Lights, Camera, Action! How to Integrate the Performing Arts into Your Early Childhood Classroom

Performing arts is a subject that kids tend to either love or hate. Many teachers and parents will allow kids to avoid performing and acting if they do not like it or if they have stage fright, but sometimes this does more harm than good. Performing arts is actually an important subject that all students should at least try out from time to time to help them improve their public speaking skills and confidence.

Why Are Performing Arts Important?

Kids can often be shy when it comes to standing in front of a crowd of people, which is why they may try to get out of performances if possible. However, performing arts is a topic that can greatly help children with their confidence and presentation skills. By performing, kids can be exposed to new situations in a fun and encouraging way instead of simply having to give a speech in class or present a dull slideshow. Presenting a show or act can also allow kids to work with a group of other students to ensure that the performance is successful, which can greatly improve their teamwork skills as well.

Even if there are kids that dislike performing, by doing it every once in a while, they can learn how to better express themselves. They can learn about showing emotions and coming up with new ideas through the art of acting and performing. Therefore, even if it is not the activity for them, they can still learn a lot through the experience. Even though it may be difficult, pushing a student out of their comfort zone a bit can teach them a lot.

How to Integrate Performing Arts into the Classroom

To better encourage performing arts in the classroom, you don’t necessarily have to put on a big play or musical each year. Oftentimes, there are little things that you can do to help encourage these skills. A simple way to do so is to allow students to roleplay different situations when given the option. When discussing a theme or topic in class, you can encourage kids to act it out to help give the class a better visual of the lesson. Plus, the more kids act things out in front of each other, the more confident they will become, and the more real the lessons will feel to them.

It is also a good idea to allow students to give presentations whenever possible. These shouldn’t just be typical presentations that students dread, but instead, you can encourage them to be creative and act things out as needed. Try different approaches to projects and presentations to ensure that kids learn more from their public speaking skills. Plus, the more creative presentations are, the more fun they will be for students.


Performing arts is not for everyone, but with the right tools and encouragement, it can be integrated into the classroom to help students with other skills. Presenting and public speaking can be scary for many students, but the more practice they get with performing in front of other people, the more confident they will learn to become.

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