experience.

Limitations of Using Keyboard and Mouse on Nintendo Switch

While using a keyboard and mouse can certainly improve your experience when playing certain games, there are still a few limitations to consider:

1. Compatibility: Not all games on the Switch support keyboard and mouse input, and some may have limited functionality.

2. Support: As keyboard and mouse usage is not officially supported by Nintendo, gamers might face compatibility issues or glitches using unofficial adapters.

3. Mobility: The keyboard and mouse setup is less portable and convenient compared to Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller, especially in handheld mode.


Using a keyboard and mouse with your Nintendo Switch can offer additional control options for a unique gaming experience. By following the steps outlined above and understanding potential limitations, you can elevate your gameplay in supported titles. So, gear up with your favorite USB keyboard and mouse, and get ready to enjoy a new level of gaming on the Nintendo Switch.