Our Favorite Subtraction and Addition Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a treasure trove of educational content, and when it comes to teaching children subtraction and addition, there are some fantastic channels that make learning math enjoyable and engaging. In this article, we will explore some of our favorite subtraction and addition videos on YouTube.

  1. Math Antics: Math Antics is a popular YouTube channel that provides clear and concise explanations of various mathematical concepts. Their videos on addition and subtraction are no exception. With colorful animations and step-by-step instructions, Math Antics makes these foundational math skills easy to understand. The channel covers everything from basic addition and subtraction to more advanced topics like regrouping and carrying.
  1. Numberock: Numberock takes a unique approach to teaching math by creating music videos that incorporate mathematical concepts. Their catchy songs and animated visuals make learning addition and subtraction a fun experience. From “Addition and Subtraction Lesson” to “Adding and Subtracting Within 100,” Numberock covers a wide range of topics and ensures that children stay engaged while learning.
  1. BrainPOP Jr.: BrainPOP Jr. offers a vast collection of educational videos across various subjects, including math. Their addition and subtraction videos are interactive and provide a thorough explanation of the concepts. With characters like Moby and Tim, BrainPOP Jr. makes learning fun and encourages children to build a solid foundation in math.
  1. Sesame Street: Sesame Street needs no introduction and has been a trusted source of educational content for decades. Their collection of addition and subtraction videos combines entertainment with education. Characters like Elmo and Cookie Monster engage young learners and teach them essential math skills in a playful manner.
  1. Math Game Time: Math Game Time offers a diverse selection of math videos that cover various topics, including addition and subtraction. Their videos not only teach the subject matter but also provide practice exercises to reinforce learning. Interactive elements like games and quizzes make Math Game Time a valuable resource for enhancing math skills.

These are just a few of our favorite subtraction and addition videos on YouTube. Whether it’s through animated visuals, engaging songs, or interactive lessons, these channels make learning math enjoyable for children. So, the next time your child needs a little extra help with subtraction or addition, be sure to check out these fantastic resources on YouTube.