Our Favorite Videos for Teaching Shakespeare

When it comes to teaching Shakespeare, incorporating videos can be a great way to engage students and bring the Bard’s works to life. Whether you’re a teacher looking for new resources or a Shakespeare enthusiast eager to delve deeper into his plays, we’ve curated a list of our favorite videos that are perfect for teaching Shakespeare in the classroom.

  1. “The Animated Tales: Shakespeare” – This beloved animated series brings Shakespeare’s works to the screen in a fun and accessible way. Each episode presents a condensed version of a play, using colorful animation and lively narration to capture the essence of the original text. From “Romeo and Juliet” to “Macbeth,” this series covers a wide range of Shakespearean classics.
  2. “Shakespeare Uncovered” – This documentary series takes an in-depth look at the stories behind Shakespeare’s plays. With each episode focusing on a different play, “Shakespeare Uncovered” combines expert analysis, historical context, and interviews with actors and directors to provide a comprehensive understanding of the works. It’s a great resource for both teachers and students seeking deeper insights into the plays.
  3. “The Hollow Crown” – If you’re exploring Shakespeare’s history plays, “The Hollow Crown” is a must-watch. This BBC series presents stunning adaptations of the Henriad (comprising “Richard II,” “Henry IV Parts 1 and 2,” and “Henry V”) and brings to life the complex political and personal dramas of the characters. The performances, visuals, and production values of this series are exceptional, making it a captivating resource for studying Shakespeare’s history plays.
  4. “Shakespeare in Love” – While not a direct adaptation of any specific play, this Academy Award-winning film provides a fictionalized account of Shakespeare’s life and inspiration. It offers an engaging look into the world of Elizabethan theater, the art of writing, and the connections between Shakespeare’s personal experiences and his plays. “Shakespeare in Love” can be a great starting point for discussions about Shakespeare’s influences and creative process.
  5. “The Royal Shakespeare Company Live Collection” – If you’re looking for recordings of live performances, this collection features various Shakespeare plays performed by the renowned Royal Shakespeare Company. From “Hamlet” to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” these recordings showcase outstanding acting and stagecraft, allowing students to experience the power of Shakespeare’s language and the magic of live theater.

When it comes to teaching Shakespeare, these videos provide valuable resources and different perspectives on his works. Whether you use them to introduce the plays, analyze specific scenes, or spark discussions, incorporating videos into your lessons can enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare’s timeless works.