Interview Questions That Will Help You Identify  Employees for Your Tech Company

In the rapidly changing and evolving landscape of edtech, it’s a challenging task to find effective employees. In this field marked by ruthless and extreme competition, most companies go bankrupt quickly – within the initial three years of their operation. As a result, resources at EdTech startups are extremely limited. This makes hiring the best fit for a post extremely vital. Hiring the wrong employee can mean the wastage of a lot of money and time for the company. In the worst-case scenario, it could even push the company to bankruptcy.

If you are an executive in an EdTech company, who’s at the helm of the search to recruit a new employee, how can you ensure you are hiring the most suitable person every single time, like clockwork? The answer lies in asking the right interview questions. Not sure what they are? Here’s a list of 21 interview questions that will help you find a quality employee who fits your EdTech company to a T during the interview process.

To Know Them At a Personal Level

1.     What are you learning at present?

2.     Share a joke that reveals the type of humor you’re fond of.

3.     What made you apply to our EdTech company?

4.     Do you prefer to be a generalist or a specialist in a specific thing?

5.     Do you possess a superpower? If yes, what’s it?

6.     Would you rather ask for permission first or beg for forgiveness later?

7.     What excites you about the future?

To Know Them At a Professional Level

1.     Name some EdTech apps you prefer.

2.     If you were making an EdTech product, what would it be?

3.     If you were given the power to generate your own job at our company, what job would you create?

4.     Do you prefer working alone or collaboratively?

5.     Say you’ll launch your own tech company sometime in the future. What would it look like?

6.     Share a situation when someone above you in the company’s hierarchy asked you to do something that clashed with your moral principles. How did you deal with the situation?

7.     If we asked your former supervisor about your greatest strength and fields that you need to improve upon, what answers would we get?

To Know Their Knowledge of Your Company and Assess if They’re a Good Fit for The Post

1.     Do you have any company-related questions to ask us?

2.     What would dampen your enthusiasm toward accepting a position in our company?

3.     How was the work culture in your last job? Did you like it or didn’t you?

To Assess Their Knowledge of the EdTech Industry

1.     Where do you see the EdTech industry heading in the subsequent five years?

2.     What are your areas of interest in the EdTech sector?

3.     Based on your EdTech sector’s knowledge, who do you think are our chief competitors?

4.     Envision that I am not convinced about your suitability for this post. Convince me to change my opinion. 

That’s the end of my list. Remember to share how it helped.